How to make South Indian Style Fish Curry (Restaurant Style)

How to make South Indian Style Fish Curry (Restaurant Style)

Shallots give better taste you can use big onions too Grind Onions and tomatoes coarsely Mash well and extract the juice, discard the pulp Place a pan on flame and pour a ladle of oil wait until oil heats up well After it heats up add mustard seeds and wait until it splutters well Then add fenugreek seeds Add curry leaves, slit green chilly and fennel seeds Saute Do not let the spices burn! Now add the coarsely ground onion and tomatoes Saute Add ginger garlic paste Saute Add all the dry spice powders! Mix well.. Saute until raw smell leaves Then add the tamarind extract Pour some water and mix well Add more water.. Now when the raw smell leaves, Add fish pieces into the curry! make sure that the curry does not smell raw as you cannot cook long after adding the fish pieces Cover and cook for few minutes on low flame or until the flesh of fish turns white Tada!! Your fish curry is ready! Smells awesome!! Tastes sooo brilliant 🙂 Serve with rice, dosa or idli!!

7 thoughts on “How to make South Indian Style Fish Curry (Restaurant Style)

  1. A simple video about how to make the restaurant style fish curry (South Indian) Made a voice dubbed video for the first time so kindly bear with me if there are any mistakes 🙂

  2. Very tasty recepie. .. tried today nd was so simple yet so yummy. Just loved it 🙂 Hats off to your good job. .. Good bless

  3. My husband is from Hyderabad, so we're always looking for authentic recipes. We've made this twice now and it has been delicious both times! Since we can't find snapper, we used tilapia with great results. Thanks for sharing a delicous, healthy, authentic recipe!!

  4. This was hands down the best ever fish curry to come out of my kitchen, very nice especially with dosa… Makes me miss Kerala!

  5. I made a similar one with Pompano…bigger cousin of Pomfret…came out tasty…thanks. Next time please use a wooden or plastic spatula, otherwise the non stick coating may go bad

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