Idahoan Mountain White Fish; an UNDERWATER Adventure/Documentary! GoPro

Idahoan Mountain White Fish; an UNDERWATER Adventure/Documentary! GoPro

We’re underwaaater!
There doesn’t seem to be anything… oh, wait.. waaait… Look at that! A school of fish right next to me.
They weren’t really interested in what I was throwing at them, but I think just standing
in the river changed the current enough that they were able to come and sorta find a break
and just hang out in my wake. Now these guys are mountain white fish with little diamond
studded… beauties. Really cool fish. They are native to the western, northwest and they’ve
been here for thousands of years and even though people give them a bad rap sometimes
cause they catch a big white fish and they thought it was a huge brown trout or huge
rainbow, you know they’re actually really cool fish and we should be very privileged
to be able to catch something that’s been native in these waters for such a long time.
Really pretty little fish and if you like to eat fish they are quite tasty too, not as
fishy as trout but by golly do they smell fishy when ya cook em. Eating em! They are
delicious. We’re here on the south fork of the Salmon River. This is in Idaho. Beautiful
canyon river blue ribbon trout stream and it is just amazing what a difference and how
different a world it is just going down a couple feet into the water.
I think they’re just trying to ignore me now. He’s like “Get outta my face! Get outta my
face!” A day in the life of a Mountain White Fish,
beautiful country, beautiful river, really neat fish.
Idaho Adventure Man.

3 thoughts on “Idahoan Mountain White Fish; an UNDERWATER Adventure/Documentary! GoPro

  1. really enjoyed this my friend, great work. I have never understood the way fish "catch a break" from the current until this video, that was neat to see for me. Love the history you always give really adds 10 cool points. For example the diamond studded reflection on their back pretty sweet and how long they ben around

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