iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder in Action

iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder in Action

Anglers have got everything, it’s a nightmare to buy for them. But if you’re looking for a gift for the angler in your life, this is the answer. It’s the iBobber.
It will help you catch more fish, bigger fish and transform your sport. Check this out…

9 thoughts on “iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder in Action

  1. Due to popular demand, iBobber have now rolled out their app update that allows you to switch to a raw sonar mode so you can see exactly what the sonar is picking up. https://twitter.com/SecChanceLtd/status/706827100091715584

  2. Mine connects fine but once in water never picks up no fish sometimes I have to restart the app multiple times. But I say 9 out 10 times I don't work

  3. Works better than expected>>>allabout.wiki/4m7o In spite of having to drill through the back of the boat, it was fairly easy to set up. The shallow depth alarm is perfect for protecting the prop!

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