How to make your own LOST WORLD nano tank – STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL

How to make your own LOST WORLD nano tank – STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL

30x30x30cm simple glass cube 27 litres 30cm concrete Buddha statue If you can buy one, soak it for 2 weeks just to make sure Red moor woods My fav type of woods, no preparation needed, doesn’t colorize the water Seiryu stone
Ancient like textures makes the water harder a bit, almost unbreakable Slate
Neutral for water Ada Amazonia active soil Any kind of active soil is ok
Ada Amazonia light makes the start easy due to the reduced nutrition 3L package is enough I use silicone glue to fix the hardscape to avoid it from going apart during the fill-up I spread soil into the glue marks to cover them Eheim Classic 150 Best value for the price
Easy and reliable Place the sponge first then the bio filter media Used Sera Siporax and Seachem Matrix bio filter media Cotton wool goes on the very top Have a sponge on the end of the inflow to avoid shrimps from being sucked in Microsorum whatever
low demand Don’t plant it, just put in or tie to rock or wood Bolbitis heudelotii
low demand Don’t plant it, just put in or tie to rock or wood Cryptocoryne wendtii
low demand Rotala Vietnam Hra
medium demand Limnophila sessiliflora
low demand Bacopa caroliniana
low demand Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
high demand, but I give it a try Hydrocotyle tripartita
low demand The inevitable sprayer To make the planting easier spray the soil properly And a little bit of moss
I almost forgot it 2x Aquael Leddy Smart Plant
6W / 8000K / 500LM Same type but one of them is updated 7-8 hours lighting period daily Pure RO water I use GH+ powder water TDS is between 130-170 PPM Limnobium Laevigatum
low demand Suck the outflow of the filter to make it easy to start Tropica specialized nutrition More info in the description Please read the description!

100 thoughts on “How to make your own LOST WORLD nano tank – STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL

  1. F I R S T ! Please read the description, I’ve tried to collect every useful information in it, I hope I didn’t miss a thing. You also find the list of the parts you will need. Thanks for watching!

  2. My local store literally sells none of the plants in this tank. With that being said have you had experience with having plants shipped? If you have, would you recommend it?

  3. Let me ask you, Isnt this tank kinda small? I mean 30 L isnt small, but since it is full of things It Lost a Lot of space. I'd like to try to do this tanke and put some betta females or Maybe just one male. How many L do you recommend? Maybe 50? Love your work!

  4. el mejor video de nano acuario que he visto, la calidad visual el montaje…todo esta bien realizado…felicidades amigo

  5. Hey brother I’m from New York and I been trying to find slot of these things but they aren’t available in USA . Is it possible you can tell me what is equivalent too the Leddy lamp 2 and just as sleek looking that I can possibly get . It’s been really hard

  6. How was the maintenance? I mean, is it struggling to trim the plant due to their growth? It seems really crowded. But overall, your aquascape is really magical! Aesthetiqueness overload

  7. One question for you:
    As bhuddha is considered as a pure soul , so in fish tank fishes used to throw waste ,so is it gud that bhuddha satue surrounded by fish waste ?

  8. When I move out I am planning on getting me a little betta friend. I hope I can make him a tank like this.

    What I would want to add (because huge mineral fan) is some amethyst quarzstones. Does somebody now if this is possible ? I don’t want my little one to slice its fins or that it has impact on the water.

  9. hello, I'm almost following your entire tutorial step by step, minus a few plants and the lighting system. What budget friendly lighting and filter would you recommend? since I'm following YOUR tutorial, I want your opinion on a cheaper alternative. I'm new to the hobby and this is my first tank I've done in years, and it's my very first planted tank. I dont know much about lighting when it comes to plants which is why I needed to ask you.

    also, since it's only a little over 7 gallons, will I be able to put a group of 6 ember tetras with a female betta? I'm planning on getting the betta fairly young so it can be exposed to other fish as soon as possible in its life span.

    I tried finding a 10 gallon cube tank exactly like this but I've had almost no luck 🙁 so do you think this tank size would be enough for both the betta and tetras? I dont have a second tank in case I have to remove the betta so that might be a problem.. I am a beginner so I'm sorry if any questions sound stupid. I'm really trying to learn. I'm also only 14 so I dont have much money. i really love all your tanks and i want to replicate this one a lot.

  10. Hi! Manage to find the small Buddha statute at these online stores and they do ship overseas

  11. Great Job !! Very Inspiring. Could you please detail us how many fishes and species did you put in the tank ? My own Lost World tank is waiting for its hosts 🙂

  12. I made a Tribute Video to your amazing LOST WORLD Tutorial: – Thank's for this amazing layout!

  13. I'm guessing English isn't your first language and so I just wanted to clear something up for you. DEMAND means how much you or someone want something, MAINTAINANCE means how much work is required, some of those plants are not high DEMAND they are high MAINTAINANCE because they require a lot of work.

  14. I pray I won't get any backlash for this comment, but here goes.

    The Buddha statue is a symbol of worship Buddhists(but I can't speak for all), and as such, it's just a gentle nudge that while one might not practice Buddhism per se, I hope there are some etiquettes that some of you might want to be aware of.
    First and foremost, the Buddha statue is best placed at an altar (or any elevated places like a table), preferably positioned above waist level. And the most important thing is, one should never treat the Buddha statue as a mere decoration for your home or space. These are just 2 small things that's more of a sign of respect of others' religion, not so much related to personal belief.

    This is not to say that any of you are disrespecting the Buddha, but more so of a heads up and FYI in the event any of y'all wants to or are thinking of recreating this nano tank/gifting or receiving a Buddha statue😊

    But at the end of the day, I must admit this is indeed an AMAZING WORK!

  15. Other than Amano's Lisbon tank look,THIS is one I want to copy. It looks so great…so Apocalypse Now…its like steamy just to look at it. Where did you get the Buddha? Pond statuary or Asian import store? Every few months I come back to look at this. Perfect for a cube tank..maybe an old Hexagon.

  16. Only recently stumbled across aquascaping as a thing. Your video really stands out above the rest I have seen (including 'professional' ones) for being very clear, detailed and easy to follow as well as being fantastically shot and edited. Just excellent all round. Congrats!

  17. wait what?! you can grow moss underwater? or is that aquatic moss? first time i've encountered it. thanks for the inspiration btw.

  18. 01:51 – Seems that Google Google song opening music from tamil movie Thuppakki has been lifted from this music only. Harris man you really do a lot of research for such awesome creativity. Hats Off!

  19. Man I love this so much. The only reason I didn’t start building this as soon as I finished watching is cause my dad I Buddhist and wouldn’t like putting a statue of Buddha in water or covered in plants like this. Too bad cause this is incredibly beautiful

  20. That's it.. Imma build it. As a complete aquarium noob (trying to gather some more info before i start the project) what kind of fish and or other fauna would you recommend to put in the tank? Can I add a Betta for example?

  21. Bro…i have tried searching a lot for that type of statue….but i didn't get anywhere…can u help me to buy the samee statue… Please

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