what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday with a good one
folks how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well if you were just now
joining us I spent last week going all over Florida with our friends from
Segrest my first stop was the University of Florida’s aquaculture lab and I had
an absolute riot this is the fourth and final video from the lab and I saved the
best for last for you folks I gotta tell you we start off this video with my man
Craig Casper from Hillsborough Community College I love him
I admit I cut him off maybe once or twice but he goes with it and he cuts
right back and he’s fantastic giving some very technical technical knowledge
on what they’re doing about I don’t know 18 minutes into this video we’ll see how
they’re harvesting PACU before that though Craig gives all kinds of great
information on like the technical fundamentals of the filtration of a PACU
tank using concrete bats how they paint them what the students in his program do
I mean I was just loving flowing with this guy if I had known about his degree
early on I probably would have gone down there had gotten it super-fun
later in this video we roll over back with Eric Cassiano he takes us all
around we see angelfish being netted albino Birchers pufferfish you name it
this video is chocked full for you all we got over a 20 minute video for you
click the links around to check out all the other videos in this series and drop
me a comment on what you like about this and if you want to see more of this
action enjoy good morning my name is Craig Kasper I’m
the program manager for aquaculture at Hillsboro Community College and I want
to take you on a five-second tour here of our facility but before we go on that
five-second tour those of you who are interested in
getting in the biz and working with aquariums I want you to explain what
your program does before we walk in here and poison everybody with it oh very
good very good we’re in the business of training people to go out and work in
the fish industry in an entry-level position this is a two-year program it’s
a tech program it’s very hands-on it’s very much applied and so when the
students leave they could go into any entry-level position in aquaculture and
it would be beneficial to the employer and such as such as animal husbandry
working in a public aquarium in a zoo for example Busch Gardens or maybe
Disney World or someplace that’s a large public space they need those types of
skills to make the place look great to keep the animals healthy they also might
work in research and development at a university not that any of you all would
ever want to do this for a whole time thing please thank you for that let’s
lead the way my friend show us what you got going on here such a cool setup
manager bringing people at next level so where are we well what is this is the
greenhouse laboratory that we use for teaching students the hands-on and in
the field type of experience and everything that we have going on in the
greenhouse right now is actually unique because as some of you may know by
watching this and where you’re at we had a hurricane come through Florida sure
and we’re still in a little bit of hurricane recovery mode so it’s slightly
chaotic yeah but every system here was built by students Wow it was part of
their initiative part of the skill sets that they needed to develop with system
design gluing up PVC pipe installing comms Wow learning how to solve problems
that’s awesome so that’s what we did we work with everything from concrete
burial vaults all the way up to poly propylene tanks glass aquarium we do it
all that’s cool what are what are we lead the way where should we start well
this is one of the systems that we most recently completed can I hop up here and
kind of absolutely there’s a stairwell on your right
who needs stairwell when you’re tall like this this is what I’m talking about
I love the view through window here – that’s very cool
well for the students who are trying to see into the tank easily and for public
perception you can’t beat it yeah we originally designed this as a
more high-intensity system to have many many fish in it or to have large fish in
it right now we’re raising some fish for food
if the South American species called the pot coop never heard of those click the
links around here for my fish with the worst lives ever I talked about how Paco
end up in zoos because that happens to hold on I want to ask you a question
before I didn’t mean to cut you off but you said high hype not high volume but
high intensity because these are like quite a hold a heavy at fish load yes is
that what you said designed for that now when you say designed for that what
does that mean like they’re gonna have a bigger bed or can you kind of unpack
that a little bit I can absolutely unpack it normally what limits you on
density is biofiltration okay how much nitrogen can your system approach walk
and show can we show what we’re talking about all right I’m gonna pull some of
this real quick this is bio media that you might see in
any system anywhere and it’s very small it has a good surface ratio to volume
yeah absolutely so a lot of the nitrification potential
many people will fluidize this they will put enough in the system to let the air
circulate it and make it right a nitrification a bonus instead of just
taking out solids and that’s what we intend to do on the backside of the
system so also I’ll show you holding tank no this is so cool and you can see
partially what we’re up against we’re gonna take several cubic yards this is
cool and we’re gonna dump it in here okay I’m gonna Jack the air up as high
as it goes and just let it boil and bubble you just want as much to air
tribulation as possible I see a I’m gonna call it a toilet valve that’s not
right but a water valve right right so when the water level gets low that
automatic kicks on fills that back up absolutely is that in the break it down
for me water coming in versus water coming out I want to get the nuts and
bolts of this right because I don’t want to guess we do things pretty simply here
I’m a firm believer in technology I like the way it works yeah it’s like simple
because simple doesn’t break yeah artesian pump you can buy this from
aquatic ecosystems their performance Pro as the company that sells this you like
this product this is this run you guys know it like I want to know if
it’s good stuff yes well it works for us because of what it does and what does it
do it works very it works very simply it’s a low head design that means I
can’t push water very high but I can move water side-to-side really easily
and it saves money on electricity ok how many watts are amp sir what’s the any
idea obviously ok I’ll look at this one this one is like a horse and a half and
so it moves you know 50 to 75 gallons a minute very comfortably for us 50 to 75
gallons a minute and ice so what we’ve done is we split that over three
different lines one line is coming right back to the song this is where all of
our purified water would end up this is also where the drain from the tank is up
so what we’re doing is we are processing water out of this continuously okay
water when it’s cleaned up is what goes back to the tank gotcha
and then some of it goes right straight to the tank so just so I’m asking her on
a low head this is that looks like it’s pumping up four feet so that’s that’s
still considered low head and because normally you can raise stuff 2530 feet
okay okay cool so we push some of it back so we can drop the flow rate on
these tanks so we don’t exceed the drink about it some of it comes over here to
the bio filtration system now this is somewhat cool for us this is what they
would call a drop filter right and the way this works is you have media in the
top that floats you can see the rice granules right there when I flood the
bottom of this unit with air uh-huh and just place all the water eventually the
air in the water do a flip-flop and this and it gets the name Kali geyser because
you get a geyser of water and air that bursts uh-oh it knocks the media around
and removes the dirt and then the dirt settles how do you have better things to
do than backwash sure so yeah is that is that the because it goes in Reverse is
that why you don’t have to backwash it or the system is set up so that you can
operate it off of air okay it’s an air purge air driven system and when you
have a flow valve set properly it will slowly trickle air in over the course of
the day and therefore trigger a backwash cycle
maybe six times a day and you don’t have to talk because I’ve seen the koi pond
pumps where you have to backflip okay I got you right now it’s set up to just go
on its own okay eventually it’s going to get full of sediment and I’m going to
come down here to the drain valve I’m an unlock Knight nice I’m gonna pull it and
all the dirt and the debris goes bye-bye Wow
so I let that go for 20 seconds or 30 seconds I close the valve and then I’m
back in business this will restart automatically cool so that’s very cool
if I took something electronic like a solenoid switch right down here instead
of that gate valve this would be a hundred percent hands-free you could
automate that by having okay very cool very easily
we’ve got ultraviolet sterilization because it keeps the algae down in the
cistern door that’s why the water is so clear and so this system is made frankly
just conditioning right now okay so this is no I’m surprised at how small the
returns on that are your aims because I’m looking at this diameter of that and
I’m going shouldn’t that be twice as big there as that is but you control the
flow slow it down yeah I got it it’s one of these three tanks were originally
part of a system that you might find in great schools or high schools okay click
the links around here check out my girls aquaponics setup here in Lexington or in
Lexington and I want to show this we’re moving this way folks so stick with oh
this is so cool so these are I love the viewing to keep people involved and you
said this was at an elementary school so where where to next I’m gonna take you
all the way down our sleds were doing we’ve used African cichlids for over 10
years because they’re easy to work with oh yeah I have a fair market value we
can sell them fairly easily and we can get the complete life cycle on our fish
really really easily these are all mouth brooding fish they come from Lake
Tanganyika Lake Victoria you know places like that the good thing about this fish
for us is that they reproduce about once a week so the students come in and they
can harvest eggs from the female she actually once she lays them and they’re
fertilized she holds them in her mouth a lot of your viewers will recognize that
oh yeah and it makes it easy pickins I want to show this this is only and only
in a fish tank room where you got the like the happy collection of ball valves
see the side of my greenhouse dude no you’re always gonna need it you’re
always gonna need it no never never my wife thinks I’m nuts but I never
throw anything away like honey and I’ll use it now your and a half later but
I’ll use it that’s right I joke with my students I can build a whole system out
of spare parts if you give me an about yeah so what we’ve got is a standard mix
of the cichlids you would find in any pet store here and right there about 10
species that are very common and that’s what we have we don’t get outside of
that very much because we either don’t have time or don’t have expertise okay
that area but we the whole system right here again this is like I said before
this was designed by students and this is a burial crypt yeah I know I
researched buying these in Kentucky and they were 350 hours of piece really well
yeah now down here they’re like five bucks or like they’re real cheap right
you can get them everywhere we paid 135 for these and they go out yeah no that’s
the thing I looked on the fish thing and I can get him all over the place here a
$75 burial bats yeah any put them in place that’s a deal
yeah a concrete forever I mean they’re like you know it’s not where they
drilled did they come drilled he does he’ll drill the 135 that was what he put
that 44 Wow that’s great and we painted them I was gonna ask the campaign okay
product is in epoxy paint now why did you pay them to seal them because water
tends to seep inside the concrete if it’s not sealed and it’ll crack it
eventually oh well it yeah it gets to a point where if there’s
imperfection in the concrete there’s rebar inside of this uh-huh no problem
the rebar causes it to rust and that part of the concrete fails then you have
a leak Wow that would be okay you would think
except these are 1,500 pounds dry yeah I can’t just lift it out replace
something in nine in there so I got to be really judicious on how I treated so
what is the paint okay this is a product from a company a wall I’m gonna walk
this way when I talk about the company called pilgrim they make an epoxy paint
product now what that is is you have a two-part system just like the glue okay
a resident on one side and then you have the paint in the pigment over here on
the other side okay it’s the two together and you stir them and you let
it sit for you know twenty to thirty minutes what they call an induction okay
mixing get happy right okay you gotta wear a carbon activated respirator and
you got to work upstream into the air because it’s really few me yeah once you
get these things sealed up they’re beautiful and they last forever they
have to be blue no you can get them in multiple colors nice we have seen it in
white we’ve seen black we’ve seen dark I mean navy dark blue nice other places on
the farm here at us might have some of that they used it dark because it
reduces the stress level of the fish they ride all right lever we use light
because that way we can see the fish yeah yeah I can see the difference here
they’ve transitioned actually on some of their systems do that and so it works
for us it’s a very good way to Wow so they’re painted cool
I mean 135 bucks or whatever for it’s about 120 gallons when it’s 220 gallons
yeah and that’s concrete so I it’s interesting because I noticed they’re
painting because I know some fish farmers that don’t have them painted
direct now they’re in greenhouses but still if you have it makes sense the
imperfection yeah have you had that happen to you on bats you ever let me
show you yeah I’ll show you one that it’s starting to fail okay
know that we can fix it we had a crack happen because the greenhouse settled
the floor of the greenhouse is concrete and after they courted after a couple
years it’s settled well this particular VAT was on a settling point and if you
look about halfway down on some of the vats you’ll see a crack start to go
right there we patched some of them but let me show you the imperfection right
here right here on the corner ah you can see this has failed yeah and there’s a
spot further in that you can’t see that has also failed because water has gotten
past the seal on it and it’s gotten in solid that’s even after it’s sealed – uh
yes occasionally yeah and so what we did here is I just took some jb weld and I
know it well I just fixed it okay and that’s the best I can do for now
eventually that corner will probably fail okay fully not in one not at all
Wow but this this side these are more mature fish a little bit larger we’ve
got yellow lab reformists we’ve got the new stitch that you’re at what they call
it dialogue uh venosus red zebra no water the nooses it this produces taking
the other ones seemed more darker this is more algae gets honours yes higher
because our quico are lazy huh we’ve got mentally to take care of algae but as
they get larger they don’t really and some of them get really lazy and smart
and eat fish food huh so they all but quit no well this tank they don’t do
much work at all in here but the Johanna eyes love it because it makes their
black coloration snow they’re good-looking fish and don’t really pop
yeah these guys are great I’m happy we have yeah those are those
are hot fish it’s a great size great color on that because they eat on the
algae yeah and you know I mentioned that students do a lot of the building and a
lot of the you know maintenance in here which is again what they’re supposed to
do this system that you see here this one was originally three story or three
levels tall and was right here in the entryway to the greenhouse this is
gorgeous by the way I love this rimless I love this setup this is beautiful this
company that does this for us is up in Tennessee that last cages yeah I know
yep we’ve done known them for years and they have a real nice setup and they’ll
deliver down here so therefore they’re in my neck of the woods
very good I want to show this I’m gonna do a walk of this because this is a cool
so glass cages did all these are these drilled or they just use siphoning
through them okay yeah you want to do that on your own right that’s some thick
glass and so I just got a diamond impregnated
and we went for it with a lot of water where they drilled why am i why am I
seeing oh there they are yeah yeah I see that yeah okay we
separated everything out is because the students were kind of complaining hey
we’d love to do some of the maintenance on the back of these things so we can’t
reach it and we can’t see ah so you had them so we pulled it all apart and I had
a student kind of as a project manager and he came up with this design and he
rebuilt a system these are cool and so yeah this way everybody can get to the
bulkhead yeah he gets everything they can work on in my greenhouse I was gonna
do under the bottom but I couldn’t it wasn’t easy to do so my I have mine
coming out the front – yeah it looks very yeah very easy to work on like the
big down yeah see a siphon starting there really cool there used to be three
high you say yeah that puts it up about six and a half feet at the toe it’s no
bueno and so those whole dental short people
thing you know and it works really well for tour groups and kids that come
through they can see everything in internet and then these are I got
nothing but love for the 3029 we pulled these out it was the system in the
corner that we had to disassemble man this is so sweet man it’s a constant
state of I would like to call it controlled chaos for us yeah we always
give the opportunity to let students try something new and they try to build
something on their own because they’re gonna need to do that right experience
and that little bit of free rein to help them be successful and and where can my
fish tank people the viewers find out more about your program okay if you type
in HCC FL period edu that’ll take you straight to our College website okay
type in Hillsborough Community College it’ll come up okay if you’re on that
site and you type aquaculture anywhere it’ll take you to my site okay yeah you
might even be able to type my name Craig Casper aquaculture
and a link to my side will come up and you’ll be able to get it from there we
have a video on the site that advertises the pros okay couple students were
interviewed and they shot us doing some cool things in the library and I’ll link
that up too that would be great yeah man oh my pleasure dude this is
fantastic what uh yeah what’s up what’s next well I’d like to take you over and
show you our PACU in one of their other greenhouses and we have a minute let’s
do it I’m kill this here Greg you brought Pok you in yeah about 300 pokken
came in from one of our major suppliers for five d tropical they were able to
get some brought up from South America so they came in to half a gram which is
you know half an inch long they were emaciated unfortunately not any skinny
skinny PACU yeah not any fault of the shipper fault of you know the system and
how they were brought so we brought them in we fed them up clicked links around
for my video on PACU this is not the case with these fish however my fish
tank friends wow this is so rad I just need to like just you guys I’m walking
in and I’m holding the camera and I gotta like everybody see like the setup
that I’m walking into it’s not fair to just like not show this whole awesome
setup here not as cool in this room so we got this
well I love the wet wall back there set up again is this 80% or 90% shake luck – and I’m just going to try to pull back
some of this cover sure and let you look inside please we brought these we
brought these fish in this fall and they were about 2 pounds apiece this fall you
brought them in yeah they’ve grown for about a year straight and they’ve done
exceptionally well for us we’ve been real happy with them hopefully they’ll
cooperate and let you see what’s going on if I can fold this wing back oh he
said I’ve never had angry Pacquiao hit me up in the face before oh wow
hang tight folks oh these things are horses yeah that’s great
look at that guy and that’s about average for us in here now average
what’s that what’s the story on him how old would you get him in about a year
and now those are beautiful man I’ve never had any love for him until I get
up close and not fed a wrong man standard ration they will grow much
faster accidents largest fish yeah I had no idea I loved PACU yeah we we got him
out because the weather is getting cold outside they don’t seem to like it very
much below 60 so we like to keep them up here keep above 60 yeah it just is
better for them what’s the coldest they can take
well we’ve over wintered I’m here in the past but we had so many and so much time
invested and you know we had everybody helping the scientists here and the
technicians at UF were also helping us feed them when we couldn’t come down Wow
yeah yeah how many are in here holy cow you’ve got 160 in here’s about 2500
gallon tanks so you can do the math on that 2500 gallon tank 160 in this in
this just below yeah they’re about two feet nobody oh man
all right I’ll buy no give me the spiel I’ll buy no flip turrets or with it
whether they skip this any college dude these are wicked – yeah they’re good
sellers I don’t have a job there’s a
yeah hello bee albino in the black making it easy for me to check these out
here a lot easier to film Wow and then the regular flip through Center
galas is that right Center galas look there’s Senegal please Sonya this
was one of the first fish when I was like 14 that I negotiated in this Lake
what I thought was a monster deal at a pet store in Toledo Ohio where I got a
rope fish and a flip through Senegal and I was like there’s nothing forward in
this bitch like it was like the first time I’d ever had anything crazy and
then I came home from school one day and the fish was on the floor I throw him
back in and he was fine oh yeah because they can live on it Wow
look at that fat mama in there how big this they get bigger than is something
that’s hold up about foot I’ll just say I didn’t know these look well-fed holy
cow good applause we have run the floor that’s pretty unique actually we found
out that their gills actually start out on the outside of the body really that’s
cool they volitionally spawn for first time involuntarily
that’s where you’re going Hills roaming outside he’s pretty cool Wow what do you
need alright we got I’m running low on
battery give us as this is a pets let me do some research on it – Taylor’s doing
some research on Cory’s oh yeah we got a leak you’re a puffer those are our
passion I really do myself glass glass catfish aren’t gonna be easy to film I’m
gonna more puffers those maintenance in your home to fish
for Taylor’s project that angel this year anyway to net any of these are
bikers pull out some angels for me and UD cats upside down captain if I could
get a net of some angels and some poppers if possible that I can cold notice the nets the same size as the VAT
oh yeah that makes life so easy I got nowhere to go right oh yeah beautiful
huh oh those are great that’s my number one fish man yes well angel fish are my
number one fish will happen I think if I had to call those are cool pretty baby
that is a pretty one I just just wash my hand and I want to be touching on your
fish here I got to do it I love these guys
yeah the coy angels wow they’re beautiful wide-body

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