How to Use Turtle Wax Jet Black Products

How to Use Turtle Wax Jet Black Products

Maintaining black paint is a serious task. Some vehicles hide from the elements in garages,
while on the opposite side of the spectrum, some vehicles are used to attack those elements
in necessity or recreation, their sole purpose as an expendable piece of equipment for fun
with much less regard for cleanliness in the immediate. Now whether it’s an off-road or adventure
vehicle seeing all of nature’s elements, a year round daily driver seeing rain, snow,
and salt, or a show car only seeing occasional use, blemishes and contaminants are bound
to rear their head, and it’s our job to present a solution. In this extreme case, we’ll be using an off-road
SUV that sees as many trails as it does paved roads, and even more tree branches than it does carwash mitts. Our solution? Turtle Wax’s Jet Black series of products,
including the Black Box Finish Kit, all designed with proprietary black-tint technology exclusively
for black paint. We’ll start with step one in the Black Box
Finish Kit, the Black Pre-Wax Cleaner. With your car clean, dry, and out of sunlight,
pour the Pre-Wax Cleaner on to one of the provided applicators or a clean microfiber
towel, and with back and forth motions, work into the paint section by section. Let it dry to a haze and follow with Jet Black
Spray Detailer sprayed onto a clean microfiber towel or directly onto the surface to be wiped. Continue these same steps again in manageable
sizes throughout all the car’s panels. Once complete with stage one, it may be a
good time to look for any especially noticeable swirl marks or scratches. Here we use the Turtle Wax Color Magic Jet
Black Polish, again pouring onto a foam applicator or a clean microfiber towel, and working into
the paint with back and forth motions, drying to a haze, and wiping away with a clean cloth. Once happy with the cleanliness after stage
one, stage two involves the Jet Black’s Carnauba Wax. Similar to stage one, apply the Black Carnauba
Wax to a provided applicator or clean microfiber towel, and gently work into the paint one
manageably-sized section at a time. Let the Black Carnauba Wax dry to a haze,
and either buff away with a clean microfiber towel, or use Jet Black Spray Detailer for
assistance. We cleaned up all final details with the Jet
Black Spray Wax, maintaining our work with the best possible final touch. With minor scratches, blemishes, and swirls
removed, every black panel now boasts a rich, deep, new breath of life, free from years
of contaminants and protected for more to come. Designed specifically for black cars, Turtle
Wax’s Jet Black series has everything you need to clean, restore, and maintain your
black paint.

10 thoughts on “How to Use Turtle Wax Jet Black Products

  1. i tried this today on my black audi a3 it works great but make sure you wear gloves or it will stain your hands black and its not easy to remove

  2. Tried the JB Black Spray Detailer on my Tuxedo Black paint following a car wash today. Goes on with some hazing, so a second hand buff was needed following the initial app and hand buff – but holy smokes, it gave my cars paint more pop than anything I've ever used, including Griots, Meguiars, and Rupes products. FYI – I clayed, polished and sealed my cars paint back in August. I'll be using this from now on following my weekly car washes here in Michigan. I'm now also using Dallas Paint Corrections Luxury Microfiber Towels, do check those out if you haven't already. They are fantastic!

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