How to Survive a Shark Attack

How to Survive a Shark Attack

How to Survive a Shark Attack. Escape a shark’s jaws of death with these
lifesaving strategies. You will need Composure and bravery. Step 1. Try to stay calm. You’re unlikely to run into the kind of shark
that attacks humans unprovoked — bull sharks, tiger sharks, and great whites. More likely, it will be a smaller species
that will give you the once over and go away, as long as it doesn’t feel threatened. Step 2. Begin swimming away, as smoothly and quietly
as possible. Splashing around wildly and screaming will
only call the shark’s attention to you, and may even incite it to attack. A shark that hunches its back, drops its fins,
swims in a zigzag motion, or dives to the bottom and rubs its belly is displaying agitation
— a mood you don’t want to be around. Step 3. If the shark is approaching you and there’s
no time to swim away, try to back up against something to minimize the areas the shark
can strike. If you’re with a diving buddy, you’ll both
have a better chance to survive if you ascend while pressed together, back to back. Step 4. If the worst happens and the shark begins
attacking, try to jab, punch, or kick them in its most sensitive areas — the eyes, nose,
and gills. Simply hitting them on the head will probably
do more damage to your hand. Step 5. If you see someone else being attacked, don’t
hesitate to help them. Sharks are less likely to attack a rescuer
and more likely to continue attacking the original victim. Step 6. Take heart: you’ll probably never have to
use any of this information because your chances of being attacked by a shark are one in 11.5
million. Did you know In 2007, a group of bottlenose
dolphins in Monterey, California rescued a surfer who was being attacked by a great white

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  1. if your more likely to be struck by lightning than eatin by a bear your more likely to by struck by lightning than attacked by a shark

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  3. "the shark is less likely to attack a rescuer", I dont think it is smart enough to diferentiate between the two humans 🙂

  4. I saw my first shark today while I was surfing😳 It ended up biting some guy's leash and yanking him around. Thankfully, he was okay🙏🙏

  5. shark week says if you see a shark, be still and don't move or make any noises. Even if the shark sees you, if you're not moving you won't draw much attention to yourself and you won't make the shark want to eat you.

  6. I'm not surprised that dolphins help people attacked by great whites. A whole pod of dolphins can make a shark back down.

  7. "Your chances of being attacked are 1 in 11.5 million." Meanwhile,

    In Australia.
    (Yes. I'm Australian.)

  8. I am going surfing this summer in about a month and I don't wanna get attacked by a shark like Bethany Hamilton so I am watching this video

  9. i do not want to get eaten by a shark because that's dangerous I don't want to do that they were slaves because it could be dangerous because if you splash the Sharks will come and it won't eat you it will eat you because sharks have sharp teeth and I heard that and 237 200 is 207 I learned that dolphins same day save a surfer with Surfer on with a dolphin

  10. ???????????? s c a r y im only 8 years old OK DO not comment back to me!! 🙂 😀 !!!!!!!! Im serious!!!!!!!! goof bye!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The reason why the sharks attack is because when you swim you look like a type of fish and when your surfing they think you are a seal
    And sharks don't even like human blood…

  12. I think it is impossibly for people to stay calm if sharks are there worst fear so other of these won't work.

  13. I will believe in this video
    If i see one YouTubeR who do this
    Some said you have to stay Still "Like REALLY"

  14. 1:13 She pronounced "nose" incorrectly because she made a Z sound but it's spelt with an S, so it should be pronounced as "nōs", not "nōz". She should pronounce "nose" with an S sound, not a Z sound because it's spelt with an S, not a Z. If the word spells with an S, it should always make an S sound, not a Z sound. If the word really spells with a Z, then that's only when making a Z sound is alright, otherwise the Z sound not alright with the S spelling.

  15. Step 1 never clean yourself in put nuculer bombs in yourself in make yourself made of gold in if the shark kills you youll blow up thw whole oceanin always bring a gun

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