Incredible Fried Fish Sandwich Recipe

have you ever wanted to learn to cook but just didn’t know where to start well we’re the guys from sorted food and we’ve teamed up with coops great now cooking a free online course to show you how to up your food game so head over to now cook it to get started but for now check out this video from the course fish finger sandwiches now if that doesn’t take you back to your childhood not a lot will we’re going to show how to make them from scratch including the skill of breading and the technique of shallow fry so breading traditionally called panning is basically coating in breadcrumbs and then making a crispy when you fry we’re going to flavor our breadcrumbs so that’s where we’ll start a couple of slices of relatively stale bread and then we’re going to flavor it with the zest of a lemon or probably half eleven is enough and a handful of dill okay now you could do this with dry breadcrumbs and dried herbs out of your drive store if you’ve got the fresh even better so we’re going to do is rip this up into a food processor vessel Elin and rip up the dill [Music] already these are no normal fish fingers these are incredible Herbie’s sixty ones great for fish so put those in there keep them back in case we need to bread some more later on the trouble is it’s very difficult to get bread crumbs to stick to fish so what you need is a coating of egg so if we take a couple of eggs and we’ll just crack them into a bowl just on the side of the dish just enough to break the seal get your thumbs in and open them up and then beat it up the only problem is it can sometimes be a little bit difficult to get the egg to stick to the fish right so what you need is a bowl of flour oh I can’t you’ve flown this out and that is the process of breading and you same would apply if you’re doing it with nuggets of chicken or button mushrooms or in this case fish anything you want to bread pass it through flour beaten egg and breadcrumbs you know it’s really good in bread steak steak and bread ready to tape a nice pork it’s a lot something like that so many options make sure your fish in this case cod we’re going to cut into finger pieces now we’ve gone for Cod is there another type of fish you go for if you can’t get hold of course any fish is good but any white fish what would be particularly good positioning is it’s what people expect and that’s the kind of thing we want so pieces like that chubby fingers now what we’ve done is put a lot of flavor into our breadcrumbs but we haven’t season the flour or the egg roll grand trine seasonal three was just season the fish that’s uh [Music] now when you’re bridging things it’s really easy if you’ve got a couple of people but if you’re doing on your own try to keep one hand in the dry stuff so your flour and the breadcrumbs and one hand if you need it in wet stuff or you can use like a Forks so for example seasoned fish a dusting of flour shake off the excess the flour will enable the egg to stick so we just roll it in the beaten egg use a fork or your second hand whichever is easiest into the breadcrumbs once you’ve got really excess and then with the same dry hands you can just make sure that is completely coated that’s easy and it’s really easy and you shouldn’t get yourself into too much of a mess and that’s what we’re looking for incredible fish fingers and we do the same whole batch [Music] if at any point you find your breadcrumbs again a little bit sticky that’s why you held some back you can always replace them you need kind of dry breadcrumbs they look like homemade fish fingers which is exactly what we’re looking for now we need to shallow fry them now the key to shallow frying is to make sure you’ve got enough oil so that when the fish fingers go into the pan they don’t cool the temperature down okay so in this if you put if you put a fish finger into cold oil it’s just going to absorb all it all there’s very very greasy it’s got to go into hot oil and you don’t want that temperature to reduce and for that reason a little bit more oil than you might initially think and the easiest way to tell your oil is ready and hot enough to just take a bread crumb and drop it in and you want to see the reaction and what should happen it’s a little bit of movement and a little bit of bubble so what we can do is lower it in our fish fingers when you do it lower away from you but that stops all the splashing it will splash if it does clash away from you they will need a couple of minutes on either side so they go really crispy and start to cook the fish and flip them over to finish up the fish and crisps the other side in the meantime we can make an amazing sauce okay tartar sauce very simple we’re going to mix mayonnaise with chopped capers chopped gherkins a little bit of dill and a squeeze of lemon juice [Music] when you’re happy your fish fingers that like golden color on both sides just going to drain them on a piece of kitchen roll now we use the stale bread to make the breadcrumbs with it that makes them go crispier you can always use dry breadcrumbs rather than blitzing up your own but you want a good fresh loaf for the sandwich itself take a couple of slices out of this what we want is plenty of tartar sauce and this should be tangy fresh from the lemon until plenty of crisp salad and the choice of lettuce is important got to be crisp it’s a proper sandwich isn’t it that right there is everything you need to know to make a fish finger sandwich [Music] that’s what you want fish just cooked crispy shell I love the sharpest of tartar sauce fish fingers a great way of getting faster eaters eat high-protein fish seriously good and if you want to give it a go the full recipe details are available down below Sam I need to put some kids to be on I’ll take you back yeah [Music] you

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