How to Make Gluten-Free Onion Rings with Chris Kronner

How to Make Gluten-Free Onion Rings with Chris Kronner

Or we’ll toss the onion
rings themselves in a little bit of
corn starch. shit, I forgot
the fucking buttermilk. [MUSIC] I’m Chris Kronner from
Kronner Burger in Oakland, California, and
today we are going to make gluten free
onion rings. One onion should make
enough onion rings for two people. In addition to the onion, you need a half a cup
of corn starch, a half cup of potato
starch, one cup of rice, flour, salt, pepper,
and cayenne to taste. Sparkling water for your
liquid, like a cup and a half, and then we’re gonna fry
in two-ish quarts of vegetable oil
at 375 degrees. So to start we can
peel our white onion. Gluten free is
a huge thing. I started making
these onion rings. I have a pastry
chef friend who is also a celiac. There were
certain things on the menu that she just
couldn’t eat, so we switched from wheat flour
and beer to, rice flour, potato starch, and
sparkling water. Cut the onions, like,
a quarter inch thick, separate them into rings,
great. And then we will, we can
measure the starches. So that’s corn starch,
half a cup. A half a cup of potato
starch and this, the potato starch corn
syrups combination seem to give us the crispest
resulting onion ring, which is why we use both,
and then that rice flour. And this may actually
be enough dredge for like ten onions. And, then salt,
a little cayenne. Now the black pepper. Then we can whisk
in sparkling water. [NOISE] So this is the consistency
that you’re looking for and then you should let
it sit for 15 minutes so that all the flour
hydrates. I’m gonna taste it. We can put our
oil on the stove. So we’re using a candy
thermometer to temp the oil, and we wanna
heat it to 375 degrees. Clean, hot oil. The hotter it is, the,
the better it fries. So Kronner Burger
started as a pop-up in a windowless, doorless
room in a shit hole night club on Mission
Street in San Francisco. And it is in
the process of moving to Piedmont Avenue
in Oakland, opening in September with, a door,
lots of windows. There we go. Deep fry. [SOUND] So
we’ll toss the rings in some corn starch,
deep batter. So I wanna make sure
that the rings themselves are fully coated, and
then into the fryer. Rice flour as
an alternative to wheat, I find that it,
it works really well in applications like
this where you want something super
like glassy and crunchy. And keep them separated. The onion rings were
one of our best selling items. We probably did 60 to
100 orders a night. These are nice and
crispy. Takes on like a golden
brown, it’s a pretty good indicator as to
when they’re fried. So we’re gonna serve
the onion rings with some Kewpie mayonnaise. Kewpie mayonnaise is
delicious Japanese mayonnaise, made with
rice vinegar [SOUND]. Mm, delicious. You guys want some? Thanks for joining me for my how-to on gluten-free
onion rings from Kronner Burger. Click on the link
below for the recipe. [SOUND].

30 thoughts on “How to Make Gluten-Free Onion Rings with Chris Kronner

  1. I have a weakness for onion rings.  I had some good ones in Ohio!  I ought to avoid gluten, I know that, so this looks fun!  I used to adore these with any kind of lemonade, since a girl.  I didn't find many good ones in NYC and am now in France where they aren't known, but I cook daily, as cooking from scratch saves us money and is generally healthier.  I don't deep fry much but sometimes, it's a treat!  Thanks so much, uprated, will probably shared.  Fried mushrooms were also sinful fun.  I know I can get these ingredients.  I am frying broccoli tonight with garlic and Montbeliard sausage and oven roasting diced potatoes with thyme.  These with a simple salad will be fine.   Wonderful clip, fun channel!

  2. How to make gluten-free onion rings: Add flour, YOUR FUCKING GLUTEN ALLERGY IS A LIE!!!!!!! Do you even know what gluten is????  🙂

  3. Gluten is not bad for you some people are allergic and then on some dumb ass said it's bad and you know media blew it up cause they had nothing better to do

  4. Why is everyone still using vegetable onion?  It is the most toxic food today.  Use it now and getAlzheimer's disease  later.

  5. I have gluten free water for sale.

    It's Naive spelled backwards.

    But seriously those onion rings look awesome.
    I have a weakness for fried onion rings.

  6. Reading all of the immature comments on this video made me realize how many idiots are out there. Thanks for the great recipe. Hope business in booming.

  7. I like your choice of combination of gluten-free onion rings but you could have made some effort and let it fry a bit longer till it becomes golden brown like regular onion rings though.

  8. Droppin f bombs in the 1st 5 seconds of vid. Cl ass act bud! Not watching it. Cuz never is there a possibility people COULD WANT TO WATCH & COOK EVER WITH THEIR KIDS!

  9. First of all your recipe is terrible and secondly you really need to preface your videos so that people aren't watching them with their children because you are completely lacking in any tact or taste.

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