with a flashlight we could actually see
what’s going on inside oh my can you see this so last week we came to my local
fish store to pick up my fish order we got that lion fish as well as smoked
snowflake eel both are doing fantastic but we also mentioned a secret fish you
see I wanted a porcupine puffer as well to add that this aquarium simply wasn’t
available so in substitution Jeff the owner of the store said Joey why don’t
you get a shark and I said no sharks are just gonna get
too big and you know he recommended bamboo sharks now of course a huge
concern with ordering sharks for only up you know one hundred and forty gallon
system is they’re gonna get quite big which is true of course they get to
about three feet in length but what we were just looking at is the shark eggs
what I wanted to get the sharks for was simply to experience the hatching
process with you guys hopefully getting the eggs to hatch in the aquarium
raising them off of some food and watching them grow and bringing you guys
along for that trip I thought that that would prove to be extremely interesting
and since I do have a love for elasmobranch ‘iz I certainly had a
difficult time resisting however when it comes to the bamboo shark they’re not
exactly a fast growing alas small branch which is in the family of sharks rays
and skates it will be a couple of years in this aquarium before I kind of need
to upgrade them and or maybe we turn the 375 or that 500 gallon system into a
saltwater tank or potentially donate it to one of the local universities that
has tanks that have thousands of gallons in them that would love to have a shark
now when it comes to those sharks I don’t want to drop it just in my
aquarium I want to and I’m buying to to give myself a better chance of actually
having one hatch and the survivability rate of those are tend to be kind of low
however I think we’re gonna have some pretty good chances as long as we keep
up with our water quality with that said again I don’t want to just drop it
directly into the aquarium I want to be able to clip it to the side of the tank
I’ve called a couple of veggie clips technically you would take these and
clip a bit of seaweed or whatever you want to feed your
you could even attached regular food to it suction cup that to the inside of
your aquarium and they’ll be able to eat off of it many of you might have been
able to see this before – what we’re gonna do though is we’re gonna take the
shark egg making sure not to hurt him attached him at this end make sure he’s
okay so when I slowly tip this over the yolk
sac I’d went to the bottom and he’s squiggling at the top now so this is
safe so we’re gonna take this we’re gonna suction cup it to the inside of
the aquarium now I’ve already temperature acclimated
him and that’s kind of the only thing I’m really worried about is making sure
that the temperatures matched other than that the salt water is not going to be
able to penetrate this at a rate that’s gonna be too dangerous so we’re gonna
put him right there and he’s gonna be here for simple reason at any given
point I want to be able to come over to the aquarium take that flashlight and
monitor his progress and you know kind of see how he’s doing and see him in
there squiggling around now see him so this is gonna be awesome not only do we
have one but we have two so this doubles our chances of success now I’ve read
depending on where they are in their life cycle within the egg it could take
upwards of six weeks a couple weeks or it could take four months and I’m
excited just to take you guys along for that process now the problems with these
guys is I don’t really need to acclimate them see if they’re already in this
shell basically it feels like a tough plastic or maybe a really hard leather
and this is a yolk sac within it so if we take a closer look with a flashlight
we could actually see what’s going on inside see that that’s the actual yolk
sac within it now eventually this is going to hatch or slowly start to evolve
into a shark a baby shark and based on the fact that it is just a yolk inside
of it right now I would suspect that this might take anywheres from four
weeks to even upwards of four months to actually hatch again I don’t want to
keep it out of the water too long let’s switch today I got two of them for a
specific reason just to raise our chances of actually
being able to hatch one out now it has its own little ecosystem in there this
is a sealed egg it’s not leaking or anything like that so I think the
chances in here are pretty high I actually see a little bit of movement
do you guys see that let’s see it from the top here oh my can you see this oh
wow so that’s how it works so inside of this egg is the actual yolk sac and then
if we look on what’s actually sweet wiggling around on the outside that’s
the shark now his belly button or his umbilical cord will be attached that
yolk sac and that’s how he’s going to get his nutrients Wow
I’ve never seen this before but that’s exactly what I wanted to do with you
guys is his experiences together so obviously this guy’s not gonna be
hatching out in a week or two he’s definitely oh wow it’s almost like
a fully sized shark in there so it’s almost like he’s a like a very very
miniature shark you could see his head and his tail his entire length of his
body it’s almost like a tiny little worm now not all sharks actually lay eggs in
fact more sharks and Alaska branches in fact give birth to live pups sharks
skates as well as freshwater stingrays I’ve shown you guys the birth of a
freshwater stingray in the past giving birth to a fully formed young and if you
ever look at the belly of a stingray they usually have a black dot on their
belly that’s their belly buttons and previously their yolk sac would have
been attached to but isn’t this amazing how most of that egg is the yolk sac and
there’s this tiny little squiggly line attached to it I want to make sure that
both have that so there’s one this guy definitely does oh he does too Wow isn’t that I’ve never experienced
anything like this I know I’m entirely excited now I know that when you hear
the word shark a lot of us will think of Jaws or something dangerous along those
lines but these are not dangerous to human beings these are a carpet shark
they’ll spend most of their lives along the bottoms of the aquariums see if I
can get this guy to do the same thing where is he I want to make sure that his
body is not suffocated by his yolk sac so moving it slowly there you go I was
perfect take the veggie clip these are in there nice and snug he’s gonna be
okay but not too snug as to damage the egg or puncture it and then they’re too
tight so that the fish can’t pull them out clots are too big for the Laurium
fish to eat it anyway so I got to admit this is a pretty awesome tank now I have
so much to kind of look forward to one with the snowflake eel being so active
and you know pretty much entertaining me and being a funny fish to have he’ll be
fun to get nice and fat over time of course and then we have the lionfish I’m
particularly excited about this guy because he’s going to pose to be a bit
of a challenge you see when it comes to lionfish one of the most difficult
things to do with these guys is they’re a hearty fish so they’re gonna be pretty
much fine in almost any conditions however it’s difficult to get them
eating anything but live food so he’s gonna be a challenge to get off of live
foods and get him eating prepared foods as well as just fresh foods that I can
now provide him and make so I’m excited to see what happens with him of course
look at this eel just going crazy I love this tank now and then of course we get
to watch the development of two sharks within these two eggs I’m kinda see them
squiggling around in there so we’ll get to watch these guys develop over time as
you can see him there as well isn’t that amazing Wow
so of course we will watch the development of these guy
over time but I also don’t want to miss the moment they actually hatch you see
once we notice that the yolk sacs are almost gone I’m going to set up a
24-hour seven days a week recording camera so that we capture the moment
that these guys hatch and we can share this moment with you guys as well
unfortunately they’re so tiny I have no clue how long this is gonna take them
bottom line though is that this is an awesome aquarium I can’t wait to bring
you guys along for the ride and show you all the different things we’re going to
be doing with this aquarium and if you want pictures and short videos and clips
in between or you want quick updates and you haven’t seen a video on YouTube on
for a while make sure that you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook
because I do post updates up regularly to there basically every day multiple
times a day at times of all the fish and what’s going on in here
so make sure you’re following me links are in the description below or you can
just search warrent you AR UJ o ey pretty simple anyways
guys hope you enjoyed today’s video I hope this doesn’t disappoint you but if
it did again I’m just chasing what I’m really interested in and I’m truly happy
with it I hope there’s something about this tank that inspires you or piques
your interest especially since it’s such a low keeping very simple scape took me
a day to throw it together type of deal salt water is not that difficult it’s
not that intimidating I hope many more of you join me in my journey into salt
water cross your fingers that I don’t turn this whole rack into saltwater

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