Is this the easiest way to catch fish in Vietnam? Lần đầu học quăng lưới (Miền Tây Thu Nhỏ)

Is this the easiest way to catch fish in Vietnam? Lần đầu học quăng lưới  (Miền Tây Thu Nhỏ)

what’s going on you guys today I’m with my friend Quy right here
he’s looking quite stylish there’s a swim trunks on you’re looking good but
he’s going to teach me how to use the casting net I don’t actually know how to
do this so we’re gonna be experimenting a lot so the first one I’m not gonna
have them show me how to do it I’ll just try to do it myself and then the second
one he’ll teach me and then we’ll practice from there they got a nice
little basket – and then the friendly neighborhood dogs look at them I’m just
kidding okay so we’re gonna find a spot to practice cast net I’ll see you guys
in a second Quy’s the expert here looking super Vietnamese today with his
swim trunks and then his hat alright my first attempt I got my GoPro so I’ll be
switching cameras but I don’t know we’ll see I guess yeah so I’ll do it I’ll do
it first because I don’t know how to I don’t know how I’m doing my sandals off
because I feel like being barefoot we better so alright first time first time
ever doing this and uh and this thing is is huge for the first time so for a smaller one so I’m putting this around my hand okay like I don’t want to lose
the net because I’m pretty much like Aquaman having to go to water all the
time alright feel like if I just do that it’s not gonna do anything I have
to hold it from the end okay not really but I’m gonna try okay
you ready that was okay for the first time kind of
anti-climatic I feel like I need to throw harder did actually catch a fish I
go I caught a snakeskin gourami I caught a catfish? Oh I did! is it in there yeah
oh no it’s gone oh no not snakeskin gourami a tiliapia all right now I caught something
what wasn’t a complete fail I caught it a little tiliapia
another one over here so got to do it again though because that wasn’t the
best all right round two but Quy’s gonna help me out right okay okay okay
so the general concept I had so now it’s your turn more rotation at the hips
Oh beautiful that was so much better than mine so good all right let’s see what
you got excuses excuses oh yeah lots of Oh do these guys stay in the mud or just
on the bottom goo I guess the farmers don’t like these fish so I’m throwing
them back out into the wild rather than the pond yeah I didn’t know that all
right he’s gonna do one more time and then half there I’m gonna be practicing
a whole bunch so lots of suckermouth catfish okay so he’s gonna go again I’m gonna
set the camera down say I’m just gonna watch him you have some fish?
lots of the sucker fish so further down look at that so this thing
doesn’t even go down that far on me all that arm wrestling yeah yeah now I got
it okay just feels so strange okay I’m gonna get
a little momentum okay ready stuck on my finger though
yeah it’s better but almost oh yeah okay that was a big improvement
yeah there’s a lot more complicated than I thought
so we’re gonna move over to this little pond here probably scare everything away
it’s in this so agree just fell in the water his battery was in his pocket too
but that’s okay sorry it’s my turn now this is actually a little bit harder
than I thought I just assumed you just kind of throw it in there but it
requires a bit more technique and I’m stepping on rocks, technique and
skill but then I’m getting it down slowly so I think this time it’ll be
good getting better so since this is a new
spot we’re gonna leave it for a few minutes hopefully catch something
It’s better I think that’s one of the best casts so far I got to do it a few
more times how did I do on a scale of one to ten ten being
awesome one being terrible what would you give it for me for that one seven
okay sevens passing I’ll take seven sounds good so I go to seven okay
no we wait all right we’re gonna check see if we got anything so got about maybe five practice runs or
5 practice cast we’re gonna go to a different place see if we could actually
start catching some fish besides the little sucker fish you know so now we’re
gonna actually I take that back I’ve been putting a lot of effort into
it it just takes some practice see you guys in a second Quy’s gonna try one
from the other side so I’ll get it stuck in the plants so he’s gonna do it like
the next one anything big okay let’s do it you guys right here oh my god this I did
get some not a very nice throw but I for sure got some fish yeah okay well I am
for sure we got fish almost fell back to into the water
alright so cuz it’s not very deep should I wait slowly slowly lots of snakeskin gouramis, some shellfish ooh maybe Quy already caught
big that’s a decent-sized catch uh-huh let me get the little basket
puller, catching so many fish, good job Quy that’s good I’m surprised at that one, these
guys are just hanging out right there – what’s maybe the biggest fish that
you’ve caught in so far doing cast the cast? A carp yeah kilo 2 kilos a fish or that was like to The carp 2 kilos yeah, all right got the fish right here you guys just finish up with Quy from
Thu Vui Dan Da yeah he’s kind of I mentioned before in other videos of my sensei my
teacher for a lot of things there’s so many skill sets in Vietnam that I find
so interesting and I really really would love to learn
more you know imagine throwing a it’s a catfish farm, not gonna throw in there – there’s so
many fish but you guys catfish eat everything but no these
aren’t wild catfish but I figured I was gonna say yeah lots of things that I’m
trying to learn Quy’s a very helpful and kinda helps me on with a lot of
things but for you guys if you like this video you know make sure to like
subscribe leave a comment share the video It’ll definitely help out I will be
doing more cast net fishing casting and I’m tired I can’t remember English right
now but yeah I’ll be doing more of that but I’m gonna try on the boat and maybe
actually something little bit smaller so kind of easier to use right now get more
practice so you guys make sure you have a great day take care, tam biet, I’ll
see you

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