Jagannathpur Fish Bazaar – জগন্নাথপুর মাছের বাজার

I hope your are all well Today we going to Jaganathpur Fish Bazaar & Auction We are going to show you guys all the different kinds/ Types of Fish Explain to you where the fish has come from? So Guys stay with us & make sure your subscribe to our channel Also don’t forget to like it and leave comments good willing! Okay lets go and show you some Fish So we are here the Fish Bazaars Cashiers Office So lets talk to him and introduce ourselves Peace and salutations & to you too so brother what is your name? Attaur Rahman Ok so this Fish Bazaar you are the Cashier? thats right I am Okay so currently how is business at the fish bazaar fairing? give or take we are doing to bazaar. So how many different types of fish do you sell here? We have fish come here from far flung places such as sunamgonj

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