How to make The Fish Bowl – Tipsy Bartender

How to make The Fish Bowl – Tipsy Bartender

(upbeat rock music) – Look who has returned! The prodigal son! Where you been? – ^(giggles) I’ve been traveling. – Like where? – Like I just got back from Thailand. – Did you get lucky with any hookers? – Did I get lucky with any hookers? No, but I met a couple of them. I don’t know if they were
hookers or lady-boys. – You mean dudes? – Yeah, and they were gorgeous! Vodka. – [Skyy] Coconut rum, you can pour at the same time. – Coconut rum. Do they have to be equal parts? – [Skyy] Kind of. They’re kind of equal, you know. Life ain’t fair. – Then we have Peach
Schnapps and UV Raspberry. – [Skyy] Nice! That’s about it right there. – Are you sure? – [Skyy] Yeah. That’s good. – We have some Nerds that we’re going to use as the gravel. OK. Oh! They’re rainbow! – [Skyy] They’re rainbow-colored Nerds? – Yeah! – [Skyy] OK, go for the gravel. Oh! Look at our fish gravel! – [Mallorie] That’s so cool! (Skyy laughing) – [Skyy] What is it? – Sprite! What’s happening to my blue? – [Skyy] That’s the
Nerds, the Nerds melting. – Oh! Is that enough, or should I fill it up more? – [Skyy] Go a little bit more. OK! What are we garnishing with? – With oranges! – [Skyy] OK. Let’s see this. – [Mallorie] I’m just dropping them in? – [Skyy] Yeah, just drop them in. A fishbowl wouldn’t be a fishbowl without what, Mallorie? – (giggles) Without our fish! – [Skyy] Swedish Fish, homeboy! OK? Straight from Sweden! (laughter) – Oh, my goodness! – [Skyy] That’s what they
eat for dinner in Sweden! Different culture, that’s right. Look at our fish. Look at our fish. Damn! Those fish all sink to the bottom! They can’t swim! You see this dingy color here? It may look like your white socks after you’ve been playing
ball for two years in them. That’s because the Nerds are melting, OK? So that changes the color. It don’t keep its rich blue color, OK? You understand? And there you have it! The Fishbowl! Been a long time. – It’s been a long time, yeah. (laughs) – You like it? – I love it! – Awesome, awesome party drink! – I think I’m taking this home. – [Skyy] You can take it home. – I will. – [Skyy] You can warm it up, if you want. – We’ll do that. (Skyy laughing) Bye, you guys! – [Voiceover] Check out some more of our videos and find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

99 thoughts on “How to make The Fish Bowl – Tipsy Bartender

  1. you could probably use purple nerds so when they started to melt the blue would still stay rich and it would get a nice gradient from dark to light blue

  2. You uh, forgot the ice bro! I feel like if you put a shit ton of ice over the nerds before pouring the alcohol/sprite it helps with the whole color issue a bit.

  3. Lol. If u think there is too much sprite, I think we are watching different videos. If u do the math… 6+6+4+4 = 20 shots to one 2 liter. I worked at a bar, 1 shot per drink. There is waaaaaay less than 20 drinks in a 2 liter bottle. More like 5. So, 4 shots per drink is VERY toxic. HELLO!

  4. These are some great drinks for girls. I want to see if there's a drink I can approve of. No candy.. candy is meant for girls.. and children. TYPSY BARTENDER!! AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!! CAN YOU MAKE A MANLY DRINK THAT SCREAMS TESTOSTERONE! ! THAT WOULD BE KOOL

  5. just a warning i made this and the fish or any gummies you put into this drink after a couple hours are GROSS!! lol do not eat the gummies!! but make sure you eat the nerds before they fully dissolve 😀

  6. Whats the point of putting on those orange things on the bottles, Why not jus pour it straight from the bottle without it?

  7. There isn't much special about this drink, I made it and all it tastes like is sprite with a lot of vodka. Meh.

  8. Hahaha I love how you guys think that "Swedish Fish" is something from Sweden but I have never seen those in some kind of store here in Sweden and I have lived here in about 21 years… Cheers!

  9. This is a bad fish bowl. Look up vintage recipes from the 50s and 60s. Also fish bowls are a 2-4 person drink to be shared at a table, yah know with the super silly straws.

  10. hey guys! Im from aus, and im finding it hard to get the UV Blue. Could i just use blue curacao instead or would that mess with the taste.

  11. This gives me a better idea… Same bowl, same fruit, same candy, with raspberry lemonade and couple drops of green and blue food coloring

  12. So just my thoughts cause this something I'm aware of; I think this would have made a recipe to use specifically with Blue Chair Bay's brand of coconut rum just because it is owned by Kenny Chesney and he has an album titled "Welcome to the Fish Bowl" or something like that, so yeah, doesn't really matter, but with the name of the drink and all, I just thought, hey, maybe use Blue Chair Bay coconut rum, just cause, yeah. . . .whatever.

  13. Any suggestions of what to use that could fill in for the Coconut Rum? I'm allergic to coconut but I would like to try some of these drinks with Coconut Rum but need some thing to fill in for the Coconut Rum.

  14. Ill be making this drink within the next 30 minutes. I wont be using fish bowl but individual mason jars. I plan on adding the nerds, oranges, fish in the mason jars then pouring mix in from a bigger container

  15. Steve Green. His name reminds me of a brittain youtuber who were crazy in sweden and uploaded different swedish stuff. And he kind of reminds me of him too.

  16. I'd think that the Sprite messed up the colour because the Sprite was poured too forcefully down onto the Nerds.

    If you wanna keep the rich blue colour, maybe try using only blue nerds or layer the Sprite onto the gravel instead.

  17. Couldn't you use some blue Curacao to make it a bit darker blue? I mean, it could help the color plus it's orange flavored…..

  18. So I made this on NYE and I used a jumbo water container with a spout at the bottom.  I called it a FISH TANK.  lol  it was perfect because everybody just grabbed a glass and poured their own.  AWESOME SAUSE!  

  19. This drink is good, but the fish and nerds make it disgusting!!! All the candy dissolves and leaves you with SO much sugar

  20. Every recipe this guy offers is blue, very sweet, and usually involve candy. He should change his series title to "How to get under age girls drunk."

  21. Tried this. I do not recommend using an aquarium for a number of reasons. DO NOT ADD REAL FISH AS A SUBSTITUTE. Can't stress that one enough.

  22. Back to the time where Sky actually hired competent tipsy girls. No offense to the current ones, but they look/act like they actually need someone to hold their hand while they're putting their pants on.

    Or maybe that's sky's plan so that he could be in every shot helping the girls lol.

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