How to Keep Mollies: Beginner Aquarium Fish, Species Sunday

How to Keep Mollies: Beginner Aquarium Fish, Species Sunday

What”s up fish tank people?, bringing it to you on a Sunday, how is everybody doing today? Hope
you had an awesome week, I know I did. Wrapped up February with a real good style. Did the
FREE Iron Friday, a lot of people were loving that, I am excited about that, great feedback,
a lot of good orders. I really appreciate yours, go figure I do a sale on something
where I throw in something that is a liquid for free when the temperature is about to
go to completely freezing. We are going to have fun with that, I am going to be shipping
stuff out this week. With the snow or not, we’ll get it to you. Unless you are in some
crazy place where you are getting ridiculous amounts of snow. Then we are not going to
ship your plants, but we’ll call you and we will talk about all that good stuff.
So what’s going on? Let’s here. It is Sunday, I got a great species for you, I got a couple
of other tanks to show you besides this bad boy too. We got to talk about the Newport
Aquarium happening on March 15th. I am so excited about it, I could barely speak. I
will take a step back for a second. If you were to ask Dustin at the age of twelve “What
would you want to do with the rest of your life?”, I would say I am doing that now. I
didn’t know I would be doing videos for this, but like playing with aquariums and my own
stuff, and fertilizers, and my tanks and all that. I actually remember having that thought
at like a young age, so thank you everybody here for watching this, enjoying it, letting
me do crazy stuff on camera. I am having a riot. So with the riot in my mind, and my
brain, the craziness that is about to happen. I want to talk about the Newport Aquarium
and just a quick conversation I had with the guy. This is how sweet it is going to be.
Shocker, the guy Jeff who is going to be on camera hopefully tomorrow. I am going up there
tomorrow weather permitting . On the phone with him he was like: “What do you need?”,
what I am thinking moving an aquarium sucks, right? I mean we have all done it. It sucks.
Moving this thing sucks. I am well like well “Well when it felt before for to use like,
I got two sixty five talls”, because I got a couple of forty gallons, I got this six
foot by six foot square tank that we have been itching to set up and all that. He was
like “How much water do you need”, Oh my god, I don’t know…three hundred gallons. I got
a five hundred gallon tub we can bring up the elevator, you will have it right there.
Holy cow, so just like the scope of the resources that I have available working with aquarium
to do crazy stuff is just super exciting for me. Then be like “Yes, we got this, we got
that. I am not promising on decking out a six by six tank”.That’s on down. They brought
it up, I am going to try and push it on and see what we can do. But that’s a big old tank
to try to aquascape, that’s a beautiful tank to get rolling quick, so I got to my work
my time with them on that. Details on the event, let’s see here. I am
going to be there four hours. Basically eleven to whatever and then setting up and tearing
down. I mean just come folks, I am going to be there the whole time. I got the room officially
from eleven to three. If you want to buy tickets call 8598151423. The promo code is fishtank.
There is going to be a link online where you can do that yourself. Unless you can’t make
this event, you can still get discounted tickets like ways from now. You can use the promo
code “fishtan”, not “fishtank” because they only allow seven characters. But that will
get you discounted tickets moving forward. If you are watching this in 2032 you can still
get a discount from me, because I love you, because I am trying to share and get you up
there to the Newport Aquarium. That’s exciting, I talked about three hour Friday, that was
a blast, people blast me with that. I have also got some premium content roll out that
I am really excited about. I got solar fish and I got gold fish. I have had a lot of people
sign up for. Look you get some exclusive stuff, I am still going to keep doing the YouTube
channel, like I have been 835 videos that’s all free, that’s all going to stay there forever.
I do have some clearing stuff that people want to work with me more closely, get more
attention, talk on the phone, look at your tanks – that is awesome. You know figure out
the problems there’s only so many e-mails I can answer today. Some of you people are
relentless. I get like one a day. So this separates it out, I got the silver fish, they
get taken care of, I got the gold fish. Having some technical things, connecting some stuff
you do get 10% off plants up to 25% off connecting the systems with my new CRM “Boom goldfish!
Boom sold fish! Boom platinum content right to your face!”. I am real jacked about that,
check it out. If it’s not for you, then it is not for you. That’s fine, it makes no difference.
Keep watching the videos, we’ll keep rolling. I want you to share that though, because I
think it’s bad ass and by the way I am driving to Newport tomorrow, so if you signup and
you say “Let’s talk tomorrow morning” which I know Monday mornings are tough for people
because they are working, but I will call you up “YO What’s up? How’s your tank doing?
it would be great! I would love doing that! It is so much fun.
So that is the kind of value I am trying to bring you; speaking of value it is Species
Sunday! This is going to be a sick video because I have got a sick species and some more tanks.
I want to tank today about Mollies, I am still not going to edit it and put in the video.
I am just going to do it like this, if you can’t see this picture something is wrong
with you. It’s a Molly, okay? I haven’t kept Mollies in forever, so I want your help on
Mollies. I know they are from the Mexico area, and central America black Molly, it’s a male
with a straight anal fin, the females have like a fan down. Mollies are easy to breed
like Live Bearers, they like a little bit of salt. The recommendations, they say, are
one tea spoon of salt per five gallons to start. I know people that have kept them in
straight up reef type set ups, but I haven’t ever actually done it. I do know they like
real salt, can handle little breakage. The male to female ratio show the men are horny
bastards. There is one male to three or four female, because they relentlessly chase them
around like drunk eighteen year old boys in a bar, just chasing the females around. Get
them a lot of females. They eat their young! My boy Brock Perkins back in the day, he had
some Mollies, and it pissed me off by the way because when I was growing up a couple
of my friends always would get fish and their fish would breed instantly. I had like five
tanks and my boy would set up a Molly tank and boom he had babies. My boy Roo would set
up a covict cichlid tank and boom he had babies. Why!? I am the fish dude here.
Anyway, they do tend to eat their young. I would say get the parents the heck out of
dodge. I am a huge a fan of Java moss for these suckers. Floating things are probably
better for that, but get the parents out. They come in a lot of sick, sweet varieties
– silver, Balloon , lyretail, orange ones. I would love to know the kind of species you
got. My man Chris who actually the dirty tank contest, he is keeping some sailfin Mollies.
I actually get a lot of them. It’s one of those I would like to go to one of those live
bearers conventions. If anyone has ever been to one of those let me know, drop me a note
in here, to check them out, because they seem pretty cool, but I want to know what you know
about Mollies because I think they are pretty dull. Beginner species, haven’t talked about.
I haven’t kept them and I like to talk about the species that I have kept. But yes, tell
me what you know about Mollies, let me show you some fun stuff I got going on. Are you
ready for some extra stuff, some more stuff, some more love from D on this beautiful Sunday?
Coming at you! Got this rolling here with a 220. We got a
little something going on over here. It’s my little secret. This is a tank that I basically
just pounded with a lot of fertilizers and CO2. It’s outside the scope of video, but
I actually had this sitting around, I had a six gangway thing CO2 regulator with a solinoid.
I am real pumped about that, had that just sitting around, I found it. So bulk that sucker
up. I am smoking the CO2 on this thing. I am actually running the lights over this half
down, so the light can get down deeper. Because if it is full of water, the light will not
penetrate the water as deeply. People have asked me all the time about this, so I am
just going to say it. I am not going to drop the name of the brand that did this, but I
got two strips here. I got one strip of three strip LED-s, in front I got the two standard
just regular role T8-s. These are the T8-s when I turn the T8-s off. There is the LED
lighting. If I turn the T8-s back on and I turn the LED-s off. That is what it looks
like. I like to look at that more than I do the look of this. That’s my opinion, I don’t
know how the plants react to it, so I am just giving my two second opinion on it. I know
people are all about LED-s and if you got a brand and everything. I
am not just convinced for this particular
thing that I have seen. Anyway I wanted to show this tank, it gets crushed with fertilizers,
I have got the purple plants I am saving for my people, my ginger and some other people
that are coming to Cincinnati who have already signed up. I am looking forward to meeting
you. I got more, I’ve got crypt Usteriana, look
at this! Beautiful plant! I got this, loving it, just sick plants. Then I got something
on the facebook’s fan page dustinsfishtanks on facebook. You can check this out right
here, how about a little flame moss and little ten gallon. I can’t get the camera too low
because I am holding it with a tripod, but I will go over it. We have got a bunch of
cherry shrimp in there, I am trying to see if the cherry shrimp will eat a little cynobacteria
that I got on that baby tears right there. I am growing trim, I am going to be selling
them on dustinsfishtanks after a bit. You can see one of them down there, but I got
them here with some flame moss. Flame moss is not for sale and yes, I am having some
fun with that. You know what it’s Sunday, it is Species Sunday,
I got to tell you I will take you outside, because I got more. The 125 right here rolling
Peru fish, checker board, whatever, Peru angels, LoachesI am thinking I am getting rid of Diamond
tetra-s. There’s my Apisto as well staring in my face. Where’s my big cory car, there
is an Apisto. But as we roll out here, look at this beautiful day we are having folks.
Wow it’s great! Freezing rain coming at you! Here we go out in the rain, holding the tripod
running to the greenhouse, because Brian and I were out here yesterday all crazy, all insane.
Look at that mud , it sucks! But looking at here at Dustin’s little Zen paradise.
“I’m on a mission that niggas say is impossible But when I swing my swords they all choppable
I be the body dropper, the heartbeat stopper” Little GZA for you, if you are Wu tang fans.
Gotta show the greenhouse, Brian cleaned it up. Wisteria, Anubias, got some Madagascar
Lace in your face we got some Ludwigia, we got the Crypt Usteriana on sale on dustinsfishtanks,
Bry cleaned this bad boy up. Shut back the whole thing, I got a leak in the roof, but
that’s fine. I am rolling and i am rolling! I got big swords, liquid swords for you if
you will. Got a bunch of babies over there, but I am only showing you three the tanks,
because the other ones are funk looking. They got all kinds of algae, but I know that’s
what I am doing. I am firing up, I am caffeinated, my kids aren’t around. I get to come out on
my greenhouse in frolic even on a rainy day. So I am real excited about that, I hope you
are excited, I hope you and your tanks are having a great time. Come seem March 15th
folks, I will hug you, I will love you! Some of you are already signed up, I am really
excited! So that’s what I am doing. Make it a great week and tank on! Later!

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