How to make a pond in a pot

How to make a pond in a pot

Hello, my name is Katie Rushworth and today
I am going to show you how to make pond in a pot. A pond in a pot is a concept that I came up
with because water is essential in a garden, especially if your want to attract wildlife
but not everybody has the space for a huge pond. One can be created in this though believe
it or not. This is just a standard terracotta glazed
container. Now the first thing we need to do is deal
with this hole in the bottom of the pot. Snd to do that I am going to use just a standard
pebble and some bathroom sealant. Now I am going to be really generous with
this because we want a really tight seal so no water can escape. It is also worth when you’re buying you’re
container, checking that it only has one drainage hole because if you had to fill or cover 5
or 6 drainage holes at the bottom it would make the job a little bit trickier. OK. So, there is my bathroom sealant. Now my sealant is dry I am going to add some
more pebbles to the bottom and this is because I really want to have a little ledge that
if any wildlife falls into it ca still get out of the sides because this is quite a deep
pot.And then I am going to add more gravel to the bottom and this really is for any wildlife
that wants to find a home in here as well as giving me that little bit of extra height
to support the plants. OK and now for my plants, now I have got a
selection here. This is one of my favourites, it is a little
bit damaged this one but it is a marsh marigold and in the spring it has these brilliant bright
yellow flowers, they are stunning. So I am definitely wanting to put that one
in and it creates a kind of mound of plant that will kind of tumble over the edge so
we are definitely having one of those. And then the next one is water mint and this
is lovely, it gets a really lovely purple flower on and you can’t eat this version but
it smells just like mint, it is lovely so that will go in. And the nice thing about using the plants
is again, it is all about creating a habitat that wildlife are happy to visit. And with any pond, no matter how big or small
it is really good to have at least one third of the surface of the pond covered with foliage
and that creates shade for any fish or frogs or newts that will be in there and they will
be much happier in that kind of environment. Get a little bit of form with this grass,
I might swap those two around actually to put a bit of height at the back I think and
this at the front. Now in a normal pond you could plant these
in pockets of soil but as this is only a small container I don’t want them to become too
invasive and take over so they are staying in their little containers. Now my plants are placed I think I might leave
that one out as lovely as it is I think it will be overkill. Now I am going to fill it up with rainwater,
but you can use tap water if you like but it will take a couple of days to settle and
the wildlife certainly won’t be enthusiastic about tap water. So I am going to use rainwater and then hopefully
the wildlife will make themselves at home an awful lot quicker. Now these plants are all meant to be grown
submerged in water like this, they are called marginal plants. And they will live very happily in here. If you place this somewhere sunny it might
evaporate a little and will need topping up but apart from that it is actually no maintenance
whatsoever. I managed to squeeze that final plant in after
all it was too nice to leave out. And that is it finished and in situ. After a couple of days it should settle and
become crystal clear and I am really please with it, , it looks great. For more how to videos visit

55 thoughts on “How to make a pond in a pot

  1. Algae city! You'd best deal with cycling that water, else it'll become a mire pretty quick. Standing water is not a great thing. Installing a fountain pump will move the water around, at least.

  2. If adding fish the silicone needs to be aquarium safe silicone..anything else is toxic to is tap water with chlorine and chloramines…..need water conditioner to make it safe for fish…….it would be cruel though to try and house a fish in a pond this size….an old bath tub would be better than a plant pot if you want fish.

  3. This is not a concept she came up with. Hell ten years ago I had one in my front yard that had a small fountain right in the middle, a fogger and little accent lights. Maybe I should claimed rights to it then.

  4. She has to put a pump to keep the water moving….stagnant water equals algae….pump and water snails are all thats needed….and at least 30% weekly water change to keep water clean

  5. We really don't want mosquito I thought u we're going to add something to make a fountain. I enjoy your video a lot will subscribe n look out for others you have done 👋❌♥️⭕️💯

  6. Her garden is beautiful but does she know what a pebble is. Also I would add a couple of snails or guppies maybe to prevent algae buildup and mosquitoes

  7. hi guys … about mosquitoes …the use of "horsetail plant" …equisetum hyemale is a good mosquito-repellent in your pond …so let's see how to cultivate… Take care!

  8. Cool tutorial… but to say you came up with the concept of a pond in a pot is really taking way too much credit. Many other people have done this for a very long time. I don't think this is your original idea. Just saying…

  9. Aren't the sides a wee bit too high frogs to enter? I want to make my little frog who's outside next to my birdbath a pond but don't know how. Thanks for your video!

  10. First of all that’s a rock and second of all there’s no room if you were to put fish in there and that would just be attracting misquitos

  11. It looks like a plantpot with muddy water in it…get a much bigger pot – add a solar pump and filter – add in duck weed and water lettuce, then a couple of freshwater fish like minnows, or even a goldfish or two.

  12. In mosquito areas you'd need to add an airstone or something to keep enough water movement to prohibit female mosquitos from using it as a mursery. Or you could little box filter that runs off an air pump and keep guppies or a betta in. They would eat the mosquito larva

  13. YOU NEED TO LET THE SILICON TO DRY FOR 24 HOURS! plus i don't think its necessary the silicon on the rock you could have just put on top of it because theres weight on top

  14. Nice. You can also put some fish in there! They'll least couple of weeks or maybe as long as whole summer. Fish are nice and pretty.

  15. Kind of good start but agree with the mosquitos and stagnant water. But like bird baths or a floral arrangement (used to be in floral dept of grocery chain) you just run water through it until its all fresh. Like with the floral boquets, dont need to take all out but over time? Think pump. Bid baths you refill every day but eventually you have to scrub them out.

  16. I really hope people aren't doing this and breeding thousands of mosquitoes in the process. Add a mosquitofish in there or something to prevent disease transmission.

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