If Nicki Minaj Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

If Nicki Minaj Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

– [Voiceover] Simgm productions. (playful music) (doors creak) (doors slam) – This is the moment of truth. (knocking) Ah, (bleep). – We’re up super early for this one. – The early bird catches the catfish. – Shut the (bleep) up and read the email. – Max, you won’t believe
who this email’s from. – Who is it? – Pop superstar Nicki Minaj. – Wow, even celebrities need our help. – Star studded Catfish. – Stop. – Dear Nev and Max, this is Nicki Minaj. I met this guy, help. – That’s gotta be– – One of the most heartfelt emails we’ve received yet. – Yeah, so this is, like, serious. – Yeah. – Like, it’s really serious. – Yep. – It’s serious with a capital S. – Okay. – [Both] Hey. – Hey, Nicki, so you’ve met a guy. – Yep, I met a guy. His name is J.J. – And it’s very serious. – We’ve been dating for five months. – And you need our help? – Why else would I write you the (bleep) email, Nev, darling? – Well, looks like we’re
going to California. (playful music) – [Nev] Hey. – [Max] Nice to finally meet you. – So, tell us about your
relationship with J.J. – Well, we started talking on Facebook around five months ago
and it was instant love. – Sounds legit. – He’s a model slash rapper,
slash skydiving instructor– – Umm, well, he’s– – Slash movie director,
slash part-time wrestler. – He does all those things? – Well yeah, I mean, I
do a lot of things too. I didn’t want to judge him, that’s rude. – When’s the last time you
video chatted with him? – I haven’t. – Uh-oh. – But it’s only because he’s been busy. Plus, his mom got mauled
by a bear last night, so. – Right. – Do you have some pictures of him. – Yeah, I’ve got one. – You only have one picture? – Yeah. – And he’s a model? – Yeah. – Nicki, what the (bleep)? – Do you guys talk on the phone a lot? – Oh, I have his number but
we don’t talk on the phone. – Nicki, what the (bleep)? – He prefers to text. We text all the time, like, non-stop. (phone vibrates) – Is that him? – Yeah, that’s my bae. – What does it say? – I would never catfish you. So cute. He says that every day. – Okay, so– – J.J.’s fake as (bleep). – Yeah. Let’s do a phone number search. – Oh, we got a hit. – Says the owner’s name is M. (bleep). – That’s not J.J. – This person lives down
the street from Nicki. – Are you serious? – It says it right there. The address is literally down
the street from Nicki’s house. – So that means– – I don’t know. – I don’t know either. – Okay, so we did some research. J.J. isn’t real. – Oh, my God. I gave this dude five months of my life. I just can’t believe it. – Their real name is M. (bleep). – Does that name ring any bells for you? – Never heard of it. – Well, it turns out this
person’s your neighbor. – Are you (bleep) kidding me? – They live two houses down. – I just want some answers. – You want to find that person that you can bang, bang. – Exactly. – We’ll help you find that super bass. I’ll just go call them. Hello? – [Voiceover] Hello? – Hi, umm, is this J.J.? – [Voiceover] Uh, yeah. Who is this? – This is Nev, from Catfish. (busy signal) They hung up. – [Voiceover] Hello? – It’s Nev, from Cat– (busy signal)
(bleep) Nicki wants to meet you. – [J.J.] I don’t know. – You owe her this. – [J.J.] I guess. – Okay, cool, we’ll see you soon. (doors creak) (doors slam) – [Max] Are you nervous? – I’m actually pretty calm right now– – I would be nervous if I were you. You have no idea who’s on
the other side of that door. Could be a murderer. Could be a stalker. Could be your cousin or even Drake. It’s a good thing you’re calm though. – Are you ready to do this? – This is the moment of truth. (knocks) Ah, (bleep) – Hi, Nicki. What’s good? – I don’t (bleep) believe this. – You’re J.J.? – Yeah, but most people know me as Miley. – This whole (bleep) time
I was talking to your ass? – Why would you do this? – I know you’re anaconda don’t, abut I was hoping with
me you’re anaconda do. – [Nicki] No, uh-uh, (bleep) this. – So, how did this all start? – Well, at first it was a game. – Love isn’t a game. You can’t Donkey Kong a heart. – Sometimes I’ve still got a little bit of Hannah Montana in me,
living the double life kind (bleep) me up. – Obviously. – But once Nicki and I started talking it was different. I wanted to tell you at the VMAs but you were a little upset. – You were talking (bleep)
about me behind my back. – And I forgive you for that. – Bitch! – Everything I said in
those texts were true. – Except your appearance. – So where are your three kids? – Okay, I lied about that. – Serving in the Army? – Lied. – You got ran over by a truck saving an old lady crossing the street? – Lied. – You go to the homeless
shelter every weekend to hand out food? – Lied, but everything else was true. – This is so (bleep) up. I shared my life with you. I shared intimate moments with you. – This might be a bad time, but have you guys ever
thought about doing a duet? (gentle music) (playful music) – [Voiceover] Hey, while you’re still here why don’t you click on one of the latest Simgm videos? And in the comments below,
tell us who’s side you were on. Mine or Nicki’s? ♫ Simgm productions ♫ Simgm productions ♫

100 thoughts on “If Nicki Minaj Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

  1. "we'll help you find that super bass"
    Nikki had That look of
    'b*tch really'

    Also everytime he said "from catfish and she hung up made me laugh 😂


  2. 1:04
    I'm not gonna lie… seeing Nev and Max pillow fight – with Max's arse hanging out no less! – is kinda hot. 🤭

  3. I use to catfish for whole different reason. Because I was in the 6th and I was 11, my suppose to be friend told me to get a Facebook so we can talk on the weekends, I had to use a computer at home I was too irresponsible for a phone. So I went to create a Facebook and it said I needed to confirm it on the email that didn't exist so I made it real, went to google and used pretty girl picture. I used the the fake pictures so my mom couldn't find out.
    But I ended up in the Hospital. One night in the Hospital I was on Facebook and I fell asleep, the next morning my mom told me about it, and I forgot to log out. Looking back at it now is funny to me 🤣🤣

  4. "You wanna find that person that you can bang bang …
    nicki : exactly

    we'll help you find your super bass"
    Got me 😂😂😂


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