How to: Make Vegan Burgers with Chandra Gilbert of Gracias Madre

How to: Make Vegan Burgers with Chandra Gilbert of Gracias Madre

I have a full blown
mayonnaise obsession. You can make
mustard mayonnaise, you can make
barbecue mayonnaise. But you have to have
mayonnaise on the burger, it’s gotta happen. Because I have
a joke it’s, what’s a vegan’s
favorite food? Sauce. I am Chandra Gilbert. Executive chef at
Gracias Madre, an organic vegan restaurant in West
Hollywood, California, and today I’m gonna make
a vegan black bean burger with truffle cheese,
also vegan, and chipotle mayonnaise. What goes in this burger
today is black beans and brown rice, beets. Mushrooms, onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds,
and some salt and pepper. And then we’re gonna
grill a bun and put truffle cheese on it,
and chipotle mayonnaise, and some pickled
vegetables. So the first step is
we’re gonna saute the onions, the beets,
the mushrooms, and the garlic together. Really I like high heat. Cuz I like things
to get brown and caramelly, more flavor. So we’re just gonna start
with some olive oil. We’re gonna put a half
cup of onions in there. We’re gonna put
somewhere around a cup of mushrooms. We’re gonna put somewhere
around a cup of beets. Couple tablespoons
of garlic. And this recipe
really does have some play in it. You could just
make it all up. It would work. And then we’re gonna
add some salt in there, right into the saute. And then we’re gonna
get this all going for about 20 minutes. It should be like
really soft, it should have
some brown on it. If you were making
this recipe at home and you didn’t have beets,
you could use carrots, parsnips, tomatoes. You could also use
quinoa, or polenta, or oatmeal in place
of the rice. You could use white
beans, black eyed peas. So, you can really play
around with vegetables, starches and beans. The original intention
to using the beets was not only to give it
a really earthy flavor, particularly in pairing
with the mushrooms, but when you ground
it all up, it really looks
like meat. It looks like
rare hamburger. Which is fun. Fun for vegans. Tricks people into
thinking it’s closer to the real thing. And, you don’t get
that if you’re using carrots or parsnips,
or something like that. Okay, these feel soft
enough to me, so I’m gonna go ahead and add the rice first to get
a cup of that in there. Add the black beans. You could also
use canned beans. You can make them
yourself the day before I would recommend. And when dealing
with beans and rice and mushrooms, make sure you’re
adding enough salt. Just take a bite
right out of it, make sure you’re
getting enough salt. So, now all the
vegetables, the beans, the rice, everything’s
cooked together, it’s looking bloody. So we’re gonna transfer
it into the Cuisinart and grind it up. Grinding it really
only takes a minute because you don’t want
to make it so mushy and smooth that it doesn’t
have any texture in it. Much like a hamburger, when you’re eating it
there’s some gristle. There’s some stuff in there that gives it
a little bit of texture. So making sure that you
have things broken down to a little teeny, tiny pea size, and
then you’re done. I forgot to put
the pumpkin seeds in, but it doesn’t matter. We can just them in now. None of this
stuff matters, let’s just grind
it all together. Cuz they’re tasty. You want them in there. That’s it. Like that. So now we’re going
to make our patties. And there’s a couple
ways you can do this, you can do it
really organically, you don’t care that
they’re the same size, just do it by hand, that’s how I’m
gonna do it today. Or you can also purchase
an ice cream scoop. But today, we’re just
gonna do it by hand. So I’m actually gonna put
some oil in my hand, and rub it around just so that the burger doesn’t
stick to my hand. And it’s moisturizer too,
so. Take some of this
mixture and form a ball. Roll it around,
pat it up. This one’s crazy, this one really
looks like meat. There we go. And you can decide
how thick or thin you want them. I actually don’t like
mine really thick because I like it to get a little
crunchiness on it. Have it be a little
browner all the way around, but some people
like them really thick. So, I recommend that you
make these burgers a day in advance, and
the reason for that is that they become
more manageable, and they become more
texturally interesting in my opinion. You could use one that
you had just made, but then the difference
is more wetness. Some people like that,
some people like drier. You can decide for
yourself and either make them
on the same day or make them the day before,
which I prefer. So now we’re gonna
fry a burger. Turn it on pretty high. So we’re gonna put
some oil on the grill, put the burgers down. Make sure you
get some sizzle. It’s just a good idea to make sure you
have enough oil. You can do it over
an open fire. It’d be really tasty but you gotta make sure
it’s oiled and I would definitely do the
burgers that you’re gonna do on an open fire
the day before. Cuz they’ll just
kind of melt and fall through the grill. You don’t want
that to happen. And then I’m gonna
do the buns as well, this is an organic wheat
bun from the Bakery LA. Really great bakery, I wanna give
them shout outs. Because not only
is it vegan, but it’s organic, so that’s
kinda rare to find. This oil has
garlic in it. Which I always think
it’s really important to make the bread
be really tasty. Like you’d wanna just eat
the bread on its own. So, I like to put
garlic and oil, and I also like to make
sure to salt the bread. Put those down. And then I’m just
even put more oil. Cuz oil’s good. Okay. So, now we’re ready to
assemble, dress, and consume our burgers. First thing we’re gonna
make is chili mayonnaise. So we’re just gonna take
some vegan mayonnaise, a cup, two cups. I think a good couple
tablespoons per burger, upwards to a quarter
cup per burger. I’m gonna just put two
big tablespoons of chili sauce. Right in there. I made this chili sauce. I made it.
It’s toasted chipotle and some brown sugar and
salt. But anyone off
the market, I’m a seratra fan. You know, Tabasco,
any kind you like, you can do. And you’re just gonna stir it into
the mayonnaise. Mix just like that. So we’re take
the bottom of the bun. We’re gonna dress and
eat now. This is homemade cashew,
truffle cheese. It’s made out of
cashews and beer and black truffles. So we’re gonna put
that on the bottom. And you can check out
the recipe for this. This is a house made
truffle cheese. So you can make
it at home. It’s really easy, it’s
like operating a blender. Or you can also buy
a vegan cheese. Or you can buy some blue
cheese or goat cheese, whatever you wanna
put on your burger. And then we’re gonna take
a patty, put that down. And we’re gonna get
some ripe tomato. And particularly when dealing with
a vegan burger. Pick a really
good tomato. It’s like 50%
of the dish. Make sure to
salt the tomato. And lettuce, I’m a fan
of shredded lettuce. You can use whole
leaf lettuce. You can do a salad mix. But this is just
a regular romaine. Put that on. And then this is
pickled vegetables. This I also made
homemade, but there’s really good jarred
varieties on the market. You can go to
an Italian version, you can use
pickled jalapenos. There’s escabeche,
which this is. Put some of
that on there. I like a lot of pickles. I like pickled things. Put that on. I like to start with fat,
and end with fat. So I’ve started with
truffle cheese, and I’m gonna end with
the mayonnaise. Put some of that
right on top. And I don’t really like
to spread it around, because when
you smash it, it’s gonna
spread it’s own. So if you start it
right in the middle, gives it a little bit
more containment. And let’s put some
pepper on there too. Okay, and that, and it’s
done, it’s ready to eat. Cut through the bun
really gently first so I don’t smash all
the good stuff out. And then, there it is. Looks like meat, and
I’m gonna take a bite. It’s really good. Needs a beer. Thanks for
watching and for the recipe,
click on the bubble.

100 thoughts on “How to: Make Vegan Burgers with Chandra Gilbert of Gracias Madre

  1. I struggle a little with the concept (making it look like bloody meat), but the recipe is awesome and really tasty. I actually made my anti-vegan friend try this, and he admitted it is really good. I tweaked it a tiny bit, but it's otherwise on target. I love how she gives lots of tips and explanations… it's a keeper.

  2. made these burgers last night…slight modification as any true New Mexican , I added a roasted peeled NuMex green chile in lieu of the pickled veggies, and some caramelized onion. My boyfriend was over the moon, we've tried a few veggie burger recipes and this was far and away the best yet!

  3. You know how food is supposed to make you happy? Veggie burgers just make me so sad every time. They're just always such a disappointment. Even gourmet ones are just really good bread with really good sauce and really good tomatoes and also a mushy puck of sad fried bean dip.

  4. here is the full recipe for those who can't find it:

  5. I have no problem with vegans. Heck I go vegan once or twice per week. But why do you guys try to make all your dishes emulate meat/beef as much as possible if that’s what you’re against ?

  6. Sad that you want to eat meat so badly you make your vegetables taste, smell and even look like meat… just eat meat!!! I sure as heck don't try to make meat taste, smell and look like vegetables in hopes of getting more people to eat meat!!! This is just pathetic. Fact your vegetables are just as likely to contain harmful chemicals as much as if not more than meat. I don't see animals being crop dusted!!!! One word "Hydroponics" plants grown with a chemical and water diet.

  7. I didn't think the beets made it look like raw meat.. I thought it made it look like there was too many beets in it….. Just me?

  8. Well, there weren't too many i trusted as the bus driver to flavour town… however, Chandra is now one! those mayos and truffle cheeses??? no question!

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