How to make “Gulbi” flavor with yellow corvina, fish baked in salt, jogi-gui, gulbi-gui,

How to make “Gulbi” flavor with yellow corvina, fish baked in salt,  jogi-gui, gulbi-gui,

Hello, everyone. I am going to bake a fish in salt today. I bought this fish today.
Look! Do you see? I’ll try to make same flavor the dried corvina “GULBI” in general yellow corvina. But these days, “Gulb” is really expensive, so we can’t buy them. So what shall I do? Today, I bought some raw yellow corbina and found a way to make the same taste as the “GULBI”. No, No, No,
I am going to make tastier one today. Look forward to it. Let’s start now on. Here’s a Korean-corvina bought from Costco. I’m going to bake this in salt now and make baked fish as delicious as GULBI. Look nice, right? First of all, wash it clean. Wash the fish clean as it is. Now we cut the fish’s belly from the belly button to the gills. Remove the entrails and wash them clean. Remove the water thoroughly with the kitchen towel up to the inside of the fish. You must remove as moist as possible to get a chewy texture of the fish. The spices are very simple. You only need a little green onion, water parsley, onion, garlic, ginger. The fish belly is very small. Let’s chop a little green onion. Chop a little bit of water parsley that smells good. Chop the onions into small pieces. Prepare the minced garlic. Slice the ginger and add a little. I’m going to fill up the inside of corvina with spices. Did I fill up too much? Now cover the surface of the fish lightly with sea salt like a mask pack. I’ll put salt on the bottom of the container. Let’s make a salt grave. Make it up and down about 2cm thick Because I will put the oven at 200 degrees and bake the fish for 45 minutes, So the fish portion exposed to the outside of the salt is completely burned. It has to be completely covered by salt. You see, I think it’s O.K. Let’s grill at 200 degrees for 45 minutes. Now 45 minutes have passed. Let’s take a look at how delicious the fish is cooked in the oven. Uh, the salt is almost as hard as a stone. The reason the salt is as hard as stone is because almost all of the moisture in the salt has been blown away by the heat of the oven. OH finally showed up It looks delicious, really. Now I’ll tell you why baked corvina in salt makes it taste like “Gulbi”. Once you haven’t removed the scales, only the right amount of salt will penetrate the fish. So the taste will be moderately salty As the salt heats up, the moisture in the fish blows away, so the meat fills up and dries out, creating a chewy texture. Can you imagine now? Baked fish in salt is completed. There’s one missing. It’s a lemon. Lemon and olive oil, you have to apply it yourself Enough lemon…. and olive oil….. The reason why paint olive oil at the end is that Oiling fish from the very beginning prevents water from evaporating in the fish, making it impossible to cook the dish you want. Extra virgin olive oil is eaten raw for salads. The fish is warm and dry, so it will suck up the oil and add a rich taste. Sprinkle with fresh lemon. Try to grill other fishes or shrimps the same way. It’s a dish that will give you a good taste of the ingredients. Do you think it’s going to taste like “Gulbi” ? Let’s try it. If you don’t have an oven, you can make salt tombs in useless pans and use the lid to complete the dish. You can eat as much delicious baked fish as you like. Well, it’s really good… It’s so moist. It’s savory and delicious. Well, it’s really good. Everyone, you should try it at home. Can you see it? Peel the skin and the flesh inside is very well cooked It’s really good. Oh, look at this. Let’s try some delicious baked yellow corvina. It’s the best.

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    굴비 속살이 정말 쫀득쫀득 맛이 보이네요 이요리는 무조건 따라하기
    다음 요리가 엄청 궁금해요 ~~~

  2. 구독자 3천 돌파, 축하해요~~
    맛있는 요리법 알려주셔서 감사해요. 승승장구 하시길 바래요^^

  3. 너무 좋은 방법이네요. 정말 맛있어보여요. 얼물 녹차물에 밥말아 굴비 랑 먹고싶어요~~

  4. This guy knows what he is talking about. I love the simplicity, because I hate recipes that complicate my life more than it already is. Thank you, Jun. You are awesome!

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