How to Treat Sick Fish. Treating sick fish with Malachite Green & Methyl Blue

How to Treat Sick Fish. Treating sick fish with Malachite Green & Methyl Blue

What up fish tank people! Dustin’s fish tanks bringing it to you. Sick
again… yes I am sick. My fish are also sick. It’s a sick video. I want to show you wants
going on. I left work early today because I was a snots sprinkler. Didn’t really feel
that bad until I started chilling at home. Then it kind of hit me so I been kind of taking
it easy. But I owe you a video. And I want to tell you what’s going on. First and foremost,
I hate killing fish and I absolutely killed 3 of the festivum you see here, this guy.
And I 3 of the severums that I had that I got from Peru. So I’m kind of sad about that
but I killed enough fish in my day to not get overly sad. I figure you all can learn
something from it. So I’m going to do this video, as bummed as I am about the fish. I
left the fish on Friday in the 125 and we had a really really cold spell then a really
really warm spell. I had like 3 heaters in the greenhouse. I left them, had Brian check
on them and he said that the festivums looked fine. Those guys right there. I thought they
were good. He said they looked good. Well what happen was that they had some big gills,
something was wrong with their gills. When they died, their gills swelled up. It wasn’t
something I can actually; otherwise I would have taken preventative measures. The purpose
of this video is to show you guys how I am treating these guys and how it’s going. I
haven’t done a video on sick fish in quite a long time. I am kind of pumped to show you
this. I’ve got them in a 20-gallon tank. How to make sick fish feel better. 20-gallon tank.
Probably 3/4 of the way full. What I’m doing is I’ve got a big oversized heater and I’m
running the tank at 82 so it’s a little warm. I’m not sure if you can see that. The purpose
of that is to heat it up so the parasites, so the fish metabolism speeds up so it can
process it. It might kill the parasites. What I mean is you want the tank warm. You definitely
want it warm. What I am using here, I’m not sure how to pronounce it. Brian gave it to
me. It’s pronounced Malachite green and methyl blue and these are obviously not the original
containers but you’re going to want to follow the instructions. I’m doing 2 drops everyday
on these. And I been running it. I have not done water changes. It says not to do water
changes because you want that stuff to really sit down in there. Some of my older videos,
I’ve battles some ich because I added fish too quick to a new tank. And I was doing water
changes when I shouldn’t have been doing water changes. You’re supposed to just let the tank
sit with the medicine and let the medicine do its work. So I been doing 2 drops of each.
I started doing this on Sunday. The one fish I put in here didn’t make it. It was one of
the severums. It could barely swim. It was out of it. I probably should have just euthanized
but I didn’t. I tried giving it a shot to live. But it didn’t make it. Everyone else
is doing good. What I’m doing is I’m feeding them the best I’ve got which is bloodworms.
Feeding them bloodworms. And I been soaking them in this stuff and I been trying to give
them whatever good stuff I can through there. Feed them the best stuff you can. So that
is what I’m doing. Feed them bloodworms. I been doing this for 4 days. I’m going to do
this for 7 days. This is a very important thing to do here. You want to complete the
cycle of the medicine. The fish look good now. They are swimming around. They look hungry.
They know I’m around. They are active. So this is all a good sign. I will slowly feed
them in a second. But you also want to treat all the fish. Treat them the whole duration.
Treat all the fish. Treat them for a full or maybe even 7-8 days. I’m actually going
to do a water change tomorrow. So go about 4 days then mix it up and do a water change
then add the medication back in. so high temps. Medicate. Do not do water changes. Do water
change about half way through the treatment but read the medication. Again the medication
is malachite green and methyl blue. This stuff by the way, keep way the hell away from your
kids. It will make a huge mess. I want to pour this in here and my goal here is to see
the severum eat. I’m sure these guys will eat but here you go boys. As you can see there,
hungry, happy. The severum comes over and you can see some spots on him. I thought that
was ich, its actually not. It’s some other kind of parasite. These are actually wild
caught fish so who knows what they are carrying with them. I take the rat but I killed them.
The temperature swings didn’t help. So I am sad about it. Don’t give me and scuff about
it because I’m already bummed that I killed some fish I brought back from Peru. I really
wanted a school of festivums to be honest and now I only have one. Maybe I will hit
up my man Devin with Margarita Tours and have him ship me some. They are eating. This is
a good sign. Treat all the fish. Do the full cycle. Let them roll. That’s what’s going
on. I’m pumped to see him eating right there. My man, its my last guy, its my last severum.
My fish are getting healthy. I need to get healthy. I been sick back to back. Kids just
tear it out of ya. I wanted to show you guy show I’m doing it. I would love to hear your
comments on treating sick fish. I don’t have sick fish all that often. This was kind of
a new experience to me. Usually I’m not good at treating them. They are sick they usually
end up dying. So I’m glad able to get these guys eating. If they are eating that’s a good
sign. If they are not eating, you might be in trouble. Try some garlic. That’s what’s
up. Later.

48 thoughts on “How to Treat Sick Fish. Treating sick fish with Malachite Green & Methyl Blue

  1. In my line of "cheap fish", I've learn it's better to toss them , then waste time n money on a possibility of 100% curing them with no sudden death . I've try so much in the past to cure/help them , but it was all in vain , they eventually die.

  2. Methylene Blue? The directions are "10 drops per gallon or 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons".

    I have the original container with instructions… And I really suck at treating fish, but it is a good product.

  3. Sudden death is like when the fish is like 90% cure then the next day the illness comes on full force and kill the fish ….

  4. and about the parasites(internal) is probably from red worms(usually) so change to
    Artemia Salina(brine shrimp) easy and fast to breed and it's cheap good luck =)

  5. Man i was about to say Dustin your not looking so good dude when you said you were sick im just getting over being sick it sucks man i feel ya.
    Have you tried to mix the blood worms with garlic then feeding them to the sick fish?
    I hope you save your fish Dustin good luck on that man and get some rest because you do look like hell…

  6. I have a question, and anyone can feel free to answer, I was wondering what kind of jobs/careers are out there in terms of freshwater aquatic life.

  7. My Red cap Oranda wasn't looking/feeling well. Lay in the corner all the time but did eat. Bought some Maracyn and after 3 days he/she is back in action and swimming all around again. Feel better Justin!

  8. Good luck Dustin. What I found that works best for me is to do 2 basic things first… Put the water up to 81-84Β° second…. Add salt. Worst case if that doesn't work it's time to bring out the mess

  9. I'm sorry to hear that πŸ™ I hope you feel better soon, first of all, but it hurts to lose my fish and I'm sorry that happened to yours. I do need to mention there's some indication that malachite green is long-term harmful because it stays in their system. For parasites, I use Tetra Parasite Guard. It works well and does not cause long-term issues.

  10. In the case of bacterial infections, raising the temperature is dangerous; it will speed many of those. You have to be careful.

  11. Hey Dustin, Love your videos. Sorry about your fish.

    In the case of your sickness, I have to really urge you to learn proper hand washing procedures and teach them to your kids. Hand washing is the main way to keep healthy. Wash for at least 30 seconds with warm water. Teach the kids to sing the birthday song as they are washing their hands to make sure they are washing long enough. Get wells soon!

  12. "…their gills were all swollen." So you're telling us they died of the fishie equivalent of a stuffed up nose. My head hurts just thinking about it.

  13. If you want to treat a sick fish you need a diagnosis first. You mentioned a symptom (swollen gills) but not a disease.

    Too bad about the Festivums πŸ™

  14. treating fish sometimes is a bitch. you should never use medicine that treats a broad spectrum of things, if you manage to fint out what disease it is, thatΒ΄s my number one tip. i dont really see a point in moving sick fish to quarantine, especially not if its bacterial och parasites, you should treat the whole tank that fish was in. fungus is an exception, in some cases, depending on what type of fungus you have.

  15. Thanks…… I'll try that. I gave a salt bath with 1Tbl spoon in a 2.5 gallon tank. Wasn't sure how much to use. They were only in my main (55g) tank for 2days and no other fish show any signs of infection. Is it necessary to treat my main tank?

  16. hey Faiq N do u vacumn your gravel? & maybe you need to clean out your filter if you were big time overfeeding. Dont harm your beneficial bacteria doing it, use some tank water to clean it out. I did the same thing at first until you learn & was told to go all the way to the bottom of tank when cleaning gravel, do one area at a time.

  17. hope your feeling better Dustin, I have had good luck curing sick fish with bacterial illness using antibotics sprinkled on thier food & added to water with higher temps. Had a breakout once & treated whole tank and didnt loose one fish! Also did water changes per directions, feel better!

  18. I also increase salinity of the water if I think the fish can handle it and they have parasites. Most fresh water inverts(parasites) have a low tolerance to salt.

  19. I never do this but maybe I should. How do you all feel about quarantine the fish in a treated tank before adding them to the permanent tank?? Or just treat the tank you add them to if you don't have an extra tank. Especially wild caught fish. Although I have kept sunfish and bluegill that i caught with artificial bait with hooks, which never got sick but then again my tap water comes from the same water I caught them in, maybe they are more hardy than those aquarium fish from south america??

  20. STOP feeding live bloodworms! that's what killed your fish. they carry way too many parasites. use freeze-dried only. methylene blue is safe at almost pure strength. I have used it for 50 years on fish and eggs. Malachite green is an old school med too. used mainly for parasites.

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