köttbullar. OHH That’s right. I make cooking videos now. Can you keep up? We’re gonna make meatballs to celebrate this hot new fresh personally designed merch. That’s right! You like this, Marzia? Look at the shirt, not my butt. Okay you can look at my butt, BUT NO ONE ELSE! We’re gonna make meatballs And I’m gonna sell the meatballs as well, you can buy my meatballs. I’m gonna share my secret recipe We got the…the mince We got the cream We got the butter we got the bread crumbs We got the stock potting We got the..onion, patatas and the rårörda lingon! Let’s go! Okay! Let’s see if I remember how to cook this. Oh, actually you need, uh You need this – you need this is as well the soy Number one. Wash your hands. That’s right. No one wants your dirty germs on your shizz Do you wash your hands everytime, Marzia? Marzia: Uhh… let me think
Felix: That’s right I knew it Why am I sick right now Marzia? Hm? I’m doing this from my head, so if it’s not like… …perfect, you know, don’t judge me. TRICK QUESTION It’s gonna be perfect. Where’s the cutting, where do you keep all your stuff woman? Do we have a real cutting knife? Marzia: Yeah Where? Marzia: Once you…eh… This is not a cutting knife, Marzia Marzia: I think, I used it yesterday, so it’s in the dishwasher. Marzia: No, no, no. Those cups where they at it I-I need this one. I need this one.
Marz: …but It doesn’t cut. WAMEN…. Don’t question me right now, okay? Edgar’s my assistant. Marzia: “Edger!” “Edger”, if you don’t know how to chop an onion Marzia: I don’t know how to chop an onion Well, let me tell you how to, you cut the butts first right? Marzia: M-hm There’s many different ways. Is this making you anxious?
M: No. Man, this knife sucks dude Marzia: That’s what I said! Marzia: Oh, look at that! Oh, wow, you were right Marzia Congratulations Oh, yeah, this is much better Right. You chopped those, and then you chop it in half, then you just peel off the edges. There you go Marzia: Yeah, but like I wanna see how you do it. Marzia: …Y’know the cubes without having to actually cut them all in cubes Oh, no… Oh, there’s a secret trick Marzia: Yeah? Do you know the secret trick? There’s a secret trick
M: Edgar do you know it? Edgar knows it, he has to sign a contract. I just chop it, into tiny pieces That’s the trick. If you’re gonna keep the onion in It adds that flavor, but you don’t want the meatballs to have like the onions in it, okay? You want to chop it so small that you’re literally just adding the flavor of the onion You know what am saying? Let’s just do half an onion. I don’t like onion that much *long sigh from Felix* What are you laughing at huh? Marzia: Your really long sigh. Yeah onion makes me sigh, okay? Doesn’t make me cry, it makes me sigh. This a nihilistic onion. See this is what I need like the big knife. Cuz then I’m just gonna destroy this goddamn onion. Yeah this works This is how they do it in every good cooking show Gyarden Ramsey get outta here. The other one… You too… Someone’s curious if we’re cooking. “Is that food? Is Felix cooking? My God!” “That never happens” Real men don’t cry when they cut the onion, not a tear. Zoom into my face Marzia. Not a single tear Why am I doing this Took a little time, but you know it’s worth it. Okay. It’s worth it. We’re gonna go grab a “kastrull” (pan) and we’re gonna put that oh, that’s wrong – Uh Put that on. Get some butter – you know – you have an Italian girlfriend. “Oh you have to put with olive oil, Felix” PSHFSHHSH Butter? Marzia: Yeah Baby! Let’s add that onion Let it zimmer shimmer Let it do something. Something happens. Okay? There you go.. look at that – look at that onion We can clean up meanwhile Isn’t that right Marzia? Marzia: Dude! You can you can clean
Marzia: I do all the time.. Don’t believe it. – And cook at the same time M: Don’t believe it. I hate you sooo much (We don’t, Marzia) Look at this. I’m not doing anything else so I might as well just clean up M: You just do the dishes after with – I’M STILL THE ONE WITH THE KNIFE marzia Thank you, so you just want to get the onion some color pretty much That’s it, then you want to grab a bowl. I don’t have a bowl so I’m using a plate And then we’re gonna mix that with the The mince we’re using a… vegetable? But no, vegetarian. It’s good. It’s much better I’ll show you why it’s better in a second. This works the same way with regular mince basically you get the cream Oh my god, it’s so slippy You get the cream there we go And you get the bread. Bread crumbs, right So it’s all eh… it’s all about mixing. I don’t really go for a recipe I sorta like add a little bit of bread crumbs. If it’s too moist more bread crumbs, if it’s too dry more cream Potato, patata you know what I mean? add a little bit of cream aaannd add the bread crumbs Then you get your hands dirty aaAAAAAhhh Feels good, very nice. You like this Marzia? You like this Mmm This is why you need a bowl cuz god damn. This is hard. Just right – work those meatballs aaaAAAAhhh Mmm. See, we’re starting to get the meatball. Should I just make one big one?
-No. Here’s the reason why? You can eat the ball raw if you do with veggie meat doesn’t taste that good yet. Feels like it’s missing something We’ll add a little bit of pepper and salt… It starting to taste nice now Marzia: What do you have going on over here? Forgot to tell you you gotta boil the potatoes if you don’t know how to boil potatoes I don’t know what to tell you man. You’re dumb M: I would never lick my fingers while I’m cooking Yeah well that’s the pleasure of cooking is that you can eat MEANWHILE Marz: Y-wh-but you are sick! No, I’m not
M: Yes you are! So are you, so whatever. We can leave that for a while. Make those ‘taters boil. While the potato boil we can um roll the balls Gotta really roll these huh? Look at that beautiful Swadish meatball Not Swadish at all but – you know So the Swedish meatball like any typical country dish is based on just grabbing stuff you have in the house Maybe you have some old, old meat You know just grind that shit down make some meatballs out of it Get some ‘taters from the yarn get some you know milk that cow that you got in the back We roll the balls we’re just waiting for the potatoes to boil You wanna… the balls doesn’t hold the heat very long so you wanna time it so that when the potatoes are done That’s sort of when you start cooking the balls. Okay, now we’re gonna cook the meatballs in some very nice butter I used two pans just to make it quicker M: But you have so little? You can keep in one — Do you think I can do them in one?
M: Yeah.
– You’re probably right. You know what? It was unfair for me to judge Marzia You cook for me every single day like a real waman Little sexist statement, but it’s very nice. Put it on sort of low heat You don’t want to burn the edges Keep’em moving Vaary nice look at that Bouuut’oofull! Look ‘t that. It’s getting there They look great, I’m very happy with them. Brown, crispy looking thing Means they’re ready, take them out. Okay, the taters are almost done meatballs are done. We’re gonna use the last bit of cream Low temperature and just put that in there And then you’re gonna add some soy get that brown color *soy, cream and vinegar hits the Felix* So good! ‘taters are done while we left that one that you know get that really filminess We’ll prepare the last Ow. I did it hundred percent correct – Thank you. There we go. Did not burn my hand at all How many meatballs do you want Marzia? M: Uhmmmm six? Six meat balls. D’you want the sauce on yours? -Mhm Oh wow, we got really thick. Look at that beautiful thickness Look at that thiccness Marcia It doesn’t look good? Marzia: I dunno. Marzia: I only want it in the… Too bad. Too bad.
M: …meatballs. Oh maahh GAAH mmmhhh We’re gonna have some rårörda lingon! very nice it will contrast that the sweetness will be very nice to contrast all the fat and salt And there you go Look at that beeeeautiful uniform It’s damn good meatball man. Oh perfect. It’s perfect M: Can I eat mine now? Yes So good, How do you like it
– Mmm?
That’s good? -Very nice
Very nice. That was so good. I’m very pleased great meatballs, great life I’ll leave the recipe in the description if you guys wanna do it Post a picture of your meatballs You can also buy my meatballs on the store along with this very dirty, but very clean-looking Meatball shirt, it’s designed by me. I’m very happy with it and post a picture of you wearing it as well Thank you for watching leave a like if you enjoyed. Squad fam puhketchuu


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