Japanese Street Food – INSANE $500 Sushi In Tokyo + HUGE Street Food Tour of Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Street Food – INSANE $500 Sushi In Tokyo +  HUGE Street Food Tour of Tokyo, Japan

– Check it out guys it’s Trevor James, we are in Tokyo, Japan,
and I am so pumped, we just got here. And we’re going for a full on food tour. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) This is it Tokyo, the mega food hot spot of your Japanese food dreams. We flew into east, and in one day, ate a ton of delicious street food, that you’re gonna love,
like raw tuna sashimi, huge bowls of Uni sea urchin, and more. With a huge splurge on
a once in a lifetime $500 sushi dinner for two,
at an exclusive sushi joint, where locals come to eat
the best sushi in the world. So make sure to watch this whole video, all the way until the end. Let’s eat. First up we are gonna explore
Tokyo’s largest fish market Tsukiji market, and see
what we can find to eat. And I think I’m gonna try and find a bowl of Uni, sea urchin and salmon eggs. To start the day. Hi good morning. (speaking in Japanese) OH, Uni, (Japanese) (speaking in Japanese) oh, okay, (Japanese) very nice. Okay, thank you. Hi, good morning. (speaking in Chinese)
Chinese, is very good. (speaking in Chinese) So this is all the Uni here? – Yes. – So many types. – This is white, and the red. – [Trevor] White, okay and the red. – [Chef] White and the red. – [Trevor] Okay, and from
all different areas of Japan? – [Chef] Yes. – [Trevor] Wow. Oh try, really, oh I can try? – Yes. – Oh okay, from Aomori. – Aomori, look at that sea urchin. And they all have slight
different flavor, is that right? – Yes. – So you can really get into it. Oh look at that, Aomori Uni. – Yes. – Mmmm, mmmm, oh, it’s so creamy. – It’s creamy, thank you. – Wow, thank you very, yeah. – It says expensive. – It says expensive, really? – Yes. – It melts in your mouth. – [Woman] 20,000. – 20,000 for one box? Wow. – Just for you. (laughs) – That’s very nice, and
look at all this Shasimi. – Yes. – So what do we have here? – Toro. – [Trevor] Shoo toro? Otoro, oh that’s ultra fatty tuna. – [Shef] Shoo toro. – [Trevor] Okay middle toro. Old snapper here, red snapper, – [Chef] And a different tuna. – [Trevor] Different tuna. So all different types of tuna and squid. And octopus? – Yes. – Nice. Oh look at all the Uni. Wow, oh and here’s a bowl. – Fasa, your food. – [Trevor] Oh, thank you. – [Chef] It’s okay? – [Trevor] Yeah, wow. So we’ve got tons of Uni
which is sea urchin gonads, look at that, and salmon eggs and a bit of pickled ginger, and wasabi. How to eat, should I mix? – No mix, just sea urchin then salmon. – Just eat, okay (speaking in Japanese) (laughs) Wow. Look at all that Uni,
oh yeah, look at that. Put in some soy, and wasabi, mix. Wow, look at that. Oh yeah, just a bit don’t wanna overpower. (speaking in Chinese) – In Japanese, how to say? – (speaking in Japanese) – (speaking in Japanese) let’s just get a nice big
bite of Uni, sea urchin. Let’s try it out. Mm, oh wow. oishī. – Oishī, super oishī. – It’s creamy, it’s oceany
but not overpowering, it’s just, it has a bit
of a sea flavor to it, but it’s actually very enjoyable. Thank you so much. – Thank you so much. – Oh so tasty, super oishī. – Super oishī. (laughs) – Okay, thank you,
(speaking in Japanese) bye. Next up we’re going for
more sliced tuna heaven, get ready. Oh look at this guys, look
at what we found here, tuna heaven, hi. (speaking in Japanese) look at that, this is tuna heaven, wow. Look at that beautiful tuna. You can just eat it right at the stall. (speaking in Japanese) Look at that tuna. And look at this, we
are just slicing up tons of tuna, sashimi here,
right in the market. Wow. Look at that. That is beautiful. Wow, look at the slicing of this tuna. This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, tuna straight from the
market, you can just eat it right at the stall. Wow. Unbelievable. Oh, it’s so satisfying
watching them cut into cubes. That is insane. So we’re gonna get a
mixture of Otoro, fatty tuna and chtuna, little bit more lean, and then lean as well so we
got three different types, oh that is beautiful, that
is just purely beautiful, look at that. Wow. Right from the source, okay, thank you. (speaking in Japanese) Wasabi please, yes. Look at that, wow. Thank you, awesome, look at that? Oh, look at that otoro. Right from the market,
covered in a little soy. Let’s try this out. Ooh, it just melts in your mouth. It’s fatty, buttery,
there’s a light seasoning from the soy, oh, unbelievable. It’s truly amazing. Next stop, after a quick
walk through the market, we found the mega seafood store. With tons of fresh
seafood, and a lot of it ready to eat right there on the spot. This is what food dreams are made of. Wow. (speaking in Japanese) Oishī, king crab, and ooh,
lots of sea food here. – Sashimi. – Sashimi, ooh scallops. Look at all of this fresh sea food. Unbelievable, king crab so
many different types of fish. A lot of this you can eat right here. Look at that, fresh scallops. (speaking in Japanese) Awesome, oishī, oh wow. Look at those, oh look at these, and we’re just gonna put,
oh a little wasabi, oh okay. Oh wow, it looks great. Soy sauce, arigato. (speaking in Japanese) Oh, arigato, thank you. – oishī oishī. We totally just hit the
seafood jackpot here, look at this huge selection,
and we got scallops, you can also get king crab. Look at that, look at the
size of those, unbelievable. A lot of this you can eat right here, those beautiful scallops, wow. Eat yeah, mmm, oh yeah. – oishī, creamy, creamy. – Oh creamy, super oishī. – Arigato. – Wow, they are so creamy. Really, just like butter, bit of that wasabi on there. Oh those are massive, plump scallops, wow. Arigato, unbelievable. Oishī, huge selection, but
we’re gonna keep exploring. Arigato. – Ay, thank you. – [Trevor] Next up,
you’re gonna love this. Ultra tasty huge pot of beef organ stew, right on the outside of the market, and our last street food in the market, before going to ramen noodle heaven. And then splurging $500 on
the most life changing sushi, you’ll ever see. Next up we’re gonna have
a bowl of hurumon don, I think that’s how you pronounce it. Beef, awful stew, and I can
smell the richness from here. Hi, (speaking in Japanese) Arigato. Look at this, oh look at
this, incredibly aromatic beef stew, wow. Look at that, so it’s a beef organ stew, over top of rice. Ooh, wow. Arigato. Look at this guys, so
this is the hurumon don, which is awful stew over rice, and I think there’s
actually a bit of yam cake in there as well. And then there’s, I think
these are Negi, negi, yeah, so these here are Negi greens. Wow, on top of it, and you can really see all of the chunks of organ in there. And a beautiful bowl of that hurumon don. Ooh, oishī. Wow, that is really hot. You got the whole beef
organ aroma in there. It is also actually a little sweet. I think that’s from these Negi greens. Almost taste like sweet onions. And that is a beautiful
caldron of beef organ stew. After that beautiful market exploration, we went to find one of the most famous bowls of ramen in Tokyo, at Ichiran Ramen, with individual stalls, perfect for noodle lovers, to let you get right deep into
the zone with your noodles. And where you can order,
and customize your bowl all from a machine. Next up we’re going for
a famous bowl of ramen. Ichiran Ramen, Honcaktu Ramen. And it should be right up here. Oh I’ve been looking forward
to trying this for so long. This is awesome to be in Japan. Just look at the lights, the action. All the people, this is amazing. Ichiran. Here we are, down the
stairs to ramen heaven. Line up for ramen, this is gonna be good, awesome guys. Look at this, we’ve got
pork, tomtantu ramen, noodle heaven selector here. And you can just put your cash in and choose all of the
additional toppings you want and then they give you a menu to check the levels of spiciness, and starting here, we’re
going to select ramen. So we put the cash in and
then you get your tickets, let’s get a half boiled, salted egg, oh this is just awesome. And then we’re gonna
get extra sliced pork. Beautiful, and I think
that should be good. So we just got the preference sheet, you can customize, fully
customize your ramen, look at this, for the seasonings, you can get light, medium or strong. We’re gonna go strong. For the richness, you can go full on, nothing to extra rich. And this is like, I think
this is like the oiliness, the pure richness level. So we’re gonna go extra rich. Garlic, let’s just go medium. Green onion, get some. Sliced pork, with for sure. And then chili, let’s just go spicy. Noodle texture, firm. And that is just gonna be perfect, can’t wait to try that out. So look right there guys, that
is the seating arrangement. Hi, okay, thank you. Wow, thank you. Awesome, look at this guys, you get your own little noodle booth, so you just hand your noodle sheet in here, we’ve got
extra strong, extra rich and a little bit extra spicy. Extra pork and it’s gonna be good. Thank you, awesome. Ooh, arigato. Just look at this guys, super
rich tongatu pork broth. Little chili on top, little bit of onion, I got the fatty pork. And then we’ve also got, of
course add on fatty pork. Look at that, wow, oh it smells absolutely ooh, you can really
smell the fat in there. And then I also got a half boiled egg. Ooh, look at that, wow. Let’s just put it right in there, oh this ramen just looks
absolutely flavorful, it really smells rich,
I ordered extra rich. We’ll just mix that up a bit. Mmmm. That is insanely delicious. The broth, ooh, the broth is so rich. It has the most deep, full of depth pork. Oh and look at that egg, oh I’m gonna have to use a spoon for that. And this is the noodle zone,
you get your own little wall, you can just fully immerse yourself in the flavor and experience. That is one of the best bowls
of noodles I’ve ever had. It is just so full of
flavor, the flavor is just, out of this world. For our final meal, we went
for the ultimate splurge. A $500 sushi feast for two, at a sushi restaurant
with only eight seats. Next up guys for our final meal, we are going for a ultra
luxurious sushi experience. This is really hard to
get, and I have to give a huge thank you to Pocket Concierge, they helped us book a reservation, I’m gonna leave a link
in the description below, so if you come to Tokyo,
you can check that out. And I think it’s right here. Arigato, chef Kamikura, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Thank you for having us. Oh, so this is wasabi. So we’re hand grinding the wasabi here. Before we knew it, Chef
Kamikura was serving us some beautiful starters,
like raw ice fish, what seemed to be fiddle head ferns, and some nice light crab soup. But the really joy starts
right when he starts slicing up that sashimi, and you
get served piece after piece of different raw fish. True heaven. Look at this guys, we
are slicing up a bonito. Arigato. Oh, ginger, green onion, mustard. This is a true experience, we got ginger, green onion, and mustard. Oh, look at that. Incredible. Mmm, ooh. – Smoke. – Smoky. You smoke it, mmm. Oh it’s a smoky bonito. Look at this, different cuts of tuna. Wow, otoro, chutoro, that is beautiful. So we’re just cutting up
different cuts of tuna that is unbelievable. Next is the otoro, otoro. So this is the king, extra
fatty, slice of tuna. Just a little bit of that light sauce. This is it guys, this is the otoro. The ultra fatty, the
supreme piece of tuna. Over that sushi rice,
slightly sweet sushi rice, bit of wasabi in there, and he just puts a light seasoning, a light soy on there. Oh, you just pick it up with your hand and go in for it. This is the otoro, true piece of otoro. Mmmmm, wow, it is unbelievable soft. Like pure butter, it is
just perfectly buttery. It’s just melting in your mouth, there’s a slight wasabi, slight seasoning, you don’t need to dip it in
anything, use your hands. You’re entering into sushi heaven. Oh, cockle, look at that,
oh alive, it’s alive. The cockles are alive. Okay. Wow. (laughs) they are alive, look at the cockles. Oh a little lime. Arigato, look at that
absolutely beautiful cockle, and we just watched him throw it down. And it was still moving. Each piece is just, new
flavor, a new experience. You can dip in in the salt, or the soy. Mmm. – Sweet. – Wow, little sweet,
with the lime, ooh, wow. Every time you taste
something it’s a new flavor, a new experience, a new texture and we’re just bringing
out piece after piece. In total, you can eat over
15 cuts of different fish, like Nom fish, Marbled Sol, Striped Jack, Seabrime, tons of different cuts of tuna, Gizard Chad, Jack Mackerel, Raw shrimp, Orient Clam, Blood Cockles and more. But nothing can prepare
you for the pure joy and mouth feel of tasting
the best Uni in Tokyo. And look at this guys, next up we are gonna have Uni,
Tsukiji number one, uni. Prime uni from the market. Oh, this is amazing. Look at that. Oh, Tsukiji number one. Number one sea urchin in Tsukiji. Wow. Look at that. The gonads from the sea
urchin, that is unbelievable. This is gonna be a life
changing sea urchin experience. Look at that, we are making
sushi with this sea urchin. That is absolute perfection, little rice. And I think he’s gonna put
a little salt on there. Oh, thank you. Look at that perfect Uni, sea urchin. With a little bit of salt on there, number one sea urchin
from the Tsukiji market. The gonads of the sea
urchin and look at the salt, little bit of salt on there,
that is pure delicacy. Purely beautiful, melt
in your mouth butter. Oh. Wow, wow. It’s just like pure, creamy
melt in your mouth joy. Wit a bit of salt on there,
seasoned with that salt, it’s just perfect, it’s just a flavor, smooth flavor explosion of sea urchin. Wow that was a truly life changing day of food in Tokyo, I am completely changed after trying all of that food. I would love to know what you thought about this video in the comments below. I’m just completely speechless, with all of those flavors we experienced. Please subscribe to this
channel if you haven’t already. And make sure you click that little bell notification button. Thank you so much for
watching these videos.

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