I Stole A Sick Walmart Betta Fish

I Stole A Sick Walmart Betta Fish

Me and my girlfriend were driving around.
We were both very upset about something, I don’t remember what it was. but we were both
in the mood to do something rebellious. We went to Walmart. A little background information…I
love fish. I’m majoring in Marine Biology soon. I have a 10 gallon tank. And I was like,
“hmmm”….A little lightbulb went off and a little voice in my head that was telling
me, not to say what I was about to say. I was just overpowered and I said, “let’s just
steal a fish.” My girlfriend, we’ll call her Bianca, she looks and me…”What did you just
say?” I said, “let’s steal a fish!” She was like, “Okay…” I don’t think she though we
were actually going to do it. We get to the fish isle. I just see this ONE single Beta
fish. He looked so miserable, like his fins were all tattered. He was like just floating
on his side but still like alive. and I was like “oh my God, Bianca please?” She’s like
“you know what, I guess were stealing the fish.” And I’m like “Sweet!” “How are we going
to go about this?” “I have an idea. Go over to the other isle and get a box of pads.”
And she was like “Why”. And I was like, “just do it!” and she did it. So she took all the
pads out and put them in her purse. And then we took the container that the Beta was in
and we put it in the box. I had never stolen anything in my life. That was the first time
I ever stolen something so I was a nervous wreck. I was like. I was like shaky. I was
looking around and Bianca was like, “Yeah” and I’m like “OKAY, OKAY, OKAY!” We pay for
the box of pads but NOT the fish. And uhm, we started walking back out to her car and
suddenly she’s like, “where are my keys?” “What, uh you don’t have your keys?”and she’s
like “No I don’t” and I’m like, ” GREAT! AMAZING! WONDERFUL!” So we go back into Walmart. And
I’m a nervous wreck because I am a felon and I am holding a fish in a box of pads! And
so we are looking for her keys for like 30 minutes and we finally give up. We were going
to go back out to her car to call her parents. And her keys were sitting in her car! And
so, we both look at each other and we get in the car and I take out Gilbert which by
the way I named Gilbert because of the gils, out of the box and, I have never felt so proud
of myself in my life because I saved a fish! I felt so morally ambiguous. And that felt
so good for some reason. It dawns on me, Idid not ask my parents if I could have a fish.
I’m like ” what do I do?” SO we tried to get the story straight that a friend gave the
fish to me because at school my name is actually “Fish Girl” because I talk about fish a lot.
I get the fish home and I don’t have the tank prepared. There is no water in it. I filled
a 5 gallon cheese snacks container with water. And put him in there. S I had to cycle the
whole tank for like 6 weeks and then I put him in and you know, he’s like livin’ the
life know! He’s got plants, he’s got hiding holes, he’s got plenty pf space. I feed him
blood worms every week. Thats the story about how I shoplifted a fish successfully. To this
day I still haven’t been caught. Don’t follow my example, I am sorry.

100 thoughts on “I Stole A Sick Walmart Betta Fish

  1. I'd be worried if she does finally get caught. I even sometimes struggle with not thinking of unwanted thoughts that I don't want to really happen.

  2. ok but can we just talk about how in walmart the tampons are like 3 dollars and the fish are like 35 cents so like
    you would have gotten it for cheaper but whatever its your life

  3. Wow champ. cough you just said what the store was in the thumbnail and what you stole. Imagine the police seeing this cough gorl

  4. Imagine the owner of the store saw this he will search all over for u and get the fish back even if it's dead and also why do u have a girls voice and long hair

  5. is she your girlfriend girlfriend or your best friend cause i talk to my friends like "hey girlfriend!" or "yo im just chilling with my girlfriends" but theyre my friends but i dont understand AMERIKA EXIBLAIN

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