Japan Travel Guide: Osaka 大阪 – Kyoto 京都 – Nara 奈良 | The Travel Intern

Japan Travel Guide: Osaka 大阪 – Kyoto 京都 – Nara 奈良 | The Travel Intern

Hi we’re going to Osaka! Behind us is the Osaka Castle and other than the main building itself there’s a very large park around here where millions of people visit every year So we’re at another pet cafe and this cafe is a little bit different because we have reptiles! Other than lizards, they have other reptiles as well as scorpions and tarantulas This is the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum There are so many cup noodles here and you can find out about the history of instant noodles and you can even make your own! Like we just did It’s super early right now and we’re at the Osaka Central Fish Market Every morning at 4:15am there will be a tuna auction where suppliers from Osaka will get their fresh supplies It’s 10am now, which is what will happen if you come late Here at Fushimi Inari Shrine, you see thousands of these Tori Gates Which are donated by worshippers from all over Japan There are many fox statues around the place because foxes are believed to be messengers of Inari We’re at Nara Deer Park We’re going home Actually Japan doesn’t seem too expensive from what we thought it was right? True. We had meals for under 5 Singapore dollars and it was delicious Thanks Scoot for the comfortable ride

50 thoughts on “Japan Travel Guide: Osaka 大阪 – Kyoto 京都 – Nara 奈良 | The Travel Intern

  1. i've been watching vids about OSAKA and this is my fave 😀 you made me feel more excited about my upcoming trip.

  2. Hey! That was amazing! Loved your vlog! 🙂
    Heres a compilation of some really good copyright free music… Maybe you could use it in your next vlog! Check it out!

  3. Y'all are super cute! I love the video especially how you did the intro! I'm travelling here in 2 weeks! 🙂

  4. Com tanta coisa boa nesse mundo para se comer… e estes porcos do caralho comendo essas merdas…

  5. hello!love your trip I planning go with my friends this year do you know if can I buy a ticket only kansai region from jr line?

  6. So good! I really enjoyed the video. Brought back so many memories of when I was in Japan. I definitely need to go back again soon. Looking forward to more videos (= .

  7. How many days did it take you guys to cover Osaka, Kyoto and Nara? We are planning a trip in September and your help will be really useful

  8. hello. I'm hana. I want to use this video for Korea TV program "singlewife". If you allow my favor can you reply to me? please. Thank you!

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