Is Distilled Fish Oil Toxin-Free?

“Is Distilled Fish Oil Toxin-Free?” Fact or fiction: fish oil decreases inflammation. It better—
that’s the whole reason people take it. But it’s not true. “No effect of fish oil supplementation
on…inflammatory markers.” This randomized, double-blind,
placebo-controlled intervention trial showed no effect of a
whopping dose of fish oil on markers of inflammation in the blood. If anything, there was a trend that
all serum inflammatory markers tended to increase after fish oil. Wait a second — the whole reason
people are told to eat fish, told to take fish oil, is that the long-chain omega-3 fatty
acids, like DHA, are anti-inflammatory. So there must be
something in the fish oil counteracting the good stuff and increasing inflammation. And it’s likely the industrial pollutants, such as PCBs and insecticides. We now know that PCBs can
induce the kind of inflammation that promotes obesity and heart disease. It’s the same reason polar bears are
now suffering from chronic inflammation: the industrial contaminants in
our oceans that build up in fat. And so, when we swallow capsules
containing straight fish fat, it puts us at the same
tenuous polar bear position at the top of the food chain. So, what about distilled fish oil? You’ll see things like this: “molecularly distilled.” “Molecularly distilled
for maximum purity.” Well, researchers put fish oil
distillation to the test last year. Fact or fiction:
fish oil is safe— but only if it’s distilled. Fiction.
It’s not safe. They found the same PCBs and insecticides even in supposedly “PBC-free” fish oil. And the exact same levels
of other industrial pollutants. The bottom line: “This suggests that the commercial
molecular distillation treatment used for removal of toxic contaminants is only effective for [some
of] the…contaminants.” So, they conclude they
have to balance the trade-off between risks and benefits— especially given how ineffective
current fish oil treatments are at removing some of these contaminants. That’s why I recommend
the algae-based DHA— a win-win for humans, so you can get the benefits
without any of the risk. Because our oceans are so polluted, even when you buy distilled fish oil, you can’t get off the hook.

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