I Tried Making & Sculpting Soap Clay – 100% Soap Koi Fish Pond | Royalty Soaps

I Tried Making & Sculpting Soap Clay – 100% Soap Koi Fish Pond | Royalty Soaps

– Old mushroom head is back at it again. Hello everyone, my name is Katie Carson, I’m the Duchess of Suds
here at Royalty Soaps, and today I’ll be doing
something I’ve never done before. Not on film, anyway. Today, I’m going to be
attempting soap dough. Now, I’ve tried to make soap dough using recipes that I’ve bought
and using free recipes online and none of them have worked. I’ve always ended up with either something that’s really slimy and squishy and gross or something that’s hard
and brittle and crumbly, it just never turns out right for me. I don’t know what it
is, those soap gremlins are just like, No, Katie,
we’ll not make soap dough. But today, I hope I am triumphant. I feel the odds are
slightly more in my favor, because the recipe that I’m using today is from Pink Dahlia Soaps. She has a free recipe video, so I’m not gonna be leaving
you guys the recipe, if you want the recipe,
you can go watch her video, I will link that now in the upper right hand
corner of the screen and also in the description box below for for ease of access. The woman is so talented, it’s one of those things
where you feel like an incredibly inferior artist, because you just look at
their work and you’re like, It’s a masterpiece! And then you look at your
own stuff and you’re like, I am a child coloring with Crayola paint. Jokes aside, she’s a marvelous soapmaker, she does tons of innovative
things with her soap dough, you should definitely
check out her channel. Now, for those of you
who are still in the dark about what soap dough actually is, it’s apply-able moldable cold process soap and you keep it away from
being exposed to the air, so you have lots of
workable time and then, after it is exposed to the air, it hardens like a regular bar of soap. Think polymer clay, but soap. I have used it before in these two videos, but I just purchased it from Sorcery Soap, you can check out the
Sorcery Soap website, if you would like to
purchase some as well. However the soap dough you can
purchase from her uses lard, so it’s not vegan and
I wanted to try my hand at a vegan-friendly option. Okay, let’s see how this
goes in without further ado, let’s make some soap dough, hopefully. Before I add my lye water
solution into my oils, I’m gonna be adding some kaolin clay, this has been mixed with water, and I’ll blend that in
with my stick blender, (upbeat music) and add the lye water solution. (upbeat music) My mixture is now at light
trace, so I’m gonna pour it into my colored containers. Now, you all know normally I add the color to all of my pre-portion containers, but this is how the gal
at Pink Dahlia does it, so this is how I’m gonna try to do it. I’ve put about a fourth of a teaspoon of the micas and oxides into
each one of these little cups. I’m gonna start back here
with my titanium dioxide. This is just going to make
some white soap dough. Now I’m moving on to Green Vibrance, this is a Nurture Soap color. I love this green, it’s really splendid. Now I’m gonna go to Blue Vibrance. This is also from Nurture Soap. Now this one is called Saffron, I believe, it is a Workshop Heritage orange. Whoa, that is really
really really pigmented. Now this one right here is Trial by Fire, this is a new Nurture Soap red. And hey, listen, I used this red in the Farmers Market collection, specifically the Farmers
Market soap for the cubes and I’ve had a problem with
cubes bleeding in the past. This Trial by Fire should
have a pretty good job, no bleeding and it’s very red. Of course, I’ve got to
do my favorite pink, this is Cosmic Carolyn from TKB Trading. (upbeat music) (puffs) Okay, everybody’s
been mixed up and my goodness! That took some time! (chuckles) I’m already having to be patient. So these little cups actually
have lids that go on them, so I’m just gonna pop those on. I bought these cups one time
thinking I was gonna make slime and then I didn’t. Then I’m just gonna slide
these off to the side. Where is my Saran Wrap? I know it’s out here! Well, I don’t know exactly where
the Saran Wrap is right now but once I find it, I’m
just gonna cover these with the plastic wrap, you know, just like put it over there like that and we’re gonna let these sit for 24 hours and then we’re going to
start squishing them. So, it’s been 48 hours
and I’m getting ready to unmold these soaps. A couple of them, admittedly,
I have squished already, and let me tell you something
weird that I’m finding. I think the different colors
are acting, well, differently in each one of these soap containers, because I squished the blue up and it created a very moldable soap clay, like extremely good, it’s really sticky, it’s really easy to moosh,
but it’s not so sticky that it’s coming off all over my gloves. So, this one, on the
other hand, is like flaky, that’s the only way I
can really describe it. It’s not smooth, little bits
are coming off in chunks and I’m not sure if this is
the amount of coloring I used or the type of coloring I used or the fact that I had
more purple in a container than I did that blue, like
this is a very shallow dish with not much in it. I don’t know but the texture
of this one is not very good. I’m gonna get this red
out because it looks like it’ll be fun to squish. Okay, so let’s squish this one up. Obviously, oh! Okay, so this one’s really squishy! Okay, those of y’all who
make soap dough or soap clay have to let me know what’s going on, because these are all from the same batch and I don’t understand how there’s so many different
textures to the clay from the same batch! I will say, this one squishy enough that it probably needs to be dusted with some cornstarch or arrowroot powder, ’cause it’s sticking
pretty good to my gloves. I know that it’s going
to stick a little bit, because that’s the nature of soap, it’s not an actual clay. Like this one doesn’t even need
to be squished up that much, it’s ready to go. I definitely should have
used more red though, because this is pink. Since my gloves are all
sticky from the red, let’s try to do the paint next. Okay, yeah, this one this
one’s pretty easy to squish. Okay, now I’m starting to see a trend. It seems like all of the ones
in the bigger containers, these that I covered with plastic wrap, are a lot harder to
squish and I don’t know if it’s because those jelled or something and maybe I didn’t know it, because I tried to keep all of
these containers really cool, and the little ones
didn’t, but it does seem like the littler jars have
done a way better job. However, I know soap makers
that make these in loaves, like they’ll make a whole loaf of soap dough and then cut it. How are they doing that without it jelling and getting all sticky and weird? I don’t know, but this pink stuff is a great texture, very moldable. All right, let’s open up one of these. Oh my gosh, it’s so hard. Where my skizins? I’m just gonna cut this off, ’cause I certainly
won’t be using it again. Okay, so this was a little
easier to do than the purple, but it’s still pretty tough. Definitely got that flaky thing going on, it’s almost like these dried out. I wonder, I know I made
those seals airtight, but I wonder if having containers that have actual lids to
it, is really helpful. See, and here’s the other thing: I poured all the little containers first, whenever the soap batter
was at the thinnest, so I wonder if it matters
like how long it’s sat up before you mix the color
in, because the purple one, which is the one that sent the longest before I mixed color in,
that one’s the hardest to do, so I wonder if you really have
to mix in all of your color while it’s thin, like super thin batter, and then don’t touch it,
because this yellow one out of all the big
containers, it’s the one that I mix the color in first. Now, maybe that has absolutely
nothing to do with it, but I’m just trying to
figure out what’s going on. Yeah, you see how this
is taking off like that? That texture is hard to come back from. Thus goes my first documentation of trying to make soap clay or soap dough. I’m gonna call it soap clay,
because when I think of clay, I think of something you
mold then you let it sit out and it gets hard as a rock
and that’s what this does: you mold it, you let it sit
and it gets really hard. Soap dough to me for some
reason sounds like something that’ll stay squishy forever. Essentially what I’ve learned
is that I don’t know a lot (chuckles) when it comes to soap play. And this should make you
guys feel really good, especially if you’re a beginner soapmaker. There’s a learning curve to all the different forms of soapmaking. I’m not a good hot process soapmaker, I don’t make hot process soap, I’m also clearly not someone
who can just pick up soap clay and in the first second or even third try get all of my colors to cooperate. It’s a different type of soapmaking, your end goal is different. So, I’m not gonna beat myself up over it, I’m not an expert at it,
so why should I assume that I would be perfect
like the first second or even third time? I guarantee you, the people
that do this professionally and extremely well, it
didn’t take them three times to get as good as they are. So, I squished it up as much as I could, I’m wrapping it tightly in Saran Wrap, so that there’s no air bubbles in there and hopefully this keeps for a while. Now, I don’t want to leave this video without actually sculpting
something from the soap dough. Admittedly, I’m not very good at it, but I thought, because these
are so pretty to look at, let’s try to do like a
goldfish or a koi fish pond, you know put some clear melt-and-pour, maybe some little lily pads
and little fish inside, I don’t know, what we’ll
see how this turns out, but I’m going to try to sculpture that out of the clay that I’ve
made and we’ll see how I do. (bright uplifting music) Well, I can’t say I’m
disappointed with the outcome of my very first attempt at soap clay. A lot of the colors
turned out really well, and I feel with a little more tweaking I might be able to get
it perfect next time. Now, sculpting all of this
did take a really long time, I didn’t even show you guys the koi fish, because I was talking to Kenny and I was here for like 45 minutes trying to get that thing to look right. But I’m pretty pleased
with the finished bar and I think that the little
fish inside looks really cute. Lily loves it, so I’ll probably
put this in her bathroom. Don’t forget to check
out Pink Dahlia Soaps, once again, I’ll be
leaving all of her things down in the description box below. Super big thanks for the free recipe, it turned out mighty nice. If you guys enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a big thumbs-up. Subscribe to this channel,
leave us a comment down below, would you like to see me sculpt some more things out of soap clay? Leave your suggestions down below. And until next time, I hope you have an absolutely royal day. And bye for now (meows)! (bright uplifting music)

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  37. I think it may have had something to do with the amount of air in the big containers? There's a larger space between the clay and the lid in the paper cups and that may have made them dry out more, the smaller jars had pretty much no air in there with them so they probably stayed more moist n squishy ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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