Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish | Uncut Interview on BackStage Pass | WKAR

Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish |  Uncut Interview on BackStage Pass | WKAR

– When we were in, we stopped at just
north of Washington D.C. in this town called Frederick. I’ve never seen a
town named Frederick. Normally Frederickston,
Fredericksburg. In Frederick, we went
to this Wal-Mart. – To stay the night.
– One of the worst Wal-Marts I’ve ever been in. And we went in. What time were we there? We went in to buy some beers. – It was six, 6 o’clock. Right when we saw that the
state could legally sell beer, we walked in there. – We walked in, this
lady got super mad at us. I’m like, “Hey, when do you
guys start selling beer, cause we just drove all
night and we’re like, hey a couple beers before we
go to bed would be perfect.” The lady looked at us. “We don’t sell no beer. We don’t sell no liquor.” (laughter) And we’re like,
okay, and we left and when back to the van,
like okay we’re out of here. – We’re out of here. – And we crashed in
the van overnight and we wake up and we’re like
we need to get some food. They got a deli in there. So we went in there and
this wonderful woman, she should have only
gave us six chicken wings and a little bit
of mac and cheese but she hooked it up. There was like 18 chicken wings. – There was like one extra
chicken nugget in there and we were really
happy about it. – So she’s on our
Mount Rushmore. – She’s definitely on Mount. We have two new spots on Mount
Rushmore after that trip. Just like the officer that
pulled us over in Ohio. – [Interviewer] “You
boys look like you could need a little extra, right?” (laughter)
– Pretty much! – It was heaping. It was only like 3.98 too. – We don’t wanna get anybody
in trouble or anything. – [Interviewer] But
she had to pay for it at the end of her shift. (laughter) – Yep, that’s what it was. Out of the kindness
of her own heart. She said, “These
boys look hungry.” – Oh my goodness. We ordered chicken. – We were starving.
– It was great. – [Man] We ate that all day. (upbeat rock music)

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