How to Make GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Ninja Turtles Mutagen Ooze

How to Make GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Ninja Turtles Mutagen Ooze

hey guys have you ever want to know how
to make your own Ninja Turtle Ooze? well on today’s How to mikeNgary we’re
going to teach you ok it’s really simple to make all you
need is three ingredients first real Prell classic clean shampoo i got it at
walmart available pretty much anywhere it’s super green and super cool second
are glow sticks. you get at Party City again Walmart pretty much any any grocery
store typically has glow sticks. starkist tuna creations it has to be sweet and spicy though so
what are you going to do first is take the tuna creations and throw it out you really don’t need it first going to
take the Prell classic clean shampoo and pour in a clear container Oh man look at that ooze. That’s amazing. and the reason i chose this shampoo it
is the great absolute greenest i could find it just almost glows without the
glow sticks once you’ve squeezed out all the shampoo
take a glow stick break it open get it all nice and glowy green now it’s
gary elbow grease our receivers on the scene to chop up
some glow sticks first things first you gotta just very
very well yeah like that then take your clothes
stick and your pearl brand shampoo and you just pour that right in there you
can see that global green on top of that deep green maybe a couple spots so you can see some fun green action
that just looks really unhealthy and toxic all right now just stir it was something
that you don’t mind getting stained because as I said this is
glo ingredient from the glow stick stains anything so what wipe it off it if you get it on the counter or on your
clothes wash them immediately there you have it glow in the dark ooze
now we actually did spill most of it off camera on man spill it all over the
floor its fold all over the floor so remember this mutagen ooze probably not too good for you don’t get
it in your mouth don’t get in your eyes and if you spill it somewhere clean it
up right away it will stain so if you want to see this in action
watch our how to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle you get the link in the
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watching bye enjoy yourself today all right drive safely take care Merry
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  1. They r right don’t do it if ur a child don’t ever cut the glow stick if u r a child cuz it flew into my eye and I thought my eye was gonna glow but thank god it was fine

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