How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank | Aquarium Care

How to Set Up a Goldfish Tank | Aquarium Care

To set up a goldfish tank, let me define tank. Most people, when they buy a goldfish, when
they win a goldfish at a carnival, it usually comes in a bowl. I think goldfish bowls are one of the top
sellers at aquarium shops, so let’s talk a little bit about bowls, and then let’s talk
about why it’s better to get a tank versus a bowl. The bowls, to set them up, you just want to
put one fish in a bowl. The bowl should be at least a gallon in size,
preferably 2 gallons. Put a little bit of gravel in the bottom of
the bowl so you add a lot of surface area for bacteria to grow. I also recommend buying a little bit of bacteria,
a net, some food, some dechlorinators, and a pH test kit. Just because it’s a goldfish in a bowl doesn’t
mean the rules that apply to aquarium keeping don’t apply to a goldfish. It’s a living thing, and it has the same needs
as tropical fish, just a slightly cooler temperature. So you set up the goldfish bowl. Use water that’s been filtered, or Poland
Spring or Deer Park water, and let it get to room temperature. The reason for using filtered water is that
you don’t have the gas that’s associated with tap water. Remember, tap water is under pressure, and
when the water is put in a bowl, you’ve got all the bubbles that build on the sides of
the tank. Well, those gas bubbles are lethal for fish,
so you want to let the water sit overnight if you’re going to use tap water. You also don’t want to shock the fish with
water that’s too cold or too warm, so it’s best to take that water and let it sit and
let it become room temperature for four to five hours, overnight is even better, before
putting the fish in the bowl. The reason why you want to put one fish in
the bowl is because oxygen is going to be very limited. Even though goldfish can scavenge oxygen or
air from the surface, you don’t want to overcrowd them. You want them to be able to get some of their
air from the dissolved aqueous environment, as opposed to having to scavenge all the air
from the surface. You also don’t want to overcrowd it because
you don’t have a good filtration system on a bowl, so the bacteria that’s growing in
the gravel can only process so much waste. Do your water changes once a week. Don’t overfeed. Feed the fish once a day, as much as it can
eat in five minutes. What that means is you just put a little pinch
of food in there. If it eats all of it, put another little pinch. If it eats all of it, keep doing that for
five minutes. The goal is to not have one leftover flake
at the bottom of that tank. If you have leftover food, you should take
a net and scoop it out, because in a bowl it could result in cloudy water or water with
a high ammonia level, which will actually burn the fish’s skin; pretty nasty. For all these reasons, I recommend going with
a tank. Try to be strong and don’t go with that bowl. Get a five or a ten gallon tank. Get a basic hang-on filter, or an under gravel,
or an internal sponge filter, anything instead of a bowl. You do want some type of moving filtration. It’ll make the tank run so much better, and
you can put a few goldfish in it. But just remember, the goldfish get big, so
even a 10-gallon tank is going to be too small when that fish is four, five, six inches big. But to set it up, you don’t typically need
a heater for them. They do prefer colder water, so room temperature
water is fine, unless you live in a very cold area, and it’s in a cold room, and you go
away, and there’s no heat in the house. Then you’d want a heater in the aquarium,
because you don’t want the water to go from the 60s down to the 40s. That will just stress the fish. So you need basic decorations, gravel in the
tank. You don’t need an aquarium light. You don’t typically need a cover on the tank. Goldfish usually don’t jump, but sometimes
they do jump, so be prepared to find your fish on the floor. I know it sounds morbid, but that is a risk
that you have with an open top aquarium. Also, if you have cats, as you know, cats
love fish. They’re attracted to them. So if you have a cat, you’d probably want
to go with a strong, tight-fitting top to the aquarium. Those are the basic tips that you need for
setting up a goldfish tank.

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  1. This guy is BS WTF. YES goldfish should be treated as any other tropical fish which MEANS, you should NEVER keep gol
    dfish in a bowl, how would you like that? To live and swim in the same place you leave your waste. And dont even get a 5-10 gallon tank! Takes much more maintenance, needs more waterchanges, and the fish wont grow to there maximum length and mature colouring. Instead get a 30-40 gallon and get 2-3 comet or common or 3-4 fancy goldfish. Because this way, with a filter and the dechlorinator. Your fish will be much more happier, more likely to live longer (goldfish can live to 30 years) and plus. Youl seem much more bright, rather than being a absolute animal abuser and noob, putting faqin goldfish in a faqin bowl where your supposed to put marbles and wat not.

  2. one goldfish needs a 55 gallon, they grow large and they shouldn't be in a 10 gallon/bowl (you can put one in 20 gallon when its a baby)

  3. A lot of the information in this video is inaccurate. I am concerned that people new to keeping goldfish will use this as their only source since you certainly seem to be a professional. Howcast, please, take down this video and do some more research in to what goldfish need to survive then try again. Goldfish don't belong in bowls, they will live for 10% or less of their potential lifespan and never reach the beautiful 12 inch long fish they have the potential to become.

  4. hi, the stones in my tank is turning dark brown, how can i stop this and clean them without taking the stones out, answers appriciated, John

  5. hi. i was just curios, how many goldfish could you keep in a 10 tank or what would be minimum for two. (im looking for comets and/or shubumkins…). Thanks!

  6. Don't listen to anything this video says lol. Goldfish require A LOT more space than a bowl, 5, or even 10 Gallon. Fancy goldfish, which are the most common among in home goldfish aquariums, require 10 gallons per fish plus an extra 10 gallons for waste management. Comet goldfish (the single tailed varieties) require 20 gallons each plus an extra 10 for waste management. This is because fancies grow to be 6 -8 inches long and Comets grow to be over 12 inches long. You may hear the myth that a goldfish can only grow to be as big as it's habitat. However, while they are stunted in their outside growth, the internal organs keep growing and get squished together. This ends in death for the fish. Not only that, but as far as the bowl goes, you can't own a goldfish without a filter if you want it to live. A healthy goldfish lives up to 20 years, but all kept in bowls die before this. Goldfish produce so much waste, when kept in a small tank or one without a filter, the water quickly becomes toxic. Also, bowls have a small surface area and stagnant water. This makes it difficult for oxygen to enter the water and for carbon dioxide to leave, which can cause the fish to either die, or gasp for air at the surface of the bowl, which can lead to swim ladder issues. Finally, goldfish a social animals, and it is inhumane to keep them alone. If you are new to the goldfish keeping hobby, I suggest getting two fancy goldfish, and keeping them in a 40 gallon tank. This allows for plenty of room to swim and grow, and 20 extra gallons to manage waste. Also, make sure to get a filter that is for a tank at least double the amount of water yours holds, one for an 80 gallon in this scenario. Have a sand substrate and live plants. And feed either sinking pellets you've soaked in water, or even better, make your own or buy a gel food mix. Goldfish ARE NOT a beginner fish. If you've never kept fish before, stick to something easy like a betta 🙂

  7. I have two gold fish 1 common 1 comet I want to get a 40 gallon fish tank for them but I can't afford it and my parents won't get it for me :C

  8. DO NOT FEED FLAKES ASWELL AS KEEPING THEM IN A BOWL. most Goldfish are sold as commons and grow over 1fr so get a 55 gallon tank for one , get a filter a back up one , pumps

  9. Him even saying that you could put a goldfish in a bowl is utterly unacceptable…First you need to establish if you have a fancy or a common/pond goldfish. Fancies usually have strange details to their bodies, some examples are extra skin on top of their head (this is known as a wen), or if your fish's eyes protrude from its body, if this description matches your fish it should be a fancy (yes there are other details, but these are the most common, and if you fish is fatter than others and has a shorter length those could be signs, so just look around ok the Internet to see what type of fancy you have). Common/pond goldfish usually are longer, slimmer, and don't really have extravagant details. Once you have figured this out use these rules for finding a tank, for fancies start with 20 gals (gallons) for the first fish and 10 gals for every other fish you add (Ex. 30 gals for 2 fish, 40 for 3 fish, and so on so forth). Common/pond goldfish need 30 gallons (per 1 fish) as MINIMUM for a indoor tank that is why it is better to keep them in a pond like koi. Always remember bigger is better so a 50 gallon is pretty optimum for 1 fish, so that would mean you would have to do 100 gallons for 2 fish which seems outrageous but trust me if you want the best life for your fish this is the necessary care since how big of a size they can reach (also remember that the little fish at the fair is most likely a common/pond, so yea good luck). The optimum temp for golds is 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. For diet feed you fish mainly veggies as they are herbivorous and keep flakes/pellets to a minimum(unless they are specifically formulated high quality foods). Filtration is also important, so there is multiple types of filters so you can get a canister, sponge, or hang on back filter it all just depends on you preference and your fishes needs. Finally you need to chemically test your water parameters every so often so I would suggest studying up ok that. All in all goldfish are quite dynamic fish and not for everyone so make sure you study on their needs more as multiple people have different opinions on them but most of the care is in the same range I would say, and also always remember to never use bowls! (Ps. If you read all of this thank you so much, it took me about 20 minutes to write this and I hope you learned quite a bit, and to any goldfish experts out there please inform me if I made a mistake thank you!)

  10. I have a 3 gallon aquarium for my 5 goldfish. They are very tiney and I have filled the tank with plants. The tank is very fat in width so I don't worry about tank size.

  11. I have a cat she helped me remember to do water changes on my old beta tank… Well sorta, she drank most of the water every day, but never bothered the fish. The tank had to be refiled alot.

  12. 2 gallons for a goldfish? Try 10 times that. DO NOT put a goldfish in a bowl. This guy has no idea what he's talking about.

  13. Goldfish are awsome fish, but it is trully sad to see that ignorance is killing this amaising specie. it is 10 gallon for a fantail at the very less… and 20 for the comet… at the very less! goldfish are social, they need to be in the compagnie of at the very less one of is own kind… so if you want fantail goldfish, get two in a 20 gallon, and for cometes… 2 in a 40 gallon… and please, notice how I say at the «very less». if you can have bigger tank, go for it, it will be far easier to take care of them and they will love the extra-space/companions. Also, goldfish can live with other types of fishes but it is risky and I wouldn't recommende it if it's your first time with fish… I currently have a nice subtropical community tank including goldfish, danios, dojo loach and corydoras, they are having a great life but I keep on top of water change and maintenance… one of the corys is 6-7 years old now, and the two goldies are around 3 years old at this point :).

  14. So i need a tank right? Okay then

    3 Minutes Later

    Brings a Millitary Tank

    Me: Hey guys i have my tank! 😀

    Friends: ……….

    Me: you said a tank….

    Friends: emmm im gonna go home…

  15. For those of you who keep saying that this guy is advicing people to put goldfish in bowls,did you even watch the video he said he recommend a tank and not a bowl but if you do put one in a bowl those were the things he said to do

  16. I have 5 comet goldfish from petco for 13 cents each in my 3,000 gallon pond they are about 6 inches now and around 4 years old

  17. is this a real parody? The bubbles are dangerous? no! it is the chlorine! and a single goldfish (fancy) needs 20g and ideally in a long! a common, which is the basic carnival fish in a bowl commodity, you need 50g-75g! they get 2 feet long from mouth to tail.

  18. I can't beleive there are so many pepole on here saying things like this guy is advising people to put them in bowls when he clearly said not to put them in a bowl but if the only thing you can get is a bowl then those were the things you had to do that be said heck I bet every one on here left the video when he said bowl

  19. Goldfish don't need a heater there are coldwater fish I have them in my pond with koi and in where I live in the United Kingdom it's only 6 degrees in the day in the winter months and my goldfish are doing fine they should not be kept in bowls!

  20. IDK how many gallons my tank is, but I was successfully raising 3 shubunkins in it (they were at least 8 inches each and not fully grown) the tank was fine until I decided to add 2 more shubunkins and 6 minnows (at this time I still thought goldfish could live in bowls and I thought I was spoiling my fish, its a wonder they survived until then). All the fish except one minnow died. He lived in the tank alone for a while, until we got a goldfish and then another minnow. Even though we could add another fish, we want to give the fish lots of room. We feed them regularly and clean them regularly and provide them with toys. My fish Derek ( the goldfish ) just doesn't seem to be growing. he is 2.5-3.5 inches long and is almost 2 years old. I don't know if he's just small or what, but even when I was 5 and kept two goldfish in a tiny bowl, they still grew bigger than him. He does seem to be healthy though, luckily.

  21. Opps I think I should have research first about food… I never new once a day… it’s just I can’t feed it ones a day i just feel that when it looks at me he’s saying “ I’m f**** staving feed me!!!”

  22. Thank you. While I still need to do more research on filters and everything in depth, this definitely helped me. I lost my goldfish Bubbles today and I was heart broken, and my other goldfish Speckles doesnt look like she is gonna make it through the night (both comets) they were both around 3 inches long, and I had them in a 5 gallon tank together, no filter, just them, a plant, some gravel, and a hide. I now realize this was not a good setup, and I also had done a second full water change in the span of a few days which I also realize was bad. I take full blame for the death of my dear fish Bubbles and wish I could make things right. But I can't change the past, I can just make the future better. Before I get another set of goldfish, I am gonna thoroughly do my research, and make sure they have the home they deserve. (Yes I still have Speckles but sadly she is probably not gonna make it to morning:'(. ) Yeah it really sucks this happened to me but honestly it wouldn't have given me this opportunity to get better:). Nevertheless I am gonna have Bubbles' funeral tomorrow in my backyard under my huge flower covered elderberry tree.

    Sorry for such a long comment just really needed to get that out. :')

  23. Fancy Goldfish need a 20 gallon tank as a MINIMUM size and they only thrive when at least 3 are kept! That makes it a 40 gallon tank!

  24. If you put a golfish in a bowl , you shouldn't own one. Fancy golfish needs 20 gallons to 1 fish with a 10 gallons over filtration and comet goldfish need atleast a 55 at adult size

  25. A guy passed by a petstore, sit down, set up video and pretended he know what he's talking about.

    VOILA! Here he is. Instant professional fishkeeper.

    (don't listen to anything this guy is telling. He clearly don't know what he is talking about)

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  27. എന്റെ അക്കോറിയത്തിലെ ഗോൾഡ് ഫിഷിന്റെ സ്കിന്നിൽ കറുത്ത പാടുകൾ വരുന്നു എന്താ കാരണം എന്നറിയുമോ മാത്രമല്ല അത് പഴയത് പോലെ ഓടികളിക്കുന്നില്ല ഇതിന് എന്താ മാർഗം എന്നറിയുമോ അറിയുമെങ്കിൽ എനിക്ക് ഒന്ന് റീപ്ല തെരുമോ പ്ലിസ്

  28. Once a week?
    I feel like that's a general statement. I strongly think it depends on how many fish you have and other things

  29. I reckon this isn't a video on how to keep goldfish. It's more for people who just won them at a carnival. It's just a guide on how to keep them alive for longer.

  30. I stopped watching after the bowl was recommended…….. no bowl, under no circumstances, is good for a goldfish.

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