Judge Judy ‘attitude’ highlights 4

Judge Judy ‘attitude’ highlights 4

I don’t want you to say a word Personally, I got listen to me. I don’t want you to say a word your honor It doesn’t matter don’t care about that that has nothing to do with them you go This is not hey, who cares car was given to me as a gift in the fluffs place may have been See when you sign that it’s not legal. It’s not yes it is. What do you mean? It’s not legal you telling me what’s legal or not? Young lady are you telling me what’s legal? No, no, no, no Repent sign it over to him now Now this isn’t fair sign it over to him now That’s what you will go agreement. Sign it Okay, I’m gonna give you three then I’m gonna take it I’m gonna sign it for you one To sign it he gets the car back. That’s what you signed. You’re a big girl. You’re 18 years old Don’t look at me with this look of incredulity on your face. I’m dying it Spur oh, is this your mother? Yes. Ah He didn’t get along with your mother-in-law, yes, correct, right. Yes So $4,000 for the other venue, yes So, why would you expect them to give you $4,000 because we shouldn’t have had to go to another venue in the first place for here to TAF Do we just have to send your mother home, but my mother-in-law was paying for the wedding. Who cares I Pay for all the weddings. They tell me to stay out of it Just write the check It’s not gonna give you $4,000 so forget that Tell your mother to stay out of your business She was not why I’m so sorry because this has been my business for half a century So if you thought that you were going to come in here and play with this business It wasn’t gonna happen. Yeah, it’s a good question big. I Don’t need to be validated by you, mr. Morra Don’t wink at me wicked bird You get this you get the same reaction Honestly your honor no, I want you to beat yourself that’s what that’s all I make my living here And then what happens the second day I quit so you did it for one day yes your honor, is that right? No Your honor your honor and I brought my girlfriend today to choose oh my god She how many pills did you do me me? No me Whatever he is because she was pregnant if my memory is correct this case started so long ago. I hardly remember because you were pregnant that’s 895 times to round it off because I’m simple-minded in my bridge like naturally I don’t know if anything right cuz I left I don’t care God how I keep all this baloney in my head. I don’t know and still remain sane blows, mr. Billings Yes Yes $45 judgment for the plaintiff out. Yes. This is my grocery list that I had to go buy groceries. He ate up all my Something wrong with you then, okay Even your mother doesn’t believe that I just want you to know that what’s the dog just a second get into a nice stand Don’t wanna hear the dog. I don’t want to hear you booth look at me Watch my face. Yes, ma’am counterclaims dismissed. Good. Bye I mean she doesn’t take a picture of her own shoes being burnt honestly your honor I’ve known Victoria for quite a few years now and She is it somebody who would do something like that and me as her bow that she wouldn’t be here She knows I’m a nasty old lady dog. Didn’t do all those fights You only do know she bit herself and my advice to you is if you want to play vigilante Keep the 9-1-1 Number on speed dial on your phone. Don’t do it yourself. You’re getting too old You’re getting too old play vigilante. Can I say something ma’am? What else do you want just the pain and suffering of not Having my life and family pulled off any idea how sick I am today I’m on my third day of antibiotics. I have a terrible cough It is only because I have a bad cough for a miserable miserable cold that I am being as calm as I am

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  1. Its not binding its not notarized. Doesn't matter bitch. A contract written on paper and both signed signatures make it a contract. Notorization not required.

  2. I love the part where she said, "stay out of it, just write the check!" She's stated in her books and publicly that she always stayed out of her adult children's business, and now her grown grandchildren's lives. "Your adult children's spouses will make them pay for what you say and do to them." She's been an awesome mother in law and grandma. 😊

  3. She may be loud, she may be brutal….but her common sense is sharp as a whip. Watching her these past 20+ weeks odd years have given me catch phrases to use in my own line of work that had won me many arguments. Thanks Judy!!🤣

  4. For those of you who feel you're at risk to end up being on the wrong side of a Judge Judy smack down, stop doing it, because there's way worse out there than her.

  5. I love Judge Judy. I hate dumb immature young ass females. Especially 18-29. All of them have no brains. How can someone look some dumb when asked to do something so specific by a judge. Morons.

  6. I don’t know how she keeps all the nonsense straight either. I am constantly puzzled and lost with the BS half of them are saying.
    This is one AMAZING JUDGE who manages to sort out all the crazy and big fat liars.

  7. I just love this woman, I have not seen this show in the longest time and not since I was a "kid", now I have my own children and I can see now that I have learned a lot from you – because I race my kids like you judge people. Thanks for giving me a back bone.. now I see why people and the teenagers aroun me can get a little bit scared because of my parenting. Ofcourse I'm not like this all the time- but sometimes I just have to make the people around me remember how is paying the bills and putting food on the table in this house. I would be more like a pushover if it hadn't been fir this show.

    Thank you for sharing and caring! You got my deepest respect! Much love to you!💗


  9. 0:51 "it's not fair!"
    This is JJ's Courtroom she makes the rules you are here to follow them and not question, as JJ may only ask questions!

  10. The amount of money they pay this jew proves everything we think of them. An ignorant money grabbing bitch. 47 million a year f*cking slag. If there a heaven she won't be there.

  11. if a witness tried to speak and judge judy says shut up i don't want to hear what you have to say, what would happen if the witness just walked out of the court room, as judge judy doesn't what anything to do with them

  12. She's trying to tell judge judy what's legal. What a idiot. Entitled teen at its best. Parents failed her big time. " I bought my girlfriend judge judy: oh my god. Me: dying of laughter. Guy: "be honest" judge judy: no I want you to be dishonest that's how I make my living. Judy: I'm gonna give you to the 3 and if you don't sign it I'm gonna sign it for ya. I love this woman. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Judy only has attitude when people don't listen, interrupt a lot, and basically act like fools who won't listen and interrupt alot

  14. Sometimes she gets angry for nothing. It can be a problem especially with the level of power she has on those peoples lifes. I thibk she should be more calm .

  15. Awesome i totally love her she says it as it is no filter has to be one of my fave tv programs hope she keeps doing this for as long as possible you go girl lol

  16. Judge Judy don't play no games she's Savage and I love it them people coming in there with all that crazy stuff and she just right on to the point and tell him like it is

  17. LMAO they are never gonna get rid of Judge Judy, you know she is BANKING with her Judicial career As well as the salary from her show… Besides she hands people asses to them ALL DAY lol…. The masses love to see a good Judge Judy read LMAO

  18. Mrs. Don't sing anymore you're worse than I am in the shower I see you singing your husband told you you don't seem well and I'm telling you you don't seem well

  19. I mean this with all do respect, Judge Judy is a baaaaad B!tch. I’d have her accompany me down a mean dark alley anyday, I bet she packs a nice piece of steel.

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