Huge Catfish 260 pound with little Spinning rod in a swollen river – HD by Yuri Grisendi

Huge Catfish 260 pound with little Spinning rod in a swollen river – HD by Yuri Grisendi

Yuri: Stop the trolling motor Yuri: Is bigger of the first catfish Gabriele: I think is over 2 meters Gabriele: I pull the catfish inside, far to the main river Yuri: yes better….here is more easy to fight him Gabiele: today is a good fishing day….allready two catfish Yuri: after few months without strike….this catfish is really big Yuri: fuck fuck….the fish pull hard… no go back when the fish pull….he breack my arms… Gabriele: I want stay here not to come in the main river Gabriele: Is a beautiful fish Yuri… Gabriele: I seen the tail….is a really big fish…be carful… Yuri: yes this is sure is a monster…I not want to pull the fish too hard I seen the fish and I understood immediately this is a 2.50 mts catfish Yuri: swims swims so you tire before……fuuuckkkk he pull in the bottom Gabriele: he go in the main river in the water courrent…..breack him Yuri: the bottom is costituited by sand so no problem… Yuri: move slowly the handycam…. gabriele: Quiet…I have surgeon hands…lol Yuri: the rod is Vertical Spin 217 Zeck Fishing Yuri: be carful with the trolling motor Yuri: Pull over your head…..take the air of the atmosphere…. Yuri: go back….go back…. Yuri: Now follow the fish Gabriele: really big head Yuri: I show you the fish….I bring him near the camera Yuri: go to shore for landing the fish on the boat is more easy yuri: fucking is bad…. Yuri: mom how big…… Yuri: Fuck….the hooks in my short……fuck !! gabriele: Yuri watch out !! Gabriele: Beautiful fish.. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH …LOL !!

29 thoughts on “Huge Catfish 260 pound with little Spinning rod in a swollen river – HD by Yuri Grisendi

  1. Catfish Monster Record in Spinning for the famous angler Yuri Grisendi. The fish was 265 pound x 2,50 mts. Caught with lure rapalà taill-dancer in a flooded river in Italy!! Awesome !!

  2. I like your fishing a lot I'm your fan catfish fish here in Brazil also more here are smaller an embrace here from Brazil for you friend fisherman

  3. Awesome catch and video. I always let them go to, and maybe catch again some day. Thanks for video and sharing.

  4. Fantastic catch!!! Beautiful beautiful catfish. How many pounds? Very good job!! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Dickes Petri für diesen schönen Fisch ..

    Fette Minus Punkte für die Landung, das Foto im Dreck und den Umgang mit den Material

  6. Sei fenomenale complimenti💪👍👏👏👏.
    PS adesso si sente la voce in italiano…👏👏👍💪💪👍👍👍

  7. On a freakin tail dancer??? In the US that's a walleye bait 😂😂😂 that's nuts bro. I bet when it eats it it's like setting the hook in to a log

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