Is The Atkins Diet Good For Candida

Is The Atkins Diet Good For Candida

Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker, naturopath from
New Zealand and author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products.
Thanks for checking out my video today. Today, we’re going to talk about the Atkins diet.
Dr. Atkins. Who can remember Dr. Atkins? The Atkins diet was revolutionary when it came
out way back in the 80s and it changed the lives of millions of people. It’s probably
one of the original Paleo kind of diets, a high protein diet, and low in carbs. Some
people call it the Dr. Fatkins diet because it was high fat and high protein.
I’ve treated an incredible amount of patients who went through the Atkins phase because
that was the stage when I was starting my clinic when Atkins was all the rage. I noticed
one thing with Atkins. The induction phase for two weeks, in particular, can cause a
lot of bowel problems with people like constipation. It’s a bit like the South Beach diet from
Dr. Stillwell. It’s high protein. It’s laden with protein. A lot of people, especially
guys, love Atkins because it’s a reason for them to eat steak every day.
I can tell you now, research in England several years ago found that it was a very good idea
to limit people’s red meat intake to about a pound a week, 500 grams a week of red meat.
It’s not a lot of red meat is it when you think about it. You can get 12 or 16-ounce
steaks, but all the research points to eating too much red meat pushes you in a higher chance
of getting bowel cancer. I’m not talking fish or organic free-range poultry here or lean
grass fed lamb, I’m talking beef. So just be careful on a high protein diet that you
don’t use it as an excuse to eat red meat every day. Eating red meat once per week is
a clever move, but eating it every day is too much, I believe.
If you are going to go for Atkins, look at eggs, chicken, of course, you need to get
preferably biodynamic or free-range high quality organic, look at organically sourced lamb,
that’s my favorite protein. And look at ocean caught fish. Fish is maligned a lot. There
is a very popular Candida website I just looked at before that says on a Candida diet to avoid
all ocean fish because they’re laden with mercury. What a load of crap! This is not
true. This is false information people. Not all ocean caught fish is laden with mercury.
This is nonsense. In fact, research in Hawaii at an institute, you can look it up online,
the fish with the highest mercury content also contain very high selenium levels. Nature’s
way of detoxifying mercury is to build selenium into the protein of the animal. Fish that
contain high mercury, in fact, contain high selenium.
I’m not a big fan of eating shark or sword or those large fish that do contain higher
amounts of it, but Albacore tuna, for example, has proven to be the best tuna in terms of
the low mercury levels. On some websites, they’re saying, “Avoid all ocean caught fish.
It’s all toxic.” I think you need to click off those websites because I think that’s
just sensationalism. That’s just shooting from the hip. It’s not giving you factual
information. It’s just stupid information. Smaller fish are better because they store
less toxins in their body. We’re living in a very polluted world and
in current time, so you need to be careful of any kind of animal protein you eat. But
small fish have got a lesser chance of building up toxins in the body. Sardines, for example,
nobody says to avoid sardines because they’re full of mercury. They don’t live long enough
to get a lot of mercury in their body. Bigger fish like sharks can live for 50/60 years
because they’re higher up in the food chain and are going to have a lot more toxins in
them. Common sense. If people come up with crazy statements, just click off those websites.
Is Atkins good for a Candida diet or for a bowel problem? It is, but you need to take
enzymes and probiotics on the Atkins diet. It’s a clever move. I really want you to think
about it. If you get digestive discomfort on Atkins, bloating, farting, constipation,
diarrhea, back off the protein, include a bit more fiber from vegetables while keeping
some of the grains at a lower content in your diet. I can appreciate those kind of diets,
but you need to support your gut. Check out my product Canxida Restore. It’s
perfect for people on the Atkins diet because it contains seven of the best enzymes and
six of the best probiotics, and that’s going to work in very nicely with a high protein
diet approach. Thanks for checking out my video. Be sure to subscribe and also check
out some of my other videos regarding diets and Candida. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Is The Atkins Diet Good For Candida

  1. I been on Atkin diet since Aug 2015 , I don't eat steak very much , I mostly eat , eggs , chicken and tuna . I'm cutting backon Tuna , maybe once a week . I eat nothing over 20 grams of protein , I count calories daily and macros , drink water ,exercise daily , sleep between 7 – 8 hours a night .  I've other health issues …toe nail fungus , Tinnitus ( left ear , hissing / roaming sound ) 24 / 7 , and  "IBS" . Since I changed my eating habits and different foods , I don't have the "IBS" as bad as I did . I lived in the bathroom for the last 9 years .  I went to the doctors for my health issues and they were no help.Which is very sad . Before I ever went into the doctor office for my Tinnitus , I knew I had "Menerie's Diseases , there's no Cure for it ( so the doctor said ) and I've done much research on it . All the health issues I have ALL TOOK place one morning when I woke up ( not before that day ) , that exactly day ,I thought I had a stroke because everything started on the left side of my body . 1. Left Ear has 2 rings in it ( hissing and roaming ) 2. Left Arm were in bad pain ( had an MRI done and they couldn't found anything ) . And even had a Brain scan and it was Negative.  And doctor thought I had Tennis elbow issues , nothing show from that .3. Toenail Fungus on the foot , big toe  .4. IBS ( since I've diet , I don't have it as much anymore , thank goodness ! I was under much Stress , our only two adult ( kids ) were both in the military the same time and worried about them.They were employed in the Middle East and plus I were taking care of my spouse grandma , since she lived with us .Taking care of her 24 / 7 dementia . When you add all this together , My life were under stress for to long . MY Biggest Issues to get figured out ……….1 – 4 ( above ) if I can figure out what to do about this and cure it , I'll be happier ………..

  2. Thank you for making such great videos! I do have a question.. Does wild game meat, like deer or bear, fall under the category of "red meat"? Thanks again!

  3. So, do you have any experience with what's now called keto diet?
    It's markedly lower in protein, still low carb, and high fat.

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