HOW TO MAKE VEGAN PASTA CREAMY AF | 3 easy vegan pasta recipes

welcome back to rainbowplantlife. if
you’re new here my name is Nisha and thank you for joining me so in my part
of the world fall is quickly approaching which means winter is coming which means
you have any excuse to eat all the pasta you want and that’s why I’m sharing with
you three easy vegan pasta recipes that take about 15 minutes to make they’re
super easy they’re hearty and they’re delicious and if you like these easy
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button alright let’s get into our first easy pasta recipe our first easy vegan
pasta recipe is a pumpkin alfredo ravioli which is perfect for the fall
weather you’re going to start by eating one tablespoon of vegan butter and we’re
gonna cook one diced onion and some minced garlic until it’s softened and
browned then we’re adding two tablespoons of
chopped fresh rosemary because rosemary is the perfect complement to pumpkin and
then add in some cinnamon nutmeg salt and pepper then I’m going to add some
pumpkin puree this is just from the can but if you want to you can use fresh
pumpkin puree it will be even more delicious and then I’m adding 1/2 cup of
canned coconut milk I like to use full fat coconut milk because it gets extra
rich and creamy bring that mixture to a simmer and let it thicken for a few
minutes I guarantee your house will feel just like Thanksgiving – your family
arguing over politics of course then I’m just going to add the precooked ravioli
to the sauce this is vegan ravioli from the brand kite chill foods if you can’t find vegan ravioli we could
always use fettuccine or any other pasta you like to finish this dish I’m going
to add some fresh minced parsley some salt and pepper to taste
toasted walnuts red chili flakes and some vegan Parmesan cheese this pumpkin
alfredo ravioli is super hearty and delicious and as soon as the temperature
drops in your area I recommend you try it out next up we have a creamy avocado
linguine these are all the ingredients you need for the creamy avocado sauce to
make this off you’ll need one avocado make sure it’s really ripe otherwise the
sauce won’t be creamy and it’ll be kind of gross so nobody wants that then I’m
adding some fresh basil and fresh baby spinach leaves as well as some vegan
coconut yogurt you can use any vegan yogurt you like then I’m adding some
mooch or nutritional yeast as well as some sea salt and the juice of half of a
lemon just season I’m going to add some
freshly cracked black pepper and red chilli flakes but only if you like it
spicy and then finally adding in some fresh garlic then turn on your food
processor and let it do all the work of course make sure you put the lid on and
after a minute or two you’ll have a really creamy thick avocado sauce this is some linguine that I’ve just
cooked and drained and all you have to do is sell upon that creamy avocado
sauce to make this dish a complete meal I’m
going to be adding some ready to eat vegetables of course feel free to use
any veggies or proteins that you like I just want to keep this really quick and
simple I’m adding some cherry tomatoes defrosted frozen peas and canned organic
corn and to finish the dish I’m adding some hemp seeds for protein fresh
parsley and basil I love making this dish when I have
friends over because it’s a little impressive but it takes just 15 minutes
to put together our last easy vegan pasta recipe is a thai-inspired pesto
pasta to make the pesto we’re going to start with 1 and 3/4 cup of cilantro
leaf I’m also adding in some dry roasted peanuts and the juice of one lime then
I’m adding in some soy sauce or tamari which is gluten free soy sauce as well
as some freshly cracked black pepper finally add in some fresh ginger garlic
and diced chili peppers the exact measurements for all the recipes will be
in the description box below then turn on your food processor and with the
motor running stream in 2 tablespoons of oil you may need to scrape down the
sides of the food processor Bowl to get the texture you’re looking for then we’re going to heat up some coconut
milk on the stove and add the pesto to it stir that mixture together until it’s
well incorporated and slightly warmed through and then just dump in your
pre-cut pasta of course Thai food doesn’t usually include pasta
or pesto so this is just Thai inspired it’s not an authentic Thai dish if you
want to make it a little more traditional Thai you can use rice
noodles instead of pasta to finish this dish I’m adding in about
a cup of edamame this is organic defrosted edamame which will add a lot
of portunus and some dry roasted peanuts for crunch
as well as some Thai basil if you have trouble finding Thai basil you can
always use regular basil this dish is perfect if you of pests feel that are
looking for something slightly different well I hope this easy vegan pasta
recipes made you hungry and if you try one of them of course let me know in the
comments thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next week

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