How To Maintain Saltwater Aquarium – Weekly maintenance on a 100g saltwater fish reef tank

How To Maintain Saltwater Aquarium – Weekly maintenance on a 100g saltwater fish reef tank

today we’re going to talk about how to
maintain a saltwater aquarium Devin with ReefDudes and today I’m going to
take you through my weekly maintenance and show you guys how to properly
maintain your new saltwater aquarium one of the first things I do is start by
refilling my auto top off now you have a five gallon jug inside of my stand but
on a larger tank like mine with so much surface area that only lasts about four
or five days so I wanted a jug that would last at least a week so why did I
upgrade to a fifteen gallon jug that’s currently hiding behind this chair I
pulled this out of the way and there is my 15 gallon container so
this is my main water reservoir now this proposes a bit of an interesting
challenge because my Sump level is about half way up so half of the jug could
gravity feed into the tank and the other half would have to be pumped up.. so that
was a bit of a challenge and how I dealt with that was by building a siphon break
so you look at the top of the jug this is my main water drought it is connected
to a pump and I have a double valve and one of them feeds back into the barrel
now it’s only a slight bit of water flows through this and when it’s pumping
water it’s going to when the water flow stops it’s going to let air flow
backwards and create a siphon break so that the water doesn’t keep flowing and
draining on its own I always start off by flushing my ro di system the top
valve here is a flush kit it’s gonna flush of the membrane so I turn this on
and let it run for about 30 seconds once that’s done once I feel it’s fully
flushed out I will turn on the next valve and this one flushes the system
before the DI so after the filters and this gets rid of all your tds creep so when I first turned this on it was pretty high now it’s dropping down so a 10-9 should
be eight and after running it for 30 seconds a minute it will be down to one
or two TDS at that point I’ll flip the next valve . I’ll shut this and then I’ll turn
on my hose which will force the water to go through the DI and that’s going to
give you zero TDS water for my output now you kind of wonder why I got all
these valves the first ones for flushing the ro/di unit this one is for my 50
foot hose I have on it so not carry buckets anymore, all I do is walk the hose
to the tank and this black one is for filling up my
saltwater storage container for saltwater storage I have a 35 gallon
brute container. This one I fill it up whenever it gets low I have a power head
in the bottom that continuously mixes and that black liner I was talking about
goes without flow valve so it’s really easy for me to turn it on
and let the jug fill after a flood or two in the past I learned my lesson and
finally put in a float valve file so this keeps it consciously mixed I just mix up a new
batch every month or so or whenever I need it I generally only do about a 5
gallon water change I got this bucket so I can use that just to fill up my five
gallon container for the weekly water change so as my ATO reservoir is filling I
always put down a towel first just to catch any spills bring in your five
gallons of fresh Salt water. It’s always a good idea to check with the
refractometer to verify you got the correct salinity. I always go for a
1.025 it’s also good to check the tank because well make sure
everything is in check. Yep! Pretty much right on the dot now rather than taking
water out and adding it back I always add five gallons of water first to the
Sump and then I’ll suck out five gallons that way it doesn’t really mess with my
return pump I mean I could turn it off but this is a nice easy way to make sure
you pull the exact same amount that doesn’t happen every week but it’s a
good idea to vacuum the sand bed once in a while. I just like to make sure it
looks clean and more or less get rid of any algae or stuff that’s showing in front of the glass. To start the siphon if you put the end of your
hose underwater and put your finger on it stays sucking on it getting a nice mouth full of salt water. A little trick for some of you guys! I try and vacuum the
sand bed every couple weeks and try to target different areas each time.
Most of the time though I just really care about the front of it just because
I want the sand bed that’s exposed to look good not see any algae in it I go around and put my finger over until the hose when the said is to high so it falls back out. sometimes we have to move a few little corals out of the way and we do this until
you filled your 5-gallon bucket now the reason I dump water into the sump first and then suck it out is because I like to leave the filter sock in and change that
last.. that way if there’s any particles that I stir up doing this they’ll get sucked
into the sock and then I’m going to change it at the end just to keep
everything nice and clean now another good reason to keep your sand bed clean is the nicer it looks the happier your spouse will be! The other half of the time I
don’t clean the sandbed I just suck out water out of the tank which makes it a
lot quicker process. you never want to clean the full sound but at once. if you do it could potentially stir up stuff or cause a little mini cycle that’s why it’s
always good idea to do in sections and overtime Every couple of weeks I’ll just pick a different section of the tank and give that a vacuum now I’m generally paying attention to the sump to where my auto top off level is so I know once the water hits that level I’ve taken out exactly how much
I’d put in If you have a larger reef tank and your dosing calculator you also want
to check the levels in your containers and make sure you’re not going to run
out so use every week do research we will double check and if they need to be
topped off a lot a little more calcium and alkalinity mix. Next on the list
would be the skimmer cup so once your skimmer is full of the nasty stuff. Ill rinse this out and dump it down the sink or toilet and give the cup a
good rinse and put it back on. Now you can probably get away with not doing it every week. This is after about a week so I could easily let it go
for another weeks but I’ll generally give it a cleaning anyways just because
your skimmer perform better when it’s clean Now to finish things off I you
change the filter socks laughs now I leave it on during the water changes in
case any little particles or float around the tank as I’m stirring up the
sand bed then this will get capture them into the sock and it’s not going to
dirty up my new sock right away We will take the old one out to put the fresh
one in alright guys we just have a quick 5
gallon water change we checked our salinity we dumped in five gallons of
fresh saltwater we sucked out 5g, cleaned the front of the sand bed, we’re currently
filling our auto top off and we verified our calcium ions only levels are still
good for a few more weeks so we have to worry about that yet. Now if you have a fairly new tank it would also advise checking your calcium alkalinity on a weekly basis mine’s pretty darn stable now so I’m kind of slipping and only test every few weeks so it’s always But.. Its a good idea to check that weekly. It’s pretty easy to actually maintain a tank If your skimmer needs cleaning
give it a quick rinse and wipe down and your set if you guys have any questions at
all let me know in the comments below if you learn something get that like button
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26 thoughts on “How To Maintain Saltwater Aquarium – Weekly maintenance on a 100g saltwater fish reef tank

  1. Great maintenance video! That's basically what I do with mine. 👍 one thing I try not to do is squeeze the dirty water out of the filter sock, I just let is drain for a min and pull it.

  2. You have to manage those cables next to the jug. I just cable managed almost every cable in my room and it looks so much better and it’s safer. And that syphon tip is awesome. I sometimes do swallow some water but I’m used to it because my backyard is saltwater but I prefer not to swallow tank water lol.

  3. Thanks! Those are felt filter socks right. Plse show us how you clean those, and what all steps do you take in the process. Bleach? peroxide etc.

  4. My skimmer waste is kind of light compare to yours
    Two things either my water is too clean or I don't feed that much
    Any explanation about this
    Thank You

  5. Do you ever get an ammonia smell with the saltwater in the Brute container after about 5 days? It's an issue I've fought for years.

  6. I never thought about that when doing a water change about doing different parts of my sand bed at a time I lost my first fish the day after I done a water change do u think it could of been because I done all the sand bed at once or not?

  7. Hey man just remembered we had a conversation on your other video and you said you feed 90% mysis. I have a method to enrich mysis that I thought I's share. I defrost a cube then rinse it in a plastic mesh. Then I drop 2-3 drops of aquaforest fish V onto the mysis in the mesh. I let it sit there for 5 minutes and then feed. This way I know the vitamins and amino acids goes inside the mysis because when you add it to the tank you can see the mysis glows yellow in the color of the vitamins… Works for me I have some finicky fish, just thought I'd share…

  8. I never seen anyone dump water in before they do the water change ,I like that keeps the tank running so you can change your water also gets most of the stuff floating from the water change good stuff

  9. I just wanted to say THANKS for such informative episodes. I have learnt a lot from reefers that are prepared to share their knowledge and passion. Happy reefing 🙂

  10. I'm brand new to saltwater, just set up 2 weeks ago and cycling my 150g (future reef) tank. It's the middle of July and has been pretty warm and we don't have air conditioning. I'm adding about a gallon of water a day to maintain the proper water level in the sump. Does this sound right?

  11. Wow, i thought I wanted a salt-water tank until i just watched how much work and expensive equipment goes into it!

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