Jasmine & Mike Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

Jasmine & Mike Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

– I’m really nervous, guys. – Yeah, it’d be weird
if you weren’t nervous. – [Jasmine] You can do this, Jasmine. You can do this. – [Max] I think this is
his apartment complex here. (car clacks) (tense music) It doesn’t look like a super
successful modeling agent would live here. – 155, I think it’s this one.
– Right there. That looks like him a little bit. – Alright.
(car clacks) Alright, let’s text him. – I’m here. – Okay yeah, great. (door clacks) (anticipatory music) Let’s wait over here. Give ourselves a little space. (anticipatory music) This is his building.
– Gosh. I’m just tryna get this
nervousness off of me. (anticipatory music) He text me. I can’t–
– Did he say something? – Yeah. I’ll be down in a minute. – [Nev] Okay. – Okay.
– So, let’s just wait here. Let him come to us, right? (anticipatory music)
(Jasmine sighs) (sighs) (anticipatory music) (hands slide) Where is this guy? What’s taking him so long?
– I know, right? It’s weird. Yeah. – Hmm, who’s this? (dramatic tones) (anticipatory music) – Oh my gosh. This a (beep) I used to (beep) with. Don’t come over here. Do not come over here. – You know this girl? – Yes, I do. (Missy laughs) Don’t come over here. – Who is this? – Missy. Don’t come over here. – Brought you a flower. (laughs) – You guys know each other? – I know her. Clearly I do.
– Yeah. (laughs) – [Nev] Okay. – So, you must be Mike? – Yes, I am Mike. How are you doing today, Jasmine? (dramatic tones) – But, you did this for what? – [Missy] Why not? – Why? – Why not? – Why though? – It’s revenge, what do you mean? – Revenge, though?
– And then, you’re just so, ugh, slutty like– – Look at you though. Look at you, look what you–
– I look beautiful, baby. Beautiful. – Well, I look beautiful too.
– Nice perfect size. Nice looking, real good.
– Yeah, but I had a baby, honey. – Okay.
– I had a baby, okay. – It’s called working out. Working out.
– Okay, but it doesn’t take a day.
– But, any-who. – Hold on a second. – I’m really gettin’ mad.
– Just hold on a second. Give me a minute here. (laughs) – [Jasmine] I’m about to fight her. – Wow.
– Can I please do it? Can I please, just please?
– Hold on a second. – [Jasmine] Please,
please, please, please. – [Nev] Hold on a second. Look at me for a second. Look at me for a second.
– I really wanna beat her ass. I really wanna beat her ass right now. I’m trying not to. I’m really trying–
– Just look at me, just look at me.
– I can’t, I can’t. I’m really pissed off right now. I wanna beat her ass. I just (sighs). (anticipatory music) – This is crazy (laughs). – And, you know Josh? Yeah, that’s who she used to (beep) with. (laughs) (sighs) (Missy clicks her tongue) – Yeah, I’m upset, because (sniffles) I thought I was gonna meet someone I liked. (sighs) That’s why Mike never called me. Something was wrong
with this whole picture, and we knew it. – She didn’t take my flower. I threw it at her, she didn’t pick it up. It’s sad, huh? – Max, will you stay here for one second? – Yeah.
– And, just talk– – Yeah. – Don’t, yeah, turn that way, so she doesn’t even have to look. You know like, you go over there, yeah. (tense music) (Missy scoffs) – [Max] Who is she? – She used to (beep) with Josh. The one I told you about. – [Max] Triggs. – Yeah. – Forgive me, I’m a little, just tryna kinda catch up.
– Yeah. – As far as I can tell…
– Okay. – You and Jasmine have known each other? – Yeah. – I met her at the mall, and we was talkin’
about who we was datin’, and talkin’ to, and she brought up Josh. And, it’s a coincidence that both of us was (beep) with Josh. – So, you created the Mike
Davis profile specifically… – To stop her from, you know– – And, you wanted to take her attention away from Josh,
– Yes. – And, put it on another guy.
– Yeah, so she could leave him alone. – No, I wanna see why she did this. That’s what I wanna do. (anticipatory music) Missy? No, excuse me, please. Okay, you could go. I just wanna ask some questions. – [Max] Let her do it, let her go. – Alright, I just–
– Okay so, I just wanna know why you did it. That’s all.
– Why do you do the things you do? – I was talking to this person, supposedly Mike, for two years (mumbles). – Who does this? You talkin’ to somebody for two years, you only heard they voice twice, two different voices at that. – Why did you do it?
– I already told you that. I already told you that.
– Relax, relax, relax, relax. – Okay, but she still hasn’t–
– Now, if you get loud, I’ma get loud.
– Listen. You did it over Triggs. Point, blank, period, because Mike’s, Mike is friends with Triggs. Yeah, that’s kinda funny. – [Missy] Okay. And, you still gave
– And, he don’t even talk to you no more.
– Him your information? Baby, Triggs is driving
my car as we speak. As we speak, baby. – Triggs is using her. – Psych, psych.
– He’s using you. – [Missy] But, he stays in my house. Get the (beep) outta here.
– That’s cool. He’s still using you. It’s just a place to stay.
– It’s pretty funny how he didn’t want you. – [Jasmine] Yeah, I don’t give a (beep). – Obviously, this guy, Josh, got in between you guys. – [Jasmine] Yeah, he did, he did. I’m not gonna lie about that. – Had to be something
pretty intense for you to spend two years getting
your revenge on her. – [Missy] No, it’s just that I wanted her to leave Joshua alone, and she act like she couldn’t– – It was just about Josh?
– Yes, really it was. – So, why are you so, I’m gonna be calm.
– Any-who, I’m talkin’ to this man, not you.
– I don’t care. – Any-who–
– Get the (beep) outta here. – Watch who you’re talkin to.
– Get outta my face. – Don’t put your hands on me.
– Get the (beep) out– – Don’t put your hands on me.
– Get outta my face. – [Nev] I’m not doin’ this. – Do not put your hands on me.
– Get in the car. – Bitch, I’ll (mumbles) your ass up. – I’m good, I’m good.
– Like you some credit card or some (beep). (tense music)
(Missy scoffs) Man. – [Nev] I gonna just get in, so we can talk for a second, alright? (door clacks) (Missy laughs) – [Missy] Hell nah. (tense music) – I’m just upset, ’cause you know, why would she do that (beep)? Like, are you serious? I’m just really upset. Can I just beat her ass, please man? – That’s not gonna help. (tense music) – [Jasmine] Gosh, this is crazy. (tense music)

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  1. Whos else is a Huge fan of mtv catfish

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    Turn on notisπŸ””πŸ’ž

  2. That bet commercial like over 1000 hours of black content πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ imagine them saying 1000 hours of white content πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Man with all the repeated content, I would have thought there was only one season of Catfish. Like y'all got 7 seasons and we see like the same 20 catfishes

  4. I’m sorry… but they’re both losers lol.

    How does someone hold your attention for 2 years on these type of basis?


    Hoe in red, really did all this for some dude who is driving her car and sitting in her house?

    Lever tf up ladies. Gosh.

  5. When she said Mike is coming down, I was like "Ight, cool."
    A few seconds later, a girl in red comes out… then I said, "Uhhhh so… Mike is a Drag Queen now?"
    Then that's when Jasmine spilled the beans. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Well shit… I don't watch catfish so this was just a odd loophole for me.

  6. You have to be beyond insecure to spend 2 YEARS, as in 730 DAYS OF YOUR LIFE, catfishing a girl to keep her away from "your" man. If it's that hard to keep him, you need to let him go, period.

  7. A broad in a crooked wig, 2 dollar dress, and gumball machine pearls, would have time to catfish somebody, and clearly the guy in question is the one to blame, and is nowhere in sight…

  8. The girl in red looks like the town bicycle Everyone gets to ride!!! She needs professional help and an std check narsty bitch

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