Ice Fishing: Catch Trout In MINUTES!

Ice Fishing: Catch Trout In MINUTES!

– What’s up everybody,
welcome to the show today, and on this episode, we
are recording from the ice! – And we’re going to show you how to catch fish in just a few minutes. (dramatic music) Step one in your ice fishing trip, get the adequate equipment. – My first piece of
equipment would probably be what’s called an ice fishing tilt, Tony. And that is the contraption that is actually used to catch the fish. Also very important item, is an auger. (auger drills) There are variations
of augers you can get, there are hand cranks, there
are also electric augers. This is gas powered, this
thing is probably 35 years old, and it started on the second pull. Nothing runs like a Jiffy. ‘Nother essential
element, is a bait bucket. You need a bait bucket
to keep your bait if you’re planning on using live bait. Mhmmm, spoon. The spoon
is used to clear out the hole of ice and debris. – Once you have all your
equipment, a sled is essential. It makes your life way easy, bringing all this equipment onto the ice, and making you extremely portable. – Portable is good. Portable is key. Do not come out on the ice alone! Always have a fishing partner with you, ’cause guess what? You might go through. And if you’re alone,
you’re gonna be in trouble. – Also don’t wear sneakers. – Don’t wear sneakers. Not
as waterproof as you want. – I think our friend, Lieutenant Dan, from Forrest Gump said it best- – Socks. Try and keep your feet dry. – Dry socks. A must-have when
you’re outside. Okay, John? – There’s a good chance I
might lose a baby toe today. Dress really warm, wear lots of layers, you can always take stuff
off, just can’t put it on. So once you’ve arrived
at said fishing location, first thing to do is: Step number two, you’ve
walked out to the ice, you found a nice spot
you wanna set up shop. Drill your holes. Keep ’em
in a centralized location, always have a home spot. Step three, you wanna sound the hole. By sounding the hole,
you’ll be able to check how deep the water is that you’re working with right there. Depending on the species of fish that you’re going for, you want to set that shiner at different
levels of the water column. Bass, generally, right on the bottom, and trout like to stick
close to the surface. After you’ve checked
the depth of the hole, you’ve found the depth that you wanna put your shiner at,
then you bait your hook, you put your shiner on your hook. – Now this is a very controversial issue in the world of ice
fishing: where, and how you bait your shiner is
a big question. Alright? – Yah. – Some like to put it
right through the lip, others like to hook it through the back. That is a preference in
which we will leave to you. – Flag up! Flag up, flag up! – Keep it goin’, baby, keep it goin’! He was a runner. – He’s a big runner.
– A big runner. Streaming so far, took
out a bunch of line. – Yah, dude. – Yah, that’s a nice fish. – Come on, bro, what do we got? – He’s fighting, he’s fightin’. – He’s fightin’, took out a lot of line. – I’m feelin’ a bass, though. – Juice, get out of here,
Juice, get out of here! – Juice, go lay down. – Oh, it’s a nice bass!
That’s a nice bass. – No, no way. – Yah, dude, that’s a nice bass. – Lip him? Gonna lip him? – Yep. – Oh, nice, dude! – Nice, bro. – Great color. – Yah, I love the bass. – Great color. – Nice bass. Solid bass, great color. – Yah, that’s awesome. – He’s done. – Awesome. Nice. – Awesome job, dude. – Good job, dude. Good job. Killin’ it. – We live right now? – Oh, we’re live bro, we’ve been live. – I shouldn’t have picked my nose? – It’s too late, you- – Oh, man! (upbeat music) – Streamer! – Yah, yah, I got a fish,
I got a fish! I got a fish! Nice one, nice one! Nice fish! Nice fish. Largemouth, yah,
– Aw, look at that! All right, all right!
All right. Nice, nice! – See, that was the one
we seen in December. – Yah, right, right! Exactly! – The same one. – First fish for me of the day, second one for the team.
It’s all Largemouths, slow-movin’, dude, came over, saw the wheel had gone around, but,
nice fish, dude. Nice fish. Thank you sir, good luck
to you, peace out, boom! This is a hot hole, this is a hot hole! Second flight of the day, on this hole. Gonna get this thing back in
the water as soon as possible! – And the air maxes! – What? So today, we’re out in
Hubbardston, Massachusetts on Comet Pond, fishing, with our boy Bryan Sweeney, and his boy, Max. These dudes, are pros. They
have air filtration systems on their bait buckets. That tells me, that they’re pros, bro.
That they’re serious. – They’re not here playin’ around. – They’re not playin’
around, I’m not sure how they got here, they are 100% business, and I have my tilt upside-down. – John is having a tough day today. – I’m having a tough year.
It’s been a tough 2017 so far. (upbeat music) – Sweet! – Tiny Jake got one on a mealworm. – Nice, dude! Awesome, bro. – That was a one 32 ounce jig, with a half mealworm, right under the ice. – No kidding, no kidding,
just kind of sitting there? – Just sitting there, and he popped it. – Wow. – Took off with it, right
in the corner of the mouth. – That’s awesome.
Awesome, dude. Nice fish. – So this is the jaw jacker, I have a little one 32 ounce jig chillin’ right onto the ice, half a mealworm. So, all you do is you set it, bring your rod tip down, put your bait down there, bring it down, you got this little loop that you put on the trigger. The trigger will bring the line guide up. – What is a jaw jacker? – Jaw jacker, well, it jacks jaws. – Oh! – You drop, when it pulls on it, the line will be through this, the line will pull on it, watch your face, it’ll pop up and set the hook for you. And that’s, you pick it up,
reel it in, just like that. – Aw yeah! Get him, Max, get him. Get him! Oh, oh, oh! He’s heavy!
– Is he big? – Nah, small. – Oh, looks heavy. – Is he on there? – Oh yeah, oh yeah! – This is the best part
about ice fishing, you have no idea what it’s gonna be.
– Oh, it’s a largie, largie! – Largie, it’s a big one! – Oh! It’s a big one! Ah,
nice one dude, nice one, bro. – Solid, bro, solid. (upbeat music) – My boy Bryan Sweeney was
hittin’ ’em on the jaw jacker, same type of set-up,
little jig with a mealworm on the end, and this brown just came by and swallowed it. Lettin’ him go. (upbeat music) – Well everybody that
is gonna do it for us on the lake today. Unbelievable
time, with our friends Bryan and Max. Caught a
bunch of fish, learned a bunch of stuff, and we
really hope you guys did too. – [Tony] Stay tuned as we got
more great videos coming up, Like it, comment, and subscribe, and once again, take
your mom’s groceries in. – Tie your shoes, but not together! – And get bent!

20 thoughts on “Ice Fishing: Catch Trout In MINUTES!

  1. Oh my god I did not know that you guys are from mass. My name is Jayce lajoie and I live in central mass, and I'm a fishin nut, me and my buddy Brian Nano have a YouTube channel and would love to get together film, and catch some biggens 👍🏽🎣

  2. That's a great day for that lake. Its nicknamed 1 flag comet for a reason. Used to be awesome to go after the broodstock salmon, but unfortunately the hatchery they came from got wiped out a few years ago. So the state doesn't get many of any anymore

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