How to make Acras Cod Fish Fritters – Morgane Recipes

How to make Acras Cod Fish Fritters – Morgane Recipes

Cod fish fritters are an important part of
the Antillean gastronomy and everyone loves eating them, they are known as acras. These small deep fried fish fritters are quite fluffy inside and crispy outside. They have the flavors of aromatics and of fresh peppers. They are tastier when they are accompanied with a pepper and lemon dipping sauce. Here are the ingredients for 6 people. You can find this list and other recipes on my website: I soak the salted and dried cod fish the day before in a big quantity of water. After a night of soaking, I drain and I rinse
generously. Then I boil it in water for 20 minutes over
medium heat. I skim from time to time. After 20 minutes of cooking, I cut the fire. I drain the fish, then I crush it in a mortar, you can also use a food processor. I remove the bones. Now I thinly mince the aromatics:
The chives, The parsley, And the onion. To have more flavors, I add one or two pepper végétarien which have a lot of flavors but they are not hot. I you like, you can also add a hot fresh pepper. I crush a pepper végétarien with 2 cloves
of garlic. Now I prepare the cod fish batter. In a mixing bowl I put: 250g of flour 10g of baking powder I mix Then I add 400ml of water I combine all together. I add: the cod fish The crushed peppers and garlic ½ tsp of salt
I mix again. I put the chives, the parsley and the onion.
I mix. I add ground pepper and I mix again. The batter is ready, now I can deep fry the acras. I heat the oil in a deep fryer over high heat. When the oil is hot, I put in some spoons
of batter. I stir from time to time. When the fritters are golden, I remove them. Now I prepare the dipping sauce. I crush two peppers végétarien and a clove of garlic with ½ tsp of salt. Then I add: The juice of a lemon 50ml of olive oil I mix all together. The acras and their dipping sauce are ready! Serve hot! Bon appétit! Thank you for watching and sharing my recipe. Rendez-vous in my next homemade dish video.

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  1. Morgane, I buy frozen Cod that is not salted. Would that work as well? And I would like to say I love your videos and recipes.

  2. hello Morgane , i am so happy and feel so awesome that have your video to share your recipes and this is really my home food !!!!! thank you so much and thank you so much for your time and hard work to take this video and share to us !!!
    THANKS <3

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