How to plant Rhizomes in aquarium: Anubias and Java Fern

How to plant Rhizomes in aquarium: Anubias and Java Fern

What’s up fish tank people.
Dustin’s fish tanks trying to bring it to you on a Sunday, you know what that means.
Oh it’s species Sunday that’s right. In your face. My little girls in there watching bubble
guppies. Wave Nola, say hi. She don’t even care, it’s nice you can distract kids. Here’s
whats up I was working on my little book project called “Dustin’s Dirty Little Secret of Planted
Aquariums” I was working on the section called “Roots” and about roots because you know I
love roots. And I was thinking about something that I came across so I figure its worth talking
about. Not the individual species but two species of plant that I think are a little
bit of a different animal when it comes to roots. We are gonna start with Anubius. Here’s
whats up. Anubius right here, this is a piece of Anubius Ana and what Anubius has different
than other plants is the fact that it has roots in a rhizome, this part right here okay?
What roots are used for is holding the plant in place and bringing nutrients into the plant
and also storing nutrients. Okay, so the rhizome is very important in a lot of plants. Roots
same deal, important to holding nutrients. So I’m big on roots as you know. So Anubius
and Java Fern are two plants this is Anubius Ana and this is Java Fern right here. Both
of which are available for sale. But what you do with them is though is with these two
plants you can get away with tying them to something and actually be preferred to be
up tied to a rock or tied to a piece of wood. The way they prefer it, that is the way they
prefer it, because they have these root structures that they can attach to. All I use is a black
piece of string, or fishing line and I tie them to a piece of wood like that one down
there. But a little tip, when you get Anubius in a lot of times its grown above water so
it will be grown in high humidity and will be growing up here. I like to float it, you
can see I got some others float and what that does, it helps the roots grow along. You can
see a good example of it right here. This piece of Anubius Ana has actually got the
roots growing a little longer and you want the roots to kind of find their way and head
into where more nutrients are. What it does, if you float it for awhile they A get more
light and B get longer roots and then you can tie it to a piece of wood or whatever.
So that’s a little tip. I’ve got tons of Anubius Mana in here, you can see it. Nice long roots
too, already to go. And whats cool about that is these are above, the rhizomes above but
the roots have gone down in the dirt, that’s the ideal situation, where you just have a
tiny little bit of the root going in there. That’s why I have such good growth. So that’s
whats up, kind of a little edition about species. This is species Sunday but we aren’t about
the individual plants. Appreciate all your feedback on the and all
that good stuff. Welcome new members Welcome new subscribers lot of fun stuff to in forward
for ya’ll so thanks for tuning in. Later.

41 thoughts on “How to plant Rhizomes in aquarium: Anubias and Java Fern

  1. Sweet video love the fact that u try to make this funny..a question I got as a new subscriber n not familiar w/this part of the hobby..can I grow any type of plant underwater or does it have to be these certain underwater species… I have bonsai plants and was wondering if I made a tank could I grow them underwater??

  2. hey dustin great video. got to ask what is better to dirt first… my 3 gallon or my 29? so should i start small then work my way up?… ill worry about the lighting after i dirt.. so far florecent lighting works with some plants i got in a creek.

  3. nice man i got my 125 gallon today….sexy man can't wait to get the stand once i get the stand i'm going to work for the dirt put all kinds of shit in the dirt

  4. @LowkeyallLove check out dustinsfishtanks com, click on the Plants and Stuff Forsale link at the top… Message me with specifics. I haven't updated that in a while….;)

  5. @letmeshowuhow2stunt No plans on entering an aquascaping contest…but i suppose i could…. I have used regular gravel, with no dirt.. plants grew, but i had to fert the heck outta them.

  6. How do you grow your java fern so tall? I have java fern, some of it is growing but not as tall as yours!

  7. @nikhilphillips thanks, its hard to keep other plants withit though…gets too big adn shadows out others

  8. @Dustinsfishtanks try if you haven't there are some nice ones there a bit pricey but some are worth it

  9. bro how much is for the fern? there isn't any java fern or moss in my region! i gotta deep tank most of the plants i put in dies! im really looking for java fern or java moss! thankx!!!

  10. if an anubias plant grows very large, can you cut the plant in half and re-plant it in a new tank or a new spot? please reply!!!! THANKS

  11. My echinodorus bleheri is struggling a bit. It's naturally the largest plant in my tank (I have a dwarf sword, an anubias, and some java fern [the java seems to be struggling a bit too, as in slow growth]). I had some duck weed but that thinned out when I got an airstone. I would consider myself a novice to aquariums, but started out really wanting a heavily planted tank. I suppose I am doing alright but my bleheri has some yellowing- low iron? What's up with that?

  12. Thank for making the time to do all these great videos. Unfortunately I screwed up and and planted the ferns into my dirt substrate for 4 days until I saw your video. Then now I am pulling out and tying them into driftwood. The leaves and the rhizome are still green but the roots are pretty brown and dry. Can you tell me if the root will regenerate given the rhizome is still green ? Again, you are the best !

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  14. ok Fam. if u have the dirt/gravel down there and planta how do u clean the bio matter I know ur not Gunna uproot it a d move the dirt all around with a gravel cleaner r you

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