INSANE LUXURY Chinese Seafood – $300 HUGE Chinese Seafood FEAST – LOBSTER, ABALONE, EEL, and CAVIAR!

100 thoughts on “INSANE LUXURY Chinese Seafood – $300 HUGE Chinese Seafood FEAST – LOBSTER, ABALONE, EEL, and CAVIAR!

  1. You need to stop taking stupidly large bites and shoving food into your mouth so it's filled up – that's just gross and ridiculous when you are trying to enjoy and savor food – especially expensive meals with smaller portions.

  2. Hey man. First, I really want to eat at that restaurant. It's on my list. Second, I'm really impressed by the way you've built your brand and business all about food and travel. You're among the best at that gig. Congratulations.

  3. I truly enjoyed the scenery and presentations until the host started "Mhmm"'ing into the camera while it zooms… Otherwise it was nice!

  4. In the Szechuan shrimp, what is the base of the sauce liquid? Is that sesame oil or a chicken broth maybe? Trying to re create for a dinner recipe

  5. i loveee how passionate and proud the chef looks every time he describes a dish, a cooking method, or when hes cooking. hes truly in love with his craft and its incredible to watch.

  6. 你说的中文还挺好。 可是你说的像个外国人 :/ no I didn’t use google translate. Yo puedo 说 there languages

  7. i loved it when i heard that the Chef using japanese rice, no matter how much they hate each other, cooking knows no boundaries ;D

  8. SUPERB !!!! Simply the Best !!!! Of Chinese Cuisines 🇨🇳👏👍
    Thanks Trevor 🙏
    Xie xie nie 🙏🇨🇳
    Terima kasih 🙏🇮🇩
    Thanks mate 🙏🇦🇺
    Best regards from Perth Australia

  9. The way to consume an abalone is not to have to slide it, just bit it with your mouth and enjoy the true favour. Your $300 HUGE Chinese Seafood FEAST is over the price. Or in other words, you pay more for the chief than the foods. lol

  10. It is so satisfying watching u put tasty foods in your mouth…Smacking and swishing the goodness around and oohing and aweing….Love it..You have the best facial expressions😋

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  12. actually, there are many decent Chinese restaurants in China nowadays, but most of the time you tried street food. They are both good

  13. The most exquisite cuisine in China, nowadays【大董意境菜】, is the artistic concept of Da Dong. He combines Chinese tradition, modern molecular cuisine, and the way of French cuisine. Whether it is taste or vision, it is perfect. I hope that you can take a video for this one day.

  14. Your love and respect for food is truly awesome trevor! I just might hit the sub button. Are you still doing new vids?

  15. All that hard work to make the noodles and you slurped it all in one go lol, should have sucked the noodles one by one 🙂

  16. Mmmmm……this tastes like….mmmmmm…..there is a explosion…mmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmmmm…mmmmmmmm……to be continued.
    (I like the expression and the sound)

  17. 谁说 西餐又贵 又少 又不怎么好吃 又吃不饱的? 这下打脸了 哈哈 这种高级中餐也是又贵 又少 又吃不饱 哈哈哈

  18. 不知道的外国朋友 以为 四川就只有辣的 不辣不欢 哈哈 不辣的不是四川菜

  19. incredible. I know they may due something expensive because of cameras, etc. but if they are like like 2/3 of this, they'll be one of the best restaurant experiences in the world. good price as well

  20. Best ever food review has 3.2 Million Subscribers.
    The Food Ranger has 3.3 Million Subscribers.
    Love them both ❤️

  21. wow..I really like to try some….but 300 dollar was too expensive for me because 1 dollar equal to 5 note at my country…just like I pay 1500 note my country money…🤤🤤🤯

  22. 9:07 "he just in the zone"

    I thought this term could only applied to professional sport player, but the term was wider than I thought.

  23. He was so nice to you when you came. When I came he didn’t even come out to say hi. Also we had shark fin I think they replaced it with sea cucumber for u.

  24. I really loved this video in particular…especially the chef. His way of handling the live seafood was very humane and I really appreciated that. I love seafood as much as the next person…but I'm all for humane practices of killing the animal.

  25. I'm from Indonesia. I have So many Abalone and Seafood cucumber. Please contact Phone/WA: 62 8211 4888 177/ 62 896 8490 4616

  26. you eating some of the rarest ingredient there. matsutake, bird nest my god that must be really expensive but looks so worth it

  27. Finally a person who agrees a machine can do it as well as a person can but also the machine will not do it the same. and can we talk about how humble the Chef is

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