Inside Hashimoto: Tokyo’s Michelin-starred Eel Restaurant

Eel Bowl This place behind me is called Hashimoto… it serves an eel bowl… and it will be the first time that me and Arisa will be having an eel bowl… but also it’s not just an eel bowl… it’s a michelin-starred eel bowl so first time I’ll be having, I’ll be eating at
a Michelin-rated restaurant… so… first time for everything! Ready? So yeah, this is, I think this is like a
Japanese, typical Japanese summer food? Right? Yeah, or not? Yes! And… yeah, I love eel, I’ve had sushi with eel
but I’ve never had an eel bowl which I’m not quite sure what the difference is… I think it’s mostly about the sauce I don’t know what to expect, we’ll see! I’m looking forward! This is my first time! What is this, stop it! Which one are you getting? Ordering… We just ordered! the lady is extremely nice! Very good! We just ordered… Unagi! Food is here… My first eel bowl, yeah! Very delicious! Yeah! It’s pretty good! I mean I wouldn’t say it’s… it’s amazing it’s just kind of like fish with rice but, pretty good! No, but really… The eel was really soft! So as far as eel goes, this is probably
the best eel you’ll ever get because it was extremely soft and
flavorful and delicate the sauce is really, really good soy base sauce, but you barely even taste it so… you know they, they put some skill into making it… so very good… but with all that said it’s still an eel bowl so it kind of tastes like just a fish with bones and… probably, I wouldn’t probably come back here… You would come back? No! No, so it’s like, like a great first-time experience… unless you’re bony fish… and it’s $35 3300 Yen so a little expensive! First-time, first time eating eel… first time in a Michelin-starred restaurant Yeah! Alright, good day! The lady was like, what are they doing? okay bye-bye!

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