Inauguration of the “Jiyeh” Fishermen Port: Fish Market, Cooperative and Touristic Spot

Inauguration of the “Jiyeh” Fishermen Port: Fish Market, Cooperative and Touristic Spot

UNDP renovated the fishermen port in Jiyeh we’re now in Jiyeh, there is a lot of guests behind me more than 130 fishermen benefits from this port come meet them with me and see what’s happening here today and to see the rural delights cooperative truck and to see how they sell fish on the first floor the event this market on this sea, in the best country in the world the day starts now do you remember Em Ahmad? I met Em Ahmad a month ago? it’s been a month already a month ago we ate cheese and sugar last time today you’re going to eat Harhoura and cheese with olives and pickles she’s from South of Lebanon, we met in Jiyeh again all Lebanese citizens are welcomed the Mankouche is amazing it’s crunchy and it’s very delicious she got sad from me because I called her Em Hussien so I got slapped from the beginning we came here to Jiyeh to let people eat a soft and a delicious Mankouche you mixed 4 different types of flour yes I mix them together with a bit of yeast and sugar a bit of salt you end up with this thin dough, like paper it’s crunchy like biscuits it tastes wonderful, it has air inside with thyme from the village the thyme, tomato and olives are from the village who still didn’t meet this lady should go to Aitaroun and eat the best food you are welcome she still didn’t hang up the store sign when will you put it? true I still didn’t how will the people find you your publicity is enough we are Sultan Yaacoub Cooperative we specialize in Brazilian pastry and sweets this is our work Brazilian Churros May, tell us more about this truck this truck is the first truck that presents Lebanese food everybody talk about foreign street food but we tell you that we have Lebanese street food Labneh sandwich we have a Freeki bowl we also have Musakhan fish and small Mankouche so RIF truck is the Rural Initiative for Food it’s for the traditional Lebanese food we work with the Women’s Cooperative and all the agricultural Cooperates so follow us when you see our truck and come eat a very delicious Lebanese food and it’s very modern Rural delights cooperative we toured with them a couple of times they are more than 40 cooperatives and also May who moved away they made a new initiative, that is this truck that they make Lebanese street food with it I always said that we invented the street food idea thousands of years ago but we didn’t know what was it called back then the Mankouche, Knefe and Falafel that is made on streets so today this truck can go around villages market the Lebanese products and today it’s in Jiyeh so Mahmoud tell me more where are we and what are we doing? the fish is very fresh we’re going to invite people to come and buy fish from here sure we’re in Jiyeh this market is new in this vital region we invite everyone to come and buy fish fresh fish from Jiyeh everybody is welcomed we are 130 fishermen they work here? yes they do everyday they go fishing so anyone could come to this market any day? yes from what time? from early morning till night at morning there is and auction they auction on fish it takes an hour or so to finish after that the fish is displayed on tables and start selling it all day is there fish from Lebanon and outside? no all the fish is Lebanese

10 thoughts on “Inauguration of the “Jiyeh” Fishermen Port: Fish Market, Cooperative and Touristic Spot

  1. بالتوفيق يا أنتوني
    متابعك من الأردن
    وعقبال مليون مشترك

  2. بالتوفيق مناظر طبيعية خلابة شيء رائع جدا جدا جدا 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Too bad the sea is heavily polluted and the fish that these fishermen catch get to absorb part of our extensive menu of delectable waste and poisons. A cruel but perhaps fitting kind of karma.

  4. الاصول انت تعدي المليون مشترك انت مارك وينز الشرق او أنطوني بوردين لبنان حقيقي المحتوي ممتاز من اجمل فلوج عربي

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