Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout

Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout

hey guys thanks for tuning in so I’m gonna try a bill Lake for ice fishing this pathway here is really tapped lots of traffic it’s an it look easy accessible lake so a lot of people come and drive down on this road and then walk on the ice so it’s pretty nice I got a chance of getting some rainbow trout I just talked to another fisherman here said he caught two this morning so you try our luck [Applause] [Applause] now put back my Safety’s I don’t get cut link sharp [Applause] for a rainbow trout I never really ice fist rainbow trout before I’m just gonna try something small and shiny like some kind of little spoon like this I bought we bought some Lowell gulped 1/2 centimeter leach one inch or no two centimeter leach here are the power augers from the other groups and here it’s got a little hand auger it’s pretty sharp it worked worked fine one through about eight inches to 10 inches of ice and about you know like five minutes or so right wish me luck it’s only like or feed a water here I try to go a little bit deeper [Applause] [Applause] turn about 20 minutes in this hole but nothing I feel like there’s not enough water go on the other side of the leaf second side of the lake bowl number three a little bit less traffic on this side [Applause] baby back might as well use the little red rage protection cap to get my eggs out of my hole [Applause] holy crap guys I just caught one nice nice little rainbow just popped it right out jumped in the slate here nice beauty it’s been fishing for almost like two hours maybe more starting to lose hope but look at that guys that’s definitely a keeper family will be happy to eat that nice nice little rainbow show this is what I caught him on a small layer with a leech and at the top I had a little fly with the leash but I caught him down on the spoon there she came back to my original spot there’s only like six feet of water here five six feet so they’re not in very deep path yet caught something nice be good for supper yeah alright guys I’ve been fishing here for three hours now from 10:00 to 1:00 p.m. so I think I’m gonna call her call her a day so hope you guys enjoyed the video let me know if you like ice fishing videos these types of videos only caught one fish today nice nice little rainbow trout I promised the family if I caught one I’d bring it back for supper so I won’t be cooking it on the fire today but ya know that I know this Lake has fish I’ll come back and hopefully catch some more so alright guys have a good one thanks for watching Cheers

23 thoughts on “Ice Fishing for Rainbow Trout

  1. Wow ça donne le goût de l'hiver ça !!! Félicitations pour la belle truite ça l'air vraiment bon. J'aime bien l'idée de la faire cuire dans la graisse de bacon humm ! Merci encore une fois pour le beau vidéo !!

  2. Enjoyed the video. Nice camera angles. I have that same sled but I use it to haul the meat when I feed my sled dogs. Good and tough sled. I like your minimalist fishing set up. Thanks for the video.

  3. Super vidéo! Belle prise, ces leurres synthétiques ont l'air efficaces. Je n'ai jamais pratiqué la ''pêche blanche'' mais cette vidéo donne vraiment le goût d'essayer! La foreuse manuelle semble très performante, pas de bruit…ni d'odeur de gaz!! Félicitations!

  4. Looks cold Bro! I use to ice fish in Minnesota alot of years ago! We would fish from a shanty! Keep warm while we fish! It was always a hit and miss thing! Take care my Friend!

  5. since winter is back now, I guess you'll try that again. It's the thermocline you're looking for where they'll hang out. cheers.

  6. super de bon vidéo sa Steve ! j'adore. c'est très instructif et intéressant . sa dû être une belle journée passé . continue avec tes vidéos c'est nice ! beau projet !

  7. I Subscribed Your Channel, Waiting for reciprocity. Let's be friends. Good video. hope you subscribe back 🙂
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  8. Encore une belle vidéo, continu sa en vos la penne … Nice job. Dis moi quel région sa me semble Chibougamau …

  9. Mate, you need to bring a tent out, a hot stove and some firewood and enjoy the day. Also bring some sleeping gear and you can cook your catch and eat it in a nice warm tent to the jealousy of the people watching your vids! PS never gone ice fishing (im in australia and its summer atm), but would love too and the tent plus wood heater would be bliss!

  10. Nice! The way you cooked it looks tasty. I hope to get out icefishing this Winter. The ice is really thin now. Gotta wait til later in the season. I like your ice auger. Where did you get it? Merry Christmas!

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