Is She Being Catfished By Her ‘Suspicious’ Friend? | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

Is She Being Catfished By Her ‘Suspicious’ Friend? | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– What’s up everyone? Welcome back to the Sneak Peek Show. Your first stop at a first
look at tonight’s episode of Catfish. That’s a lot of firsts. I’m Erik Zachary, your host
and your guide through this list of firsts, so let’s get to it. Tonight’s Catfish features
Nev and Max helping a woman named Chelsea track down
a guy named Charles, who she met on a dating app. Now, in classic Catfish style,
she’s only talked to Charles on the phone once, but in an
unexpected twist she actually already knows that he’s lied
about something pretty major. In this clip, Nev and Max use
some clever Facebook search terms to figure out who’s
actually behind the photos that Chelsea’s been receiving. – You gotta use their name on Plenty of Fish.
– Look for Vaughn. Oh, yeah. – Let’s just see if he
uses that anywhere else. – [Max] Uh, there’s the Plenty of Fish. – Oh, there’s the Plenty of Fish Non-smoker with
– There you are – athletic body, 23 year old male, 5’11. – Virgo. – Adventurer, Orlando Florida. I’m in the military, original
from Atlanta, I’m 23. I’m just trying to be rich so that my mama don’t have to work anymore. Hit me up don’t be a stranger. I guess at the very least we
can try to just find that guy. – [Max} Right – So that’s definitely not Charles.
– Right, and we know his name. Vaughn. – Army. – [Nev] That’s all we know. – That’s it. – Hold on a second, let’s
do a Facebook search. Vaughn, – Charles, yeah.
US Army. – Yeah. – [Nev] All right, let’s see. – Alright there’s (bleep) Vaughn. (bleep) Vaughn. – Wait, that’s him!
– Ohhh. – [Max] Jalyll, that’s him. – Yes! – [Max] Got him. – [Nev] Look there’s that photo. He’s got lots of comments. – [Max] There he is, we found him. Jalyll. – All right.
– So this is not the guy. – Right, right, I mean
we should confirm that. – Well, let’s reach out to him. – [Nev] Okay, reached out to Jalyll. – All right, we got Jalyll. – Well, this is good. So we’ve now pretty much confirmed that the guy in the pictures
is not who she’s talking to. – Go to your email and
she if she wrote back. – Uh, I think she did. – [Max] Look, look. Her Instagram is domo-xo. – [Nev] Wow. – So domo is following this guy. King Dane. – [Nev] Right. – So now, she could be following
him because her best friend is dating the guy, but suspicious. – Wow, those guys really are experts. Whenever I find out any
minor detail about someone and try to search it on
Facebook, it just um, well, it doesn’t work. Anyway, are they insinuating
Chelsea’s best friend is really Charles, another BFF Catfish? I don’t know if we can handle that. We’ll have to wait until
tonight to find out who Chelsea has really been
talking to for over a year. But in the meantime, I think
we can all benefit from the healing powers of slime. Thankfully, MTV has a new
YouTube show just for that with an episode all about slime. Check this out. From Fad or Fab. – So we have all of our
materials and we are going to be making clear slime first. – Yes, apparently they
say it’s the easiest one. I feel like Bill Nye right now. Except, like a cute Bill Nye. Wait, it literally says, for
perfect projects every time. – Well thank God it’s gonna be perfect.
– So we can’t mess up. – Okay, we dump half of this? – Well, half a cup. – What, oh no did I mess up already? – Five fluid ounces, we’re
not even gonna do that math. I think we can put
glitter and stuff in it. – Oh yeah. – And then, pour this in. – I’m gonna do this one cause
it kind of matches my nails. – I’m gonna do this one cause it definitely matches my shirt. – I thought you were gonna
say nails (laughing). – And my favorite color’s green. – I wanna smell everything
when I open it, it’s glitter, it’s gonna go up our nose. – Actually, it smells like glue. – It smells more like glue than that does. (gasp) – Oh, that one’s really pretty. – I’m just gonna dump the whole thing. – You used the whole blue? – Yeah, I dumped it all. – Guys, if you do this with
a friend, be considerate. – I didn’t know you wanted blue. Here goes nothing. Oh my God it’s getting thick. It’s hard to stir. – Oh no. – Oh no. (yells) (laughing) – Ah, oh my God. – I don’t know. As I’m staring at it I’m
like, I kind of get it. – Hello. (laughing) – I’m actually obsessed with it. We thought it would be gross. – And I’m not grossed out at all.
– This is great. – I literally want to put
this all over my body. – Me too. – Ah yes, I feel better just
from watching Carly and Erin play with slime. Well, that’s it for
today’s Sneak Peek Show. Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out,
and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.

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