Is The 2012 Ninja Turtles Opening Intro THE BEST EVER? – 2012 TMNT

Is The 2012 Ninja Turtles Opening Intro THE BEST EVER? – 2012 TMNT

I want you all to become full members of the foot. hey what’s up
everyone today I want to continue an old series I have going on here where I go
through some of the past ninja turtles show intros or opening sequences and
slowly dissect them point out some Easter eggs or some interesting things
you may have missed I don’t know about you but for me when I’m watching a show
sometimes I get so caught up with wanting the show to start that what ends
up happening is the opening sequence kind of falls into the background and
can get kind of glossed over and I’ve noticed breaking them down like this
provides at least meet with some cool details that I originally missed when
watching it so I hope to point some of these things out for you so you could
enjoy it possibly a little bit more the next time you check out some of the past
shows now I’ve already covered the regular 1987 intro although I’ll
probably make a follow-up video to that one and I’ve already covered the 2003
show’s intros so today I am going to cover the 2012 show intro and take a
look at it in all its glory the song in my opinion is one of the catchiest out
of any of the turtle songs to me it rivals the original and there were some
cool details I learned looking at some of this stuff up so as we always do grab
a slice of pepperoni pizza extra extra cheese and let’s dive into the sewers
and take a look at is the 2012 Ninja Turtles intro the best intro so for
those who are just jumping into this series it’s pretty straightforward we
watch a little bit at a time and we break it down and talk about how
some of its changed so the original opening for the 2012 turtle show started
with a twinkle out in the night sky and it pulls down into the shot of a moon
every Ninja Turtle cartoon opening has had a focus on the moon like this it’s
one of those staples you don’t really notice but it is in every original intro
to every animated show although they do get rid of it in later seasons in some
cases now we get a pulldown across some buildings and get a look at a manhole
cover which is pretty much a shot-by-shot nod to the original 1987
opening sequence some have even said that this song for the 2012 intro
reminds them of a mash-up between the 1987
original theme and partners and crimes turtle power song from the 1990 movie
now following this we have splinter holding a canister of ooze that he sets
down and we get a look at four baby turtles the turtles are seen mutating
and we can tell who’s who by looking at them
Donatello is on the right you can tell by the gap in his teeth
leonardo is up front Raphael is to the left you can tell by the angry
expression and Michelangelo is being upbeat like Mikey always says in the
back splinter can be seen placing on a turtle a red bandanna it could be that
it’s a nod to the origins of the turtles when they all wore red I would like to
think they did this on purpose now it’s followed by each turtle
demonstrating their ability with their weapon and in this part of the song you
could hear the phrase uttered secret of the ooze undoubtedly a nod to the 1991
film ninja turtles – secret of the ooze next we get a quick shot of some footbots looking a lot like the 1990 movies version of the Foot Clan and we see
shredder along with Dog Pound and Fish Face at his side the shellraiser can
then be seen pulling up with Raphael wearing a football helmet shooting out
of the front of it and Mikey appears to be launching some type of trash ball at
a footbot and we start getting the turtles names as they do the roll call
which if you notice is done in the same order as the 1987 Ninja Turtles show
opening sequence Leonardo’s part is probably the coolest
as he appears to be nodding to the music of the theme which I always find myself
nodding to this part as well you can see Raphael in the background by the way
during the roll call Raphael can be seen with his pet turtle spike who later
spoiler alert turns into slash we move on to April who is inside the den
reading a magazine that says sewer on it and we get splinter who hits his cane on
the ground and it transitions us to the final shots of the turtles coming up to
the streets and winding up on the sides of some buildings in the same manner as
is shown in the original issue one Mirage comics cover now throughout the
seasons changes and additions were made to the intro sequence of the show let’s
take a look on the villains section of the sequence
in season two more villains were added such as karai the Rat King and others
also in season two when the turtles are surfacing to the streets Casey was added
in the background in a bit later the turtle shooting grappling hooks was
inserted which carried on into future seasons season 3 also brought a new set
of changes to the opening sequence this time the villains section was changed
again to include Razar, tiger claw and even more villains also the roll
call sequence was changed later on having the turtles in their vision suits
bebop and Rocksteady were also given a part as they’re driving a car trying to
get away from the Turtles and Leatherhead and mondo gecko are helping
the Turtles now also a scene of April training with splinter was included and
also in the season the Turtle blimp was included in the background of the final
shot now up until this point season 4 probably had the most dramatic changes
to the opening sequence than any of the previous seasons as it starts off with
what you believe is gonna be the regular opening but it does a record scratch
type effect not literally but figuratively with a triceraton stepping
on top of the manhole cover and it has Leonardo explain the tragic events of
the previous season and how they’ve met the fugitoid and then it jumps into the
regular theme song that we’re all familiar with although the song does
appear to be shortened and jump straight into the roll call of the turtles then
it shows the turtles displaying some new moves but this time in their space suits
Casey April and the fugitoid are seen displaying some new moves as well and it
ends with the recreation of the closing shot of the previous season’s intros but
instead of jumping around on buildings the turtles are seen on an alien planet
jumping around and end up in their Mirage comics pose on an asteroid the
asteroid eventually flips over revealing the show’s logo as for new villains in
this season’s opening sequence Armaggon, lord dregg and obviously the
triceraton are shown now during this season when the turtle space adventures
were concluded the show returns to a more
similar opening sequence to previous seasons although now when the villains
are shown shredder was now super shredder April returned to hanging out
in the den with splinter but now she is wearing her black and yellow combat suit
in the closing shot when the turtles are assembling like in previous opening
sequences they can now be seen wearing new gear as they sport their all-black
headbands and accessories while fighting elite footbots and Foot Clan members
karai and Shinigami were also added on top of one of the water tanks in this
closing shot as well now when it comes to season 5 or tales of the Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles this had the most drastic change to the opening going with
a more jazz style instrumental version of the opening song with 2d animation of
silhouettes and lettering of the turtles and their adventures and there’s not too
much to pick out of this opening sequence although there are a couple
things here zombie shredder can be seen briefly this part of the intro was
changed various times throughout the season depending on the episodes and the
turtles are seen in all red bandanas in the closing shot again most likely a nod
to the original turtles some stuff changed throughout season 5 as the
season went on at one point the turtles can be seen as the Universal Monsters
this part of the intro also seemed to change depending on the episodes one of
the most notable ones is when the turtles are replaced in this portion of
the intro by the 1987 turtle as this is the part in the season where they had
more crossover episode the 87 villains also get shown in that same intro as
well but that’s pretty much it when it comes to the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles opening sequence but yeah let me know down below do you think that the
2012 TMNT opening is the best out of all of them that have come out before it or
after it let me know down below in the comments it’s got some tough competition
when it comes to the Ninja Turtles they’ve always had strong opening
sequences to their animated shows so I’m curious to see which one you guys think
is the best but we’ll keep going we’re gonna go back to the 87 show and do some
of the other opening sequences they had like
the red sky and also touch a little bit on back to the sewer and fast-forward
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really does mean a lot

55 thoughts on “Is The 2012 Ninja Turtles Opening Intro THE BEST EVER? – 2012 TMNT

  1. I'll always remember my favorite 2012 tmnt show,it had everything. Drama,romance,comedy,and in its final episode was epic.Though I wish they made a series where the turtles are surviving the apocalypse.🐢


  3. Almost every Tmnt theme song is great. My favourite is still the 2003 intro because I like the rocky sound but the 2012 one is great aswell

  4. Idc what people say, I grew up with 2003, but 2012 for some reason just takes up half of my childhood memories. Even though Ive been watching 2003 ever since i was 4 but when I was 6 this show was the only reason why my love for 2012 kept growing. I never wanted this show to end. But then it did…. Ive already rewatched it more than 6 times in over 3 years. and im already rewatching it right now. On season 2 🙂

  5. is it the best? not even close.. it is OK? yeah. doesn't beat the 80's theme or the 2003 theme but the 2012 theme is OK.. not bad.. but not great.. just OK. just like the show itself ironically.. the show itself is ok.. not great not bad.. but ok.. perfect theme for the show in that regard.. a ok show with ok theme song

  6. The the 1st season the foot ninja weren't robots, but in the other season some were, so the OP could've had made a reference to that fact. Like we're gonna make them look the same to not change the images in the OP.
    In season 5 OP the turtles are animated in CGI not 2D, is just that they're in silhouette.

  7. I only like the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Instrumental Music. At the intro of the show, I really love the 2012 Turtles recreating the Mirage Pose. I miss the 2012 Turtles and in 2 years, it will be 10 Years Old and I hope we get something new with the 2012 Turtles like a Blu-Ray Edition Release, NECA Figures, etc. I really hope that the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Reboot comes out in 2022 so it can give Paramount a lot of time to find Young Actors for the cast of the Turtles, make better designs of the turtles so they are like High Schoolers, kick Michael Bay out of production, and they should shoot in New York City as always.

  8. The foot clan ninjas weren't robots until the second season so that's a bit of a mistake calling them footbots in the original version of the intro. Razhar and Tiger Claw were also added later in season 2, not in season 3.

  9. Love it, love that it remixes old stuff but has a new style. I didn't watch 2012 until recently and the intro hooked me as soon as I heard it and the end with the Mirage comic homage sold me on the series. The constant changes to match ongoing storylines is much appreciated.

  10. I grew up with the 2003 show, I had vhs tapes, DVD’s, and the Battle Nexus 2 video game that I played over and over again. My parents had also gotten me some DVD’s of the 1987 cartoon, and I loved it, too. Theme song and all. I had DVD’s of the 90’s movies and they blew my mind, too. We also had a VHS of the 1990 movie, but on the tape it has the cartoon turtle face, so whenever I wanted to watch the cartoon I would get surprised with the movie. I would be mad at first, but then I’d shut up and enjoy watching it every time. Then, a little while after that the 2007 movie had came out, I loved that movie too! As I started getting older, I became less interested in the turtles. Then when Nickelodeon put out Turtles Forever, and the new show came on, it got me hooked on the turtles again. I started researching and found out about the comics. At that time, there was a channel on YouTube who put videos of them, showing page by page, what was in the comic. I watched a LOT of those videos. Also around that time, my brother and I discovered The Next Mutation on Netflix, back in the day, and when you’re a kid that show is kinda good. Then there’s the Out of The Shadows game, which I watched someone play on YouTube. My family had gotten me the IDW comics at one point in time, and it was SO good, I wish they stuck with the art style that they started out with. When the commercial for the Batman VS Ninja Turtles came out I was anxious, but come to find out it’s such a good movie, too. The only turtles I honestly don’t like are the ones from the 2014 and 2016 movies. But yeah, when the 2012 turtles started being featured as Happy Meal toys at McDonald’s, that got me interested, and when that first episode launched, it reignited my love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Honestly, it was just the perfect storm to create such a fan like myself. I just wish that I had more time to see what Rise is all about. I saw the first episode for that and I liked it. I see a lot of stuff for it at Walmart, and I hope it does well, for Eastman and Laird’s sake. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it’s VERY difficult to pick a favorite turtle movie or series, let alone a theme song. All I can say is………….I HATE Michael Bay and Paramount.

  11. The final season's opening intro is a direct homage to the opening of the anime Cowboy Bebop, right down to the colored silhouettes and jazz music. I couldn't believe it at first when I made the connection, but that's probably the coolest animated intro of all time, so big props to Turtles for drawing from such great inspirations. Another anime reference that dawned on me were the grapple hook backpacks. Pretty sure those are straight out of Attack on Titan.

  12. From a strictly animation standpoint I'd have to say Rise of the TMNT. Having the whole intro as one continuous shot and just looks amazing. That said over all I'd have to go with 2012. I think the songs better, gives a better intro for the characters, I don't think the animation is AS good it is still very good IMO.

  13. You forgot to mention that every time when they showed Donatello his background changed. From nothing to Timmy to metalhead

  14. Yes… yes. In my head it’s my prime TMNT theme. It’s exciting, shows of the character and their personality, and it even changes over the season. It also keeps the classic TMNT jingle but kicks it up a notch to fit today’s society. I really love the season 5 intro. I also think it’s the best series.

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