Jodie Whittaker was nearly killed by a VENOMOUS spider filming Doctor Who | Graham Norton Show – BBC

Jodie Whittaker was nearly killed by a VENOMOUS spider filming Doctor Who | Graham Norton Show – BBC

Talking of frightening
animals, though… Jodie, you were filming in…
Where were you, South Africa? Yes. We did a bit… Yeah. This was Doctor Who in South Africa.
This season, yeah. You had a proper
terrifying encounter. Kevin would not like this. Yes, so… I’ll try and speak slowly
so everyone understands. We were filming in South Africa and, unbeknownst to me,
some of the South African crew had been filming
what is known as a sac spider crawling up and down
out of this tree. So, the sac spider’s in the tree,
they’re filming it, filming each other,
I’ve got footage, saying, “This is terrifying,
look how terrifying that is.” No-one told me.
I run out of the building… Everything’s a secret so
I can’t tell you what building. I run out of the building
into the wilderness as this sac spider
just crawled down, down my face and went…
You got to be shitting me! ..and went, “B-b-b-b-buh!” And I went, “Aaaagh!
Beep! Beep! B-b-b-beep beep!” I absolutely bricked it
and cannot repeat what I said. The costume was off. And our first AD, the first
assistant director, who’s English, pretty casually
just picked it up and chucked it as all the South Africans went,
“No, no, no, no!” And then we found out
I could have died. Wow. I didn’t.
It didn’t even bite me. But if you Google
a sac spider bite, it is awful. So, that is a better story.
Is it hairy, ugly? It’s got a really big body… It’s got big balls,
it’s a sac spider. No, Kevin. It’s a sac spider. No, it’s the back, it’s the back.
Yes, the back. It’s a sac spider. Not that! Everything has to be
explained to you. You just don’t understand.
It’s the back bit. It’s got poisonous balls.
Keep going. I’m following. This is making
the story a bit different. So, the spider’s balls… But, yeah, it was horrific.
I was so brave. There’s so many things wrong…
I wasn’t scared. That’s terrible. So many things wrong
with that whole thing. First of all,
I can break it down. Everyone that was taping it
in the beginning were white. That’s the first thing. Let’s get that out of the way. They were white people. OK, “It’s fascinating,
oh, my God.” When it lands on you and you go,
“Oh, my God, beep beep beep” and you’re getting it off of you,
people are still taping. They were white. OK? It’s so clear. Then the guy that
picked it up and chucked it, he was white. That’s the whole problem
with this thing. Nobody immediately thought, “We shouldn’t tape it,
this could be something.” No, it was a take. It’s a spider with big balls!
It don’t matter what you doing! You get out of there, you pack up.
“We can’t shoot today.” I’m with Kevin. I’m with Kevin. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Jodie Whittaker was nearly killed by a VENOMOUS spider filming Doctor Who | Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. A little irritated how Kevin hijacked Jodie's story and mansplained it back to her with his stand-up shtick's point-of-view.
    She stands up for herself, but he's a relentlessly obnoxious attention hog.

  2. kevin hart is about as funny as Whoop a big dog and the spew. His voice grates on the nerves after a sentnce or two that has to be filthy not funny.

  3. When blacks see something that could kill them or hurt them they get out the way. When whites see the same thing they try to love it and make it a pet and end up dying facts.

  4. What???? How racist is this?.. this is not ok. Not ok at all. If this was a white guy saying it the other way round…. career over. This is not ok.

  5. I haven't scrolled through the comments yet, but I wouldn't be surprised someone saying she should have died. Since everyone in this fandom is so desensitized now.

    Edit: It didn't take that long I was right, I knew someone would say something like this. Fandoms shouldn't exist, they're literally cancer to the media in question.

  6. I wanna see like her actual reaction to this spider I mean okay beep out what she said (or not) but I gotta seee ahhh!

  7. I love the commebts on anything with Jodie in it.

    Jodie: writes and opera while on a space walk, brings peace to the Middle East and cures cancer.

    Comments: "be better if she was a man".

  8. I can't wait for a really good black Steve Irwin type to make a naturalist program so we can throw those predictable, clichéd jokes away forever.

  9. Jodie what you go through to be The Doctor! You were swearing. I would have passed out cold – then sued everybody at the BBC

  10. If you live in Australia, not a problem, just beware of the redback spiders, they hang out in the dunny (toilet) n bite your ass, deadly.

  11. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at all the jerks on here wishing death on Jodie simply because they don't like the fact that she is playing The Doctor on a tv show…

  12. Omg, yet another case of a spider being labeled a killer when it's not. The bite will cause damage and pain, but not death. She would have been fine for the most part if it bit her.

  13. Karen Gillan should have been there! Old compagnon, new doctor, measuring hight with the rock… that could have been legendary!

  14. The bbc is just a way of giving great jobs to kids who wentvto private school and either didn't do well or are mega paefo and can't cope in a normal environment.

  15. The two Americans can't understand the way she speaks? LOL. Her accent is very easy to process compared to SOME of the Brit dialects.

  16. Lol! She's funny "I could've died! I didn't!" And Kevin "everything has to be explained to you" lmao 😂😂😂😂 Love Kevin's stereotypical analysis. Let's be honest… he's right! Lol!

  17. I don't think someone being white was the reason they filmed. And I think the issue here is that it is openly used as an insult for no reason to say 'oh white people'. Like I just don't think that is funny anymore and I don't think people who are white, yes me Albanian white, need to feel like it's welcomed to unnecessarily pluralize a pigment as personality. If your comedy is that then it ain't funny, and I think correctness of verbiage is important especially when we have someone perpetuating it's ok to make that as a undercurrent insult. The address is and issue and I don't stand for it when we are currently craving socio political correctness.

  18. I lived in Miami from the time I was in school until my 30's. Talk about some giant, spiders! Tarantulas get really big, but aren't very venomous. I was always the one elected to get rid of them, so I'd just take them outside and let them go. Not true of black widows or brown recluse, which are in the Pacific NW, where I moved to after that. Very dangerous! Those, I smash! No one else would do much except panic, scream and run. Funny!

  19. Coming in 2020 !


    By Richard Crawley & Nick Redford

    (Inspired by the BBC’S Dr Who series)

    With the world’s human population growing faster than on-land food production can sustain, Sea Farming is now seen as the imperative goal to ensure the survival of the human race.

    A young teenage “DOC”, recently expelled from the

    Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey for allegedly cheating, is still trying to get to grips with the art of time travel’ whilst attending Cambridge University.

    The Doc, finding himself on the highly top secret experimental “H.M.S. AMBUSH” out on its first sea trial, is about to discover it’s not all going to be plain sailing for himself, the crew and some unexpected highly excitable passengers !

  20. Soon as you google it, you find out it doesn't kill a human if it bites you…so way to go spreading false fear of something you don't understand

  21. kinda wished that karen would've come along with kevin and dwayne so that we can have the doctor and amy pond together again

  22. Glad title was changed to VENOMOUS… Before it was poisonous … Many ppl in comment section were freaked out lol ..

  23. To all the LGBTQ people out there, still hating on Kevin, remember that you have a Vice President who thinks you're mentally ill and can be cured by electrocution..also lot of white celebrities said derogatory remarks against gay men in the last tens years. But, non of you are on them like you're on Kevin. On behave of the straight community, we see your racist behavior..change or we'll let your true enemies, do as they will with you… your choice

  24. The way Kevin Hart pooled back Closer to D.J ROCK after she said the spider was scrawling down was hilarious as if JODIE was that spider 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Hahaha they changed the title from poisonous to venomous. Good job on that other commenter who mentioned the difference between poisonous and venomous!

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