How To Keep Your Goldfish Alive For 15 Years

How To Keep Your Goldfish Alive For 15 Years

The longest-living goldfish on record was 43 years old. But chances are your goldfish didn’t even live a quarter that long. In fact, most goldfish don’t survive past their fifth birthday,
and that’s a major problem since they’re supposed to live for about as long as your cat. So why are goldfish dying so young? The usual culprit behind your
goldfish’s untimely demise is, well, poop. You see, goldfish waste
contains toxins like ammonia that can burn gills and
even damage the brain. In the wild, this isn’t a problem. Freshwater lakes and
ponds are home to armies of bacteria that break it down into less harmful chemicals.
But in your home tank, there’s no bacteria to be found. You have to introduce it,
and that’s where a lot of goldfish owners slip
up because you can’t just buy a fish the same
day you get your tank. The process of growing
bacteria takes patience. First, you’ll need to remove chlorine from your tank water using a conditioner. Chlorinated tap water
is fine for you to drink since it kills off germs,
but it’s not so great for the bacteria you want to cultivate. Once you’ve created a safe
space for the bacteria to grow, they’ll come from all over: the air, the outside of the tank, and any rocks or plants you stick in
the tank for decoration. You can also buy commercially
sold bacteria cultures grown in labs. After that,
all they need is dinner. Fish food will do. As the food breaks down,
it releases ammonia for the bacteria to eat, and
finally, you wait for a while. Depending on how much
bacteria you start with, the process can take about two months. That’s right, two months. But then there should be enough bacteria. You can double-check with
a simple water test kit. But here’s the thing, all
the bacteria in the world won’t keep your fish alive
if the tank is too small. You see, as these bacteria
gobble up goldfish poop, they produce some waste of their own, and if it’s not sufficiently diluted, it can kill your goldfish. A dinky, single-gallon
bowl is much too small, and even the 10-gallon tank you see in every pet store won’t cut it. A single adult goldfish
needs at least twice that much water to thrive. That’s almost 40 kilograms of water, 2000 times heavier than your goldfish, and even with a huge
tank, you’ll still need to replace about 30% of
the water every two weeks because besides poop,
goldfish release hormones and pheromones into their environment, which, if left unchecked,
can stunt their growth. That might help explain why goldfish in healthy environments can reach the size of an American football,
while your last goldfish wasn’t much bigger than your index finger. Once you have a big, detoxified tank, Goldie just needs one more
thing: your attention. Because you’re not swimming
in the tank with her, it’s hard to notice if
something’s wrong with, say, the water quality. So
oftentimes new goldfish owners don’t realize anything’s
amiss until it’s too late, and common diseases like
fin rot, white spot disease, and fungal infections
have already taken hold. So it’s a good idea to
pay careful attention to how the water looks and smells, and anyway, spending time
with your goldfish will be worth it since you can teach Goldie to swim through hoops
and eat from your hand.

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  1. Big bruh my goldfish is 14 years old and lives in a small aquarium. Y'all don't need those pretty and modern aquarium's since fish need to get used to the water where they swim.
    His name is Dog 🙂

  2. Goldfish are exotic creatures that can live up to thirty years in captivity. But so many pet stores sell these cramped 5 gallon tanks, no filter, and only room for 1 fish.( If you didn’t know these are all bad) there’s also the fact that kids usually buy these fish and they’re forgotten about in a week. The same thing goes for hermit crabs, or hamsters. Hermit crabs are forced toxic, uncomfortable shells. They are sold in cages that are probably 1/2 gallon, and they get no humidity.
    Sorry I started rambling at the end, thank you for making this video.

  3. My Goldfish lived 10 years but it committed suicide. He jumped out of the tank and then my dog attacked him. Rest In Peace Sushi….

  4. I had 3 goldfish in my whole life (I'm 17 for now). Well… I basically had 4 apparently, a china fish thing and a bubble fish at the beginning.

    But bubbles was eaten by the other fish. So that makes 3. Rip

    I remember Maurice (the China fish) always looking for food, although I fed him quite much already. Every time he saw me, he would go up to the surface and see if I gave him anything. I could even put my fingertip in the water, he would "eat" it.

    Haaaa… good memories. My oldest fish lived about 5 years I think… or 6, can't remember

  5. My cousin has had the same gold fish for 8 years in the same one gallon tank. Sometimes you just get lucky and the bacteria are their. And if you keep the tank small the fish will still survive it just won’t thrive.

  6. I had a goldfish for 2 days as a kid lmao (I actually cried a lot and I feel bad for it still to this day)

    We didn't even get a proper tank at the time. The fish lived in a jar. We were planning to get it the day it died :')

  7. my fish is 8 years old, and he lives in a little glass bowl. We don’t have a tank, and we don’t have this bacteriathingie, and he’s just fine!

  8. aagghhh i had 20 goldfishes back in the time i was taking care to them soo good,then on my holidays i left my fishes to my mother told her to feed and change water and she said yes,sure i can do that.after month i came back to my home and saw that aquarium was empty and my mother told me that she dumped them in toilet cuz they were dying lol i never believed cuz i always thought that they lived really long life i guess my mother was right lol sorry mum

  9. It's not your fish it's not your cat it's not your dog
    You don't own anything in this world you stole everything.

  10. I’ve had my goldfish for about 10 years now and he’s still going strong even tho I only change the water every few months or so lmao

  11. no one would know this if their kids,I sure didn't know this when I was a kid,youtube wasn't around in the 90's either

  12. My goldfish lived on for 6 years and then died
    for a reason, I don’t remember what reason,
    but he died on Christmas Eve and we were all crushed.

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