Illegal Drugs in Chicken Feathers

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  1. Commercial bread baking uses a flour treatment called L-Cysteine, derived from chicken feathers and other animal sources

    which is why I bake my own bread from unadulterated flour

  2. I wonder his barn or free-range eggs or chicken meat has the same chemical exposure. If so it then is a case of them all being fed the same crap.

  3. Yet more neuro toxins and phyto chemicals to make us more docile and less intellectual I guess…….
    I guess your nervous system slows down through all this crap and you speak more slowly, pausing halfway through sentences because you need extra time to think. 

  4. This is a vegan's nightmare. Not only should we be hugely concerned about the veritable pharmacy we would be ingesting if we ate chickens, but how can we turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the poor birds themselves? They've been crammed into such tight spaces, under such unsanitary conditions, that they have to be given antihistamines, antimicrobials, and PROZAC!! Moreover, they are given stimulants so that they will spend longer eating and getting fatter for our consumption. This is just absolute madness.

  5. Genetic experiments, drugs, torture, slaughter, rape, confined space, darkness, sickness, cannibalism…
    For the animals we truly are the Devil (as William Inge says).

  6. Hi Dr Greger, I'm just wondering if you know anything about the grass fed beef in australia and other free range animals over here? Do you know if they are fed hormones, antibiotics or anything about how they are actually kept for their lives? Thank you!

  7. Considering that a chicken goes from hatching out of an egg to our grocery store bins in 7 weeks should itself raise suspicion about the entire process. Knowing that you couldn't raise a chicken to be that size in YOUR backyard, one could make even an uneducated guess that something is…afoul.  Thank you for now giving us some educated facts.

  8. The FDA and their corporate masters must hate this man's work. Good on you Doc; I don't know how you can stay so active, but THANK YOU for continuing to educate us.

  9. This is disgusting. This industry does not care about the health of its customers. The only thing that matters is profit.

  10. The lead-in with DES had me choking on my breakfast. Incredibly my reaction to the balance of the piece was, 'oh, it's just arsenic & that other stuff…'.
    If one wants to educate themselves about our corrupted healthcare system one need only trace the ongoing horror story of Diethylstilbestrol (DES).

  11. The animal food companies also use dead farm animal products on food given to cows. A major contributing factor behind Mad Cow's Disease. Terrible considering cows are herbivores and therefore not meat eaters. It goes against nature and the consequences are clear.

  12. These chicken farmers should be in prison for this crap. Then they should be fed human hair laced with drugs. That seems to be the only logical recourse for their inhuman actions.

  13. What humans do to animals merits the extinction of humans.  They appear incapable of evolving past an exploitive relationship with other life on a species level.
    Thanks for posting.

  14. Not surprising to me. If you want healthy meat, you have to raise it yourself and sacrifice some "efficiency". However it is very well worth it. It isn't overly difficult to raise a flock of chickens for eggs and meat. Killing chickens will with time and experience become not so disturbing. Of course you could always go vegetarian or vegan.

  15. With modern chemistry traces in the billionths can be found. I'm confident they can find traces of those same drugs in the good Dr. This raises the question of how much of the stuff was actually there. Something I'd actually need to know before I have a cow. 

  16. I won't even go into the fact of the mistreatment of these animals. To feel them dead chickens is beyond diabolical.

  17. Believable but so Unbelievable, at what is in the food we eat and! how it spreads through the foodchain!! fertilizers are the big worry for us vegans!!

  18. I don't mean to be a buzzkill, Dr., but in the future could you please reword your title? For example, could you do "Illegal Drugs in Chickens' feathers"? "Chicken feathers" makes it sound like the chickens are just objects and lack any real ownership of their own bodies. 

  19. Did you hear that the poultry industry continued to feed DES to chickens for years after it was shown to cause human vagina cancer?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

  20. Ok here we go again…let us be crystal clear on this subject…the food industry is evil by way of greed and the profits by adding these chemical and doing anything, including legislation to boost the bottom line. What I take exception to here is the singling out of meat. If you think  for one second that veggies grown on commercial farms do not have chemicals sprayed on them and added to fertilizers and soil, then you are beyond help….which mean you probably buy everything this good doctor tell you. Factually, veggies and fruits have even MORE chemicals than meat. Let us look at the culprits…of the top contributors to human illness …a recent CDC data check, finds the majority of being sourced in NON MEAT foods.
    Clostridium perfringens
    Staphylococcus aureus
    E. coli O157:H7
    Listeria monocytogenes
    Toxoplasma gondii
     AND THEN : Marc Morano,
    Monday, June 14, 2004 (worst today? , of course)
    A new study on food safety reveals that organic produce may contain a significantly higher risk of fecal contamination than conventionally grown produce.
    A recent comparative analysis of organic produce versus conventional produce from the University of Minnesota shows that the organically grown produce had 9.7 percent positive samples for the presence of generic E. coli bacteria versus only 1.6 percent for conventional produce on farms in Minnesota.

    In fact Tomatoes, Pine Nuts, Eggs, Peanut Butter, have all been found to have sickened more people than any other source.
    Sorry Doc, your exclusive veggies are starting rotten at this time.Meat gave us big strong bones, and a great active brain, Celebrate it.


  21. Is there such a thing as "Mad Chicken Disease"? If it can happen to cows, then why not chickens? It's a travesty the lengths we go to in the name of food,let alone money!

  22. "The chickens are given caffiene to make them stay awake longer, eat more, and get bigger." Is caffeine making me stay awake longer, eat more and get bigger?

  23. DR I love you you are a hero of this world of medicine I like your devotion and I love listening to your vids that have crucial info about how to live healthily in this world of canned food I also enjoy you since of humor I love the way you present topics you made me focus more on my diet so I can't thank you enough 

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