How to Make Korean Fish Cakes

How to Make Korean Fish Cakes

Making my first eomuk, eomuk! It’s Korean fishcake which always sounds like cake made out of fish and you’re like eeeeww But it’s not. It’s shrimp, squid, take out the beak and the little ink sac and everything… And then a white fish of any kind. Take the skin off cause I didn’t and then I learned the hard way to pull it out slowly. And then a little bit of potato starch, And a little bit of flour, salt, pepper, garlic, onion And I’m about to try it out for the first time, and I don’t really care [And for those of you who don’t know what eomuk is it’s odeng] Yes, it’s odeng. And you can get it at like any street food stand in Korea and some of them are mediocre and some of them are awesome especially if you go to Busan. [Here we go] This is scary to me Rolled into a little shape [okay] [Dump it in the oil] Not yet! It should be like 330 or 350. [Right now it’s at… not even 300!] I’m so scared Ducky, I’m so scared What if it tastes disgusting? It shouldn’t be, it should be delicious right? I used double the shrimp *pants in horror* [Cholestrol!] You should fill it with cheese We have that faked processed cheese that they usually use [*gasps in delight*] And we have gochu. *also gasps in delight* Oh my god. So many options. I didn’t prepare my face and body for this. [I’ll prepare your body, whoo! *smacks*] Ow! That really huuuurt! Guess who’s not getting any. [Odeng (Oh, dang.)] Okay, ready? Here my first one goes. [Okay, here we go] [Splatter all over my phone.] [That’s one fat ass odeng.] It’s suppose to be 5-7 minutes or until it gets brown and then I gotta flip it. EHMAHGERD. Okay I’m starting the next one. Tiny bit of oil on your spatula. Okay [okay] Urrrrghhhh! [urgghhh!] It’s really… gloopy Because it’s like made with potato starch. I’m gonna compete with Soo Zee’s mom because I don’t think Soo Zee’s mom has ever made homemade eomuk before. [Uh oh] Or has she? [Whatchu got SooZee’s mom!?] That’s right. Okay I’m gonna… Okay, ready? I’m gonna flip it. Mmkay. Oooohhhh [ooohhhh] Ready for my rolling technique? So you just kinda put it under and you kind of gently… like roll it like that [There you go] Just gotta keep like… The ajummas use like a flat countertop It actually smells like North American fish cakes the kind in like err… Seafood John, exactly! [Am I having lobster right now?] *sings* This video is not sponsored by Red Lobster but I wish it was cause there’s no Red Lobster in Korea. This is great, this is just all fresh seafood and I don’t know if you guys live near an ocean, you can easily make this cheaply My fish cost me $1.20 I got 2 packages of fresh shrimp for $3.00 and then I got fresh squid for like $1 something. That’s like absurdly cheap for fresh seafood Oh yeah. This is just like all delicious fresh seafood I know a lot of people are picky about the colour of it like it’s suppose to be like “Odeng, pure white” I don’t really care so I didn’t skin my squid. Skinning squid sucks! [It’s the worst!] It’s really boring and awful I’m adding processed mozzarella cheese in the center which I’m sure to some people are like “Ughhh that’s disgusting” But in Korea they actually put cheese in odeng and it’s really good. I thought it would be disgusting [you barely put any cheese in there though] because I’m afraid it’s gonna eshplode (explode), okay? Cheese expands cause it’s got moisture in it right? [Oh that looks like it’s falling apart] Don’t you judge my… don’t worry. [There’s a cheese hole… oh god] I’ve got this. Look, see? Cheese hole, what? Nothing. [Look at your dirty ass touch screen] [It’s all fingerprinted smudges] Cause I use it to cook. Spudgy: Whuuuuu???!!!!
Martina: No, we said smudgy little guy. *more Spudgy noises* So what do you do for nighttime snacks? *scoffs* No big deal I just go to my local grocery store and buy a bunch of squid and shrimp and white fish and then I grind it up and make deep fried odeng cakes. [At 1AM] [Are we eating all of this?] I don’t think so, you can freeze it in the freezer bag. After 3 minutes. And then have really delicious ‘fres soup’ with udon noodles [Fres soup?] Fresh! Man. Some of these I mixed with hot pepper [Mmmkay] Some of them I mixed with cheese and the last one is hot pepper and cheese. [How many did you mix with ranch?] Ummmm not… 0, to be exact. [Cut it] [Awww yeah, fish cake-y goodness] Okay, gonna try a piece.
[CAKEY CAKEY CAKEY] Not the kind you’re thinking. You don’t eat ranch with odeng, Simon. [YOU NEED RANCH WITH EVERYTHING LOOK AT THAT] Doesn’t that look great to you? [That looks lovely, that looks like fish sausage.] Yeah. Yup, hot in the center. [Yup!] *sings* [Cheese!] [That looks like a decent amount of cheese] Right? [Yeah] And you mocked my cheese. You mewling quim. Rude dude! [Whoa] *Nods in approval* [That’s a lot of squid] You ate a squid chunk? [Yup!] Sorry! [It’s okay] This tastes totally different from the food stand ones. [Yup!] You know why? [Why?] Cause there’s so much actual seafood in this instead of flour. [Yeah] Yay success!

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  1. Can we pipe this from a piping bag or ziplock bag with large hole? To avoid the whole spatula mess

  2. wow, the subtitles are really good on this vid. not like if some youtuber said sweet banana cake it would say in subtitles feet fanatic baked

  3. I live in Hawaii and I WISH seafood was that cheap. Even for the frozen stuff it's ridiculously overpriced here.

  4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ어묡도 λ§Œλ“œμ…¨λ„€γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ λŒ€λ‹¨λŒ€λ‹¨!!b

  5. I wish Martina can cook this for me because my mom would never cook this for me😭she said she is always busy but she is actually busy sleepingπŸ˜‘πŸ˜­

  6. I love Simon and Martina in Japan they seem genuinely happy with their decision so i am glad they are happy, but….. I just haven't found people in South Korea that vlog like they did. They were the only vloggers in South Korea that I liked to watch…. so I am sad about that. But they are so fuckin fun in Japan it's great.

  7. Did she say "Guess who's not getting any?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I swear I love you two. You guys are relationship goals 😊

  8. I made some today and it's super good! I put some sesame oil and chilli and it's super delicious. Thanks Martina 😘

  9. You said you're fat in the beginning? I BET IM WEIGH MORE THAN U IM 80.00-90.00
    I'm fat lol. Love ya guys I know this is old but yea…

  10. Recipe copied right from your website:

    Into the Food Processor:

    220g white fish fillet (about one medium fish deboned and skinned, any firm white fish will work)
    1 small squid (about the size of your hand)
    8 medium sized shrimp
    2-4 garlic cloves
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon honey or sugar
    ΒΌ teaspoon ground pepper
    1 tablespoon oil
    ΒΌ cup all purpose flour
    ΒΌ cup potato starch (or sweet potato starch)
    1 large egg

    For deep frying:
    3 cups of oil for cooking
    Extra oil for brushing onto a flipper

    Optional Ingredients:
    1 chopped medium hot pepper
    2-3 slices of processed cheese cut into finger width strips

    Food Processor
    Wok or Cooking Pot
    A Spatula, a Wide Flipper, and a Knife
    Brush for Oil
    Paper towel on a plate or drip tray for oil

    1. Dump all the ingredients except for the flour into a food processor. Give it a couple spins to chop up the fish into tiny bits.

    2. Once the fish is chopped up, add both flours and blend until everything comes together into a thick smooth paste. It might have a few tiny chunks of fish, that’s okay.

    3. Add 3 cups of cooking oil in a wok or a cooking pot over medium high heat and wait until the oil hits 330-350Β°F/180Β° C. Use a thermometer for this part or else the oil won’t be hot enough and the fish cake will absorb the oil and be disgusting and greasy. While this is heating prepare a paper towel on a plate (or if you have a little grease drip rack) so that you can place your cool your fishcake when it comes out of the oil.


    -You can drop the paste into the hot oil as if you were making a dumpling by using two tablespoon brushed with oil. Scoop up a tablespoon of paste and using the other spoon, scoop it off the first spoon. Repeat this method a couple times passing the paste back and forth between these two spoons until your fish paste looks like a little ball.

    -Second option is what I did in the video and what the street food stands in Korea do. Brush the flipper with oil and using a spatula and spread the fish paste evenly onto it. Then take the knife and roll the fish cake into a tube shape. If you want to add cheese, put a thin strip into the middle of the paste before you roll it up.

    4. Bring the flipper closer to the wok and tip the tube of fish cake into the hot oil carefully so it doesn’t splash up and hot oil murder you. MURDER OIL IS HOT.

    5. Cook for about 5-7 minutes flipping over occasionally so that it gets golden brown on all sides. Make sure your oil is still at the right temperature and not getting crazy hot or it will cook too quickly on the outside!

    6. Remove the fishcake and place them on your oil drip station. Ta-da! Finished! Bite into it now and burn the inside of your mouth like eating a pizza pocket…so let it cool.

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