I waited 2 years for my 220 gallon Planted Aquarium. 220 Gallon Fish Tank Overview

I waited 2 years for my 220 gallon Planted Aquarium. 220 Gallon Fish Tank Overview

AQUARIUM. 220 PLANTED TANK what’s up everybody? Dustin and Dustin’s fish
tank is here. Episode 2…that’s right, number 2. This is
my 220 gallon fish tank so I am gonna tell you guys all about it. Let me start with the history of this tank,
okay… This tank was bought for 500 dollars a 2 and
half years ago and you know what happened, for two years. TWO YEARS, this tank sat in
my garage. Do you know what it’s like to have a 220 gallon
fish tank in your garage for two years? It’s like giving a kid a toy and telling him
he can’t open it at Christmas. It’s ridiculous.
But, I made it through and I was tough and now we are dealing with it so …aaaa! Wanna
point out what’s goin on here. For starters everything I did in this tank
took forever, okay? Like it took two years for even let me have
it in the house coz we were re-doing our basement. This log right here was sent from the heavens.
This thing is so sexy. I found it with my boy Jolly in a lake and I literally drug it
on to the boat and was like…yo! guys we are bringing this with me so deal with it.
He has fish tanks; he understands hope you guys will later on too.
So I wanted to point out some of the things that are going on and we are gonna continue
talking about aaa! I have a set of plants and plants are number
one. Honestly, the fish died it’s probably because
I am screwing with the plants and I’ll give you examples of that too but you know plants
is whats it all about. Plants put to the water, they look good, they
make your tank look natural. They are just like the beginning and end for me. So everything I am gonna talk about has to
mainly deal with the plants and a little bit with the fish. As you can see, I use dirt and clay in my
substrate and I have a whole episode on clay so I won’t bore you with it now. But the results
from it are just fantastic, like this plant was in my other Aquarium which you can’t see
that I just pointed out and It had like no relatives and now down in the clay it has
relatives. So I am really gonna emphasize that the soil
is very important. The soil…they say: that the plants absorb forty times more of iron
through their roots so it’s very important to have a good substrate.
You guys are gonn add iron to your tanks, keep adding it, you are doing good. But it
is not as good as a substrate. So umm… just wanted to talk about 220 a little bit and
we are going to keep rolling these things around.
So..This is the intro of the 220. Thanks for checking out my baby and if you
have any questions, I’ll l answer them all. Take care.

100 thoughts on “I waited 2 years for my 220 gallon Planted Aquarium. 220 Gallon Fish Tank Overview

  1. That 220g is my dream tank, great tank you have there I have a 125g myself, as an aquarium hobbyists for the past 10 years I've seen ups and downs of owning freshwater fish but in the end all that hard work really pays off when you get the fish and the aquarium itself to look the way you want it to

  2. The thing with aquariums you can go sheep and have hard time with maintenance OR you can spend a lots of money and dont even touch it again that's the two options WE have

  3. If you think having a 220 sitting in your garage for 2 and a half years, imagine having a 600 sitting in a friends garage for nearly 5 years with no possibility of setting up in sight.

  4. hey dustin! u sold me some plants at Aquatic experience in IL I wanted to show you a link to them in my tank. started a podcast, have video of angelfish spawning next to rotilia you sold me its a cool vid! thanks for the plants and passion tank on! 

  5. Can you please guide me what glass thickness should i use for my diy 225..my dimensions are 72"×24"×30" tall..please answer it ..thnx 🙂

  6. I know this is an old video but I like. I have a 10 gallon nursery for plants im wanting to start so I can add the plants later to my 65 gallon. what sub straight do you use and what bulbs do you use i have yet to find one that can give my plants the light they need.

  7. I am not hating I'm just letting you know that the fish tank that you have now is beautiful I love it the way it looks its just you always have the wrong fish in the tank I'm going to leave you alone other than that you're a cool guy I like you

  8. I just couldn't have it ain't that big and just to put average looking Minnoes in it. you might as well stand around all freakin lake. all I'm just saying is put some real beautiful colorful Guppies Molly swordtails dos horas you know later other type of fish , rather than just plane ol'minnoes. you're wasting my time and water looking at that fish tank

  9. wow that is a really big fish tank. How often do you change the water and how do you change it? It is too much water to change…….

  10. You know what would've been awesome for this tank? Getting a HUGE school of small fish. Like 100 tetras or something like that. I think that would have looked awesome.

  11. Hey just want to say i really dig the vids. Very helpful. I'm running a 55G 3ftlong aquarium. Dealing with vals, corks, and anubias plants. Your vids helped a great deal. Thanks a bunch.

  12. I know the feeling. I've had my 125 sitting in my living room for about that long and itl probably be by the end of this year before i can even put water in it.

  13. hey man I'm getting a 125 gallon tank next week…I was wondering if you can make up a list of good planting substrate and plant food and all those things that need to go in first for the plants to thrive. anyway u could help me out I want this tank to be awesome. Just not 100% percent sure on good products

  14. This was great! It's an incredible tank, congratulations! I hope it's still working well – 6 years later?

  15. Wow that looks really nice I remember my first beginner 2:20 But then I got the 4:40 And everybody in the house had to wear life jackets….giggle..That's an aquarium joke I've always had aquariums And you're right about finding them I have found a 10 gallon Another 10 gallon I say about a 35-gallon, This last one Is 46 inches long 14 inches wide 17 inches deep I have a 35 gallon and I-10 set up…But best of all I have renter's insuranceNot sure if they're covered …I really enjoyed your broke Aquarium Have you seen the video Wild Aquarium He said he had a patent on the name? The four months I went around and gathered stuff out of the Columbia River here in Washington State Saying you can't stop me for having a wild Aquarium ..foundt Beaver wood out of a damn…I took 4 sticks of dynamite! I'm a serious..WILD Aquarium Person…So what if it's a cover for your aquarium Ghetto StyleNow I have Wild Ghetto style broke Aquarium But basically free stuff at the Columbia River Your videos ..like the style! really really really enjoy them…how do ya keep the wood down? M

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  17. My mother has a 75 gallon tank and i bought a fluval fx6 due to overstock of 50 community fish and just order 2 reefbar pro l.e.d 240 watts 8k light and i wanted to know if i can add live plants that will grow without co2 and large regular colored fish gravel…..thanks buddy and i just found your channel….love it!

  18. Whats up fishtank buddy…..i left a question at your store about your lights but havent heard back yet….on to plants….im new to live plants and i dont run co2 but would like to know what you think is a easy hardy plant that gets bushy and tal or bushy and 12-18 inches……thanks buddy

  19. Hey Dustin, love the show I have a quick question I went on vacation for a week leaving my fish tank in a healthy condition I did Place couple weekend feeders in there I had 3 med tinfoil and 5 rosemary and 2 nerite. when I return from vacation everything in my tank was dead I had one tinfoil that was cutting three pieces another one whole but deteriorating no signs of any of the other fish and just shells of the snails and my thermostat reading 80 degrees. what could of happened?

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  21. Try to put one of those screens in the background to blur it/form the proper focal point, maybe have some tall plants in the background also! And most importantly some nicer fish/substrate!

  22. Check out my new: No Maintenance Aquarium Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnw3D5LLGih3ry49t00hLjsktfBV-hG6f

  23. my pea puffers at the moment are perfect. but the have not friends… you can watch my tanks in acuarios chernobyl… not tipical spanish!!!

  24. I like the mix of gravel and sand – looks really good. I was going to switch over my 26 gallon from gravel to sand but I might just leave the gravel at the back and sides and do a semi circle of sand in the front instead (will match sand to gravel colour). Thanks for the idea 🙂

  25. Its crazy to see this video from the beginning and to now see where you have made it. It didn't even start with "What's up fish tank people"

  26. Here is my new 320….sorta 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iEpzjdDpSE&list=PLnw3D5LLGih0lJSp7h6JedIM4neJh66lh

  27. What type of filtration system do you use in your 220 tank?
    Do you recommend sump v. canister?
    What type of lighting do you recommend for a tank (220)?

  28. This video right here made me want a 220! When I got it, I filled it halfway and was scared to add more water lol I was blowed away by it's size! I kept it halfway for 2 weeks lol I was scared to walk by it after it was filled to the top.

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