It’s BRS Recommended – The Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller.

It’s BRS Recommended – The Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller.

– Today on BRS TV, why
does the Neptune Apex earn the BRS Recommended
stamp of approval? The BRS Recommended tag
means either great value at a price point, or does
something truly unique. The Apex is unique in that it’s one of the very few controllers
we stock and BRS Recommended by definition. If you’re in the market
for an aquarium controller, there are few distinct
reasons why the Apex is probably the one. Starting with the Neptune, Apex is the longest standing
US-based controller brand with the largest user base. By largest, I mean probably
20 times the next user base in the US. To say more reefers go with
the Apex is akin to saying more people go glass than acrylic tanks, the separation is likely that big. What that means to you is a few things. The larger user base is
a driver of innovation, both through feedback and refinement, but probably most importantly,
the build you invest in the platform, and control
an expanding ecosphere of continually expanding accessories, not just Apex branded accessories, but the user base has
achieved a critical mass that motivates other manufacturers to strive for the Apex-ready designation, meaning it’s compatible
with the Apex as well. Simply put, no other
controller has all of this already available, power heads,
return pumps, flow meters, par meters, dosing pumps,
automatic water change functions, utility pumps,
calcium-alkalinity-magnesium testing, an auto top off, an auto feeder,
leak and moisture sensors, moonlight, switch boxes,
which allow you to control almost any piece of equipment
with the flip of a switch, solenoids, optical level sensors. And again, that doesn’t include many of the Apex-ready products
from the likes of EcoTech, Maxspect, Reef Brite,
Abyzz, CJ Tunes, and Kessil. As at the heart of why the Apex earned the BRS Recommended badge,
the best controller options simply need to work with
the most reefing gear with the largest ecosystem
to earn that title, not just now, but also
into the future as well. I think there’s a lot more to come into the Neptune universe. They’ve been doing this for 23 years, and they aren’t going anywhere. Outside of that, I believe
the cloud-based browser Apex Fusion experience
in phone app is the best, easiest to use, easiest
to control and set up important notifications,
particularly the task functions, where you can select your desired intent, and it walks you right
through a few questions to set up your gear. For the most engaged ultra-users, there’s also an Apex forum,
where the entire Apex community explores some of the coolest,
most advanced solutions. To put this into a single sentence, the Apex is BRS Recommended
because I haven’t put up a tank in years without one. The type of investment that
we’re putting in the tanks here means that we need something
not just to control the gear in redundant fashion, and
solve some of the problems automatically when we’re away,
but also tell us immediately when things go wrong. The Apex has just proven itself to be the best option out there
for those particular goals. This is a quick link to see some of the package
configurations and other details, as well as user reviews, so check it out.

24 thoughts on “It’s BRS Recommended – The Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller.

  1. Snarky response… because they pay for more advertising than any other controller company! 😀
    Serious response… do you sell any other controllers? ProfiLux? Cerebera? Tunze? eKoral?

  2. I have had my apex for 2 years now and I always wonder how did I go without it for so long …great product must have

  3. Only thing I use apex for is temperature/timers/remote access. Will do just about anything if programmed correctly.

  4. So expensive though. I have a reefkeeper Lite and that has not yet to let me down until recently when i discovered that my 6 year old probes need replacing… unfortunately D.A closed their doors. 😥 reefkeeper was undoubtedly a solid second to Apex and offered almost everything that Apex did at half the price. Their customer service suck but their system was so robust and simple is easy to figure out. Now I'm looking at a Apex. El 🙄

  5. Shame apex don’t really support the U.K. market so not the best in the U.K..
    Probably the GHL profilux 4 would get best here.
    Unfortunately we just get the old technology at extremely high price.

  6. Apex is just way to expensive.
    I'm still using the Reef Keeper Elite. Though not supported anymore. The only issue I'm having is temp control do to failure of temp probe and not having compatible probes available. Having to rely on a external temp controller. I'd be more than happy with a "like" controller that didn't have all the bells and whistles the Apex has. Just a simple controller more affordable would be awesome.

  7. When "Mother Nature" has an Apex, then it's a must have, until then, not a chance in hell am I going to pay for what they want for a piece of plastic on steroids.

  8. I have Apex controllers on two of my tanks. I love them but I am not using them to their full potential due to learning the programming. I wish Neptune would have detailed programming videos or even have maybe a 2 day seminar so users could unlock the multitudes of features.

  9. Why nothing on the Ekoral system….its way nicer than Apex….like Apex is ghetto me dos and e koral is the the macbook of these systems

  10. Man, I love BRS but I'm not sure the big picture is fully articulated here gents. Apex is the best in controller land, no question. However, the argument needs to come full circle and consider the cost and integration requirements of the mainstream toys. I would argue that now is NOT the best time to get an Apex controller. Virtually every awesome toy out there (aside from controllers) is NOT made by Apex (Tunze pumps, Sicce, Ecotech pumps, Orpheks, Kessils, etc.). The gold standard products, to be 'apex compatible,' invariably require additional hardware (e.g., WXM, VDM, particular cables, dogs and cats, etc.) that exponentially increase the cost that the average reefer cannot entertain without due stress. Practical example: one could buy a Tunze 6105 wavepump, Kessil a360x, Varios-6, and Tunze universal osmolator… or for about the same price go with the Apex Wav, Apex ATK, Apex Cor-20, and Apex LED light that doesn't exist yet. More important is the reality that the Neros, Orpheks, Maxspecs, Kessils, Reef Octopuses etc. to this day continue to make their own controllers that are often not plug-and-play compatible with Apex (without spending more $$$). The best approach for a reefer on a decent budget, bang for the buck and for reliability, may just be a wireless Kasa 6 power strip (for flare) that has zillions of wicked reviews (and can monitor current, turn off lights, run basic schedules, etc.), a few 6105 wave pumps set on random, and a good old Sicce 5 pumping steady. The KISS method – with a temperature controller in there. With all this said, I'm a believer in the future and that integration will improve between toys and companies – that or Apex will just monopolize the market. Of course, actions speak louder than online YouTube rants… and I'm about to pull the trigger on an ApexEL :p … Neptune, sponsor my school – seriously, this could be a revolutionary way to integrate subject areas (coding, biochemistry, physics, etc.). 😉

  11. I will at some time, in the near future, purchase an Apex Controller. However I'm looking for powerheads and other accessories as well, and it appears, based on BRS customer reviews, that Neptune Systems is good at only one thing and that's controllers.

  12. i love apex! great tool. Plus I also love the feature I can turn off my skimmer if i'm away. why? i'm not looking for sympathy. My fiance has ceasers and after she has one here and there. if my smart skimmer turns off my skimmer it beeps. my fiance always calls me and tells me it's going off. I just hop on my phone and open up the app and turn off the outlet and deal with it when I get home. this way she does't have to struggle with going into the basement and risk falling down the stairs after having a ceaser.

  13. I have one and it has its uses but on the whole I think the apex is flawed and very temperamental. Whenever there’s an issue it’s straight onto the forums because it’s such a complex mess to sort anything. I really hate Neptune for this and it’s the only reef equipment I’ve had to return before due to failure (dos, wxm module and the expansion power bar all failed in warranty period). Soon as there’s a decent competitor I’ll be switching. Unfortunately the alternatives are just as bad if not worse. The industry needs a new controller by someone who can actually deliver a user friendly and reliable system

  14. Hi you doing! Good videos and excellent info on every video!👍🏼👍🏼
    Question, I have a 20 gallon nano tank and I want to have an Neptune Apex but don’t know which one would be good for my tank size! But I’m looking to have probe as PH, DKH, Salinity and Temperature! But there’s one a little to expensive with all that equipment. So what should I can buy?? Thanks

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