Jelly Fish Attack! Free Diving the Balearic Islands (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 93

Jelly Fish Attack! Free Diving the Balearic Islands (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 93

What happened? I just got stung by a jellyfish.
[Did ya?] And it wrapped around my whole arm and it really hurts I thought I shot you with the spear gun Good morning, all Riley and I are just hiring a car [Say hello]
to go to the airport. Hello! Hola! And pick up our Patreons, we have two Patreons who are going to be sailing with us So we’re really excited to meet them and show them a good time So yeah it’s a fair way to the airport, we figured that a car’s actually only 40 euros and the bus and… …taxis would have cost more so we’re stoked. Get to cruise around the island in a car. I really hope it’s this one, this one’s wicked Hell yeah, is it this one? Oh this one. We got a wagon No bad, eh?
[It’s pimpin] And so why are you driving Elayna? What’s the story behind this? Because Riley is a psycho driver, and I’ve banned him from driving forever. When I’m driving Elayna goes absolutely mental. I don’t go mental Riley.
[You’re doing it again]
You’re painting a very pretty picture of yourself You are a crazy driver. He doesn’t give way to give way to give way signs I don’t pay… …attention to silly road rules, I just don’t crash. Riles I don’t know if I’m going the right way. I don’t think I am, I’m going the wrong way here. If I was driving this would be happening perfectly. [Is this one way?] [????] Riley’s found a chandlery. Apparently there’s a lot of second-hand gear here, so even I’m excited. What’s on the list of things to buy? Gaff, fishing rod holders… …anchor, there’s heaps more. I don’t know. Fishing line? I’ve been using fishing line that’s way too big. Hugo told me very politely that I was an… [An idiot]
Idiot. I was using 200 kilo line because the fish kept snapping off. So I was like ok I need bigger line, I need bigger line. And he’s like no, you gotta pull the sails down… …which is not easy, and he’s not a sailor, he’s just like pull the sails and I said well… …it’s a bit more difficult than that, and he goes it doesn’t matter pull the sails down and then reverse back on it… …and you want like 14 kilo line, and that’s for big fish and then reverse back on it… …and he goes once you’ve got the catamaran you’ll just gobble on that. What do you guys reckon, is it about time I got some boat shoes? They suit me. I actually like them! Coils… …windscreen wiper… …sponges… And some plates for our new guests that we’re picking up from the airport in a minute because we had… two plates.
[Three plates] Oh, three.
[And one was small and I always had to eat out of it] So we got a little lost coming home, but we made it to Sóller, and we have with us… Marissa and Will. Say hello.
[Hello everyone] I got very lost. Yes, Riley. Thank you We’ve all had a drink and we’re just going to… …go back to the boat and get these guys settled in and maybe go have some dinner. So where did you guys come from? We’re from Vermont in the United States. Weeee! If I do this, we can get all of the beautiful stuff behind us. How about that, hey?
[360] Yeah
[There’s Martin’s sailboat] What happened? I just got stung by a jellyfish.
[Did ya?] And it wrapped around my whole arm and it really hurts. I thought I shot you with the spear gun. Let’s go!
[Alright] It hurts! It hurts a lot! I thought she’d been bitten by a shark. [Did you kill it Riley?] I killed it with one look. Owww it’s unbearable. We went to the Marine Park at Shark Bay in Australia… …and they said really hot, as hot water as you can stand, is good for most stings. [Ok] So it’s not going to burn you, but it’s hot. Owww that’s hot! I hope this is the right thing to keep doing. Nah it is. God that’s hot. Not for too long. Just let it drop. Babe it’s not even hot.
[It’s hot] I have showers with you and I know what you think is hot.
[It’s hot!] Alright, alright, alright. Alright alright alright. Oh that feels way better. Ok now ladies! [Yeah!] If I burn you on your hand. Also, I read…
[quick pour some more hot water on] …I read it’s good if…
[Put more, babe it hurts, put more on!] …I whip ya… [Riley!]
…and say funny jokes. We headed over to the dock to fill up with water before we left. Alright, Will’s got about three meters. Work it. Oh yeah. The boys are cleaning the boat. We go, I don’t know the name of it, but it’s seven miles north of here… …there’s a valley where to anchor in ten meters of water and… …go for a hike up the montaine. Well it’s just started raining, but we are sailing and we are happy. Aren’t we, folks? Always, even in the rain. It feels good, it’s good to be out of the little port there. Happy Dance time oh yeah. Oh yeah. Happy dance, yeah, yeah. So we’ve got about 18 knots wind in the opposite direction to what was forecast so all wondering what has gone wrong… …but there were some storms this morning, there was lots of lightning and thunder So it’s all bit funny today, but that’s cool. We’re going with it at the moment… …at eight knots with 18 knots true wind behind us so yeah. We’ve had a few big waves though …we’ve heard a few big bangs, had to put things away, our YouTube award went flying across the room, didn’t break though thankfully. Gotta keep that one. Alright. I’m going to attempt a little cooking lesson. I’m making… …well, I call it spaghetti Carbonara So it’s zucchini pasta with a tahini dressing and it’s really good. So what you need is a spiralizer, you need… …I don’t know how many zucchinis, a lot, enough to feed however many people you have Bit of olive oil. Want to caramelize some onions and mushrooms. Well, want to caramelized onions. Things have got really crazy outside… …so I’m gonna have to cut it short usually I would also cook up some eggplant that’s going to take a while, so… …I’m just going to do it the best I can here. All right, so I didn’t get to film the whole thing, but we have a salad base. This is tahini dressing It is just tahini and water mixed together with a bit of pepper Sometimes I add agave nectar if you want that a bit sweeter But not today, and this is our zucchini pasta at the bottom, we’ve got some sauteed broccoli, zucchini Onion and mushrooms and chickpeas, so that’s a little bit cloudy, but in the scheme of things it’s not bad at all. And add the sauce Wonder if there’s any treasure here. Should ask Oakey. We were at Sa Calobra Beach where the Torrent de Pareis has channeled a path into the ocean We jumped in the dinghy and headed to shore With the Mountain range looming over me like it was, it felt similar to when we first arrived in the Marquesas having not seen land for 21 days. It just didn’t look real Can you guys even believe this place? What are we in right now? I can’t take it all in. Like it’s just too much going on. A glitch in the Matrix Elayna This is so cool! [Creepy you reckon?]
This is the zone of quality This is a little bit, I don’t know. Makes you feel a little bit weird. Riles and I just going for a spearfish slash free dive at the point here. There’s La Vaga over there You definitely won’t be able to see with the GoPro lens but I’ll show you under the surface I’m really nervous about jellyfish, can still feel the pain. There are no fish here so we have just been practicing free diving. We’ve just got an anchor 30 meters of rope, put only 20 out because We haven’t free dived in a while I said we haven’t got 30 out, we’ve only got 20 out Riley got 20. I think I got about 18, so… …I wanna go down again

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  1. I went to Majorca last year and got stung by a jellyfish whilst diving. I was scared to go back in but I did! I got stung again. At that point I thought enough was enough. After persuading I went back in and got stung for the 3rd time within 2 hours!! What’s the chances of that happening!! I know how you must of felt going back in the water after being stung.

  2. Hollywood level filming and editing, I’ve been watching for a while now and I just love their videos! They deserve WAY more recognition than they have, their on the road to 1 million in no time!!

  3. Wow you guys I are just so chill when things go wrong, if I was on board I would start panicking and probably slip of the boat

  4. Ive gotten stung by a few jelly fishes but they were pretty small and they didnt hurt we just separated vinegar on it and it healed pretty fast.

  5. I got stung my multiple jelly fish when I was swimming and they stung me all over my stomach and arms I but lemon on it (searched it up on google) and it helped so much

  6. She is older then me and I’m also a girl and I had 2 jelly fish wrap around my leg and sting me and I had hives and huge stingers in me as well as scratches and I didn’t cry once don’t get me wrong it hurts but fr grow up it’s not that bad

  7. I wondered how long it. Would before somebody would be stung by a jellyfish. Their numbers are increasing worldwide. Some very poisonous!

  8. Got stung by a jelly fish today snorkelling in Menorca. My own fault, I could see them about but thought I could avoid them. One must have been floating on the surface and I missed it. Stung my thigh. Felt it straight away. I'd say it's similar to a nettle sting but more intense and lasts a lot longer. About and hour or so before it calms down. Used vinegar on it and seemed to help.

  9. When I was about 5 or 6. I swam into a group of about 6 jellyfish and was stung all over my body. I can still feel the pain. My dad carried me running all the way to our condo and put me in the shower until it felt better. This was in Indian Rocks Beach in FL. I feel Elayna’s pain/:

  10. Shave the jellyfish sting with a razor a shaving cream! I always keep it in my beach bag just in case a jellyfish stings! And then take Benadryl:)

  11. I went snorkelling in Bintan when it was jellyfish season. The corals were beautiful, the stings were nasty 😩

  12. three things besides sharks and barracudas..that I really do not like in the ocean…they are jellyfish, sea snakes, and sting rays…

  13. If you think deep in to the past theses beautiful islands they visit were fulled with dinosaurs and plants

  14. How do I sign up to join for a few weeks or month? I am off from nursing school in the spring and am looking for a travel abroad opportunity!!

  15. I had a jellyfish latch on to the fatty part/ inside of my knee and it’s “legs” (can’t think of the word) wrapped halfway up and around my thigh and all the way down to my ankle. It welted pretty good and started leaking. You can rub numotizine on it healed my burn in a couple days

  16. Ok, I got a recipe for you….Ready
    Spaghetti Squash Shrimp Scampi ….
    Prepare your sauce and shrimp than add cooked spaghetti squash as your pasta ….I make mine in a Garlic Cream sauce…To die for…

  17. Is your own urine to stop jellyfish pain it stops it instantly. It's disgusting I know but it works 100%

  18. Vinegar is a instant relief for jellyfish bite. Always keep a bottle in your beach bag or in your case , the boat covert.

  19. I'm addicted to watching
    Your absolutely stunningly beautiful
    Please do some recipes, your cooking looks so good and healthy. I would love to follow along

  20. That's crazy to me to find a YouTube channel that I've recently fallen in love with and now I see you've take guest from my own state! Good ol Vermont! Love it

  21. Next time Elayna if you get stung by a jelly fish or blue bottle, Riley should piss on your arm or leg, not being rude, but is the best cure for stings, hope you don't get stung again though 🙂

  22. Elayna, years of experience living on a boat: don't use nail polish or wear sneakers on the boat, keep your feet in the air. Water can get under the polish and once you get boat fungus on your nails, it is almost impossible to get rid of. The meds are also very bad for your body, especially liver and kidneys. Every night wash them down with rubbing alcohol if you can. It doesn't stop fungus, but it does stop bacteria that can get under your nails. If you wear boat shoes and they are damp, you have the nail fungus in the soles and uppers of the shoes, just throw them out. best is to keep your feet open.

  23. Love to see the video under the water and all the places you go. I have never been abroad and will never be so watching you visit so through you I visit the countries. Keep up the awesome work😍

  24. Make a paste out of meat tenderizer and rub it on the sting, that works. You can take the tenderizer on the skiff with you.

  25. Also vinegar helps I got stung 3-4x at once when i was 16 by 2or 3 jellyfish and when I got out i had the same face reaction lol my dad was laughing at me just like your husband I was in pain.

  26. i just finished watching their ep 208, and went straight back to their old videos & started freaking out because i was wondering who was watching Lenny 😭

  27. Love that I heard some Moody Blues in the background. I once had an entire argument with my father where we restricted ourselves to Moody Blues lyrics. He won, but I chalk that up to his nefarious ways and ability to remember an absurd amount of inconsequential information.

  28. Binge watching 5 years of content and just got to year 2. Inspired. Love this. La Vaga should be Netflix series.

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